Welcome to another episode of Keep It Simple – Today we shoot and develop the Brand New Film from Lomography, Berlin 400. This Film is soft and cinematic – Todays subject is Classic Cars and we found plenty! Strap in, its a good one. DEVELOPING GUIDE BELOW. ETSY: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ObsoleteCameras?ref=seller-platform-mcnav FULL PHOTO GALLERY: https://www.flickr.com/photos/163387703@N04/ MUSIC: Black Moth Super Rainbow – Warm Water Leviathan (https://blackmothsuperrainbow.bandcamp.com/album/seefu-lilac-ep) INSTAGRAM: @RobbieMaynardCreates @ObsoleteCameras #LomographyBerlin400 STEP 1: Developer (Ilford DD-X – 1+4 Dilution) at (68°F) for 8 Minutes. STEP 2: Stop Bath (IlfoStop – 1+19 Dilution) at (68°F) for 10 Seconds STEP 3: Fixer (Ilford Rapid Fixer – 1+4 Dilution) at (68°F) for 3 Minutes STEP 4: Wash – Water at (68°F) – Invert tank 5 times, pour out then add water. Invert tank 10 times, pour out then add water and finally invert tank 20 times and pour out. STEP 5: Photo-Flo (optional) a small droplet of Photo-Flo in (68°F) water. STEP 6: Let Dry for 45 Min. FINISHED.