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My name is Chas Bruns
And I travel the world in search of the cheapest food
hostels, transportation and tours
so you don’t have to
Which means you’re going to get to find out
some of the best places in the world to eat
Some of the best people in the world to meet
And where to go to have a damn good time
And the best part is
I’m gonna show you how to do it all
Dirt Cheap
So we just flew out of Stockholm, Sweden
and we’re headed to Berlin, Germany
So now it’s time for some Berlin facts
The population is 3.6 million people.
Believe it or not, they’ve got more bridges than Venice
And there are nearly 200 museums throughout the city
We’re taking the bus from the airport to Berlin
It’s crowded
But it’s only $3.12
so it’s worth it.
Welcome to Berlin!
We’re walking over to check into our first hostel
the Wombat
$34.63 a person
There’s a huge needle building
Oh my god
Lets go check that out from the rooftop bar
Oh would you look at this
It’s very nice
Time to go explore the city
Walking the streets of Berlin
Oh yeah
I need a sausage
Jira is craving sausage
so we’re going to find one
all the sausage
Luckily for us, we found a free outdoor festival
First thing you gotta do in Germany is get yourself a sausage
or a hot dog…or a krakauer
He told me this was the best one
It’s good
So I just got currywurst and sauerkraut
and it was only five euros
$5 a beer
The net block over is a museum with a bunch of dead human bodies
If you’re under 18, or squeamish, I suggest skipping this section
And yes, these are real human bodies donate to science
As well as some animal ones
Nothing takes care of jet lag like some pho soup
$11.62 on the dinner menu
but only $8.30 during the day
Pho soup is my favorite broth on the planet
After dinner we headed back to the rooftop bar at our hostel
because they gave us a free drink ticket at check in
Good for a glass of wine or a beer
You can also get a free drink if you’re talented enough to get the quarter in the pitcher
It’s pretty obvious that Jira and I did not play basketball in high school
So close
But don’t fret. House shots are a buck
And they’ve also got pool and video games
We decided to go walk around the city to see what we could find
Luckily for us, there was Berlin Bier Fest
Why take the train when you can just walk?
It’s pretty nice
I like trains though!
Do you want white wine? White wine?
White wine? Yes!
Thank you!
White wine!
What was that?
Whenever someone offers to squirt white wine in your mouth with a squirt gun in Berlin
The answer is yes
Always. 100% of the time
Breakfast buffet at the hostel is $5
We heard there was a flea market a few blocks away so we walked over to scope it out
Nothing really caught our eye at the market, so we decided to head over to the Brandenburg Gate
There’s obviously a lot of culture and history associated with the Brandenburg Gate
But it’s also a tourist spot
so be warned there’s guys like this
No idea what he’s protesting
but I’ll join him in throwing up the peace sign
Jira and Chareeda really enjoyed the view
All joking aside, it is quite impressive
And it’s free to walk around
Now we’re headed to the park across the street
The park is free
So as you might have noticed by the tank in the last shot
A lot of the sites we’re going to visit today have been tainted by World War Two and the Nazi’s
Most of these places are free to walk around
but you need to remember their cultural significance
You may remember in the new a few years back
about some Instagram influencers that took some awkward photos at
the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe site
So if you visit here, please refrain from standing on top of the blocks
or doing a duck face selfie
Not only are you going to look like an idiot
But it’s very disrespectful to the lives lost during World War Two
Although the Berlin Wall is mostly gone now, there are still remnants throughout the city
One such place is the indoor and outdoor museum the Topography of Terror
I think that about sums it up
Another World War Two tourist spot is Checkpoint Charlie
With a KFC and a McDonalds on either side of it
It felt a little cheesy
I’m not sure if these guys were official employees or just street perfromers
Regardless, I did what they told me
Now that we got the World War Two stuff out of the way, let me show you our lunch and dinner spots
And if you’re wondering why we’re showing so much asian food on a German episode
Well, you’ve got Jira and Chareeda to blame for that
But I’m not complaining. Asian food is my favorite food.
For dinner I had more dumplings
After dinner we took a subway to Das Hotel Bar
It’s somewhat of a dive bar, somewhat of a hipster spot
somewhat of a candle lit renaissance
magical sort of place
And the bartender made me a delicious mystery cocktail for
I like this place
So we’re flying out to Greece in a few hours
But before we go we’re headed to Mauerpark to fill our bellies with some street food
This outdoor market is one of my favorite spots in Berlin
So this is where they all went
Ten euros! What?
This corn is $2.50
They make their own honey
So obviously my favorite part was the food
But they also had outdoor karaoke
Every seat in the house was taken
The Germans apparently love their karaoke
My personal favorite was the guy who sang the song “When You’re Smiling”
He killed it
When you’re smiling
the whole world is smiling with you
This is great
And on that note, I’ll leave you with this
Remember, you can do this too
What are you doing?
What is the point of that?
We have sh$% to do
I got a German hot dog
of course with Thai chili
Oh yeah