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good morning adventurers we are leaving
Berlin this morning we got a bright and
early for an early ish flight over to
Latvia we’ve actually ever been to LA
via so we’re pretty excited we’re gonna
spend some time in the town of Riga and
then we’re gonna head outside of Riga a
bit yes it’s gonna be pretty cool by the
way we wanted to give one last shout out
to the everyone be we’ve been saying and
if you haven’t seen it go watch our last
few videos it was this awesome couple
little like a tiny houses around the
city of Berlin but other really cool
we’ll have a link in the description
where you can look on Airbnb and get a
discount if it’s your first time alright
Riga here we go so a quick update you
guys we’re not doing very good on time
what time is it right now it’s 8:30 and
our flight leaves at 10:10 and it takes
an hour to get to the airport so ideal
plus we’re flying freaking Ryanair and
they required an all non EU passport
holders to get their boarding pass
validated or something before you get on
the flight yeah so that means we have to
go to the counter even though we have
our voting passes and we’re not checking
bags which is not great no but also
another thing to note with Ryanair you
have to print your boarding pass
beforehand otherwise I think it’s 15
euros printed at the airport for a fee
it just insane
we’re on the train at least once the
wrong train
we’re hoping we can make a connection
and get to the airport
okay train number one is down we are in
the middle of somewhere where are we
we’re literally middle of nowhere
there’s nothing around here this this is
the smallest station I’ve ever seen it’s
literally just one platform and nothing
but we saw a sign that says that there’s
a train to the airport coming in two
minutes so we’re doing all right we’re
fine I sort of kept sailing yeah now
you’re catching we’re fine
all right we’ve made it to the airport
we’ve got about 45 minutes until the
gate closes we’ve cut a place through
security we got to do the whole Ryanair
stamp thing and then we’re on our way
okay good news is it turns out we didn’t
need to get the special stamp but the
bad news is there’s a gigantic
we made it through security relatively
quickly turns out that big line wasn’t
it it was a different security line but
we are still very late
I think our gate is already closed yeah
we haven’t eaten anything so hopefully
our flight hasn’t left yet I think this
is us people still queueing that’s good
all right we are in line for the plane
Alice and had to go around to the back
of the plane unfortunately we all have
different seats but Nikita and I are
close together
I was a flight that’s too bad not too
yeah pretty good so the scenery flying
in was amazing but I couldn’t really
give him any shots of it cuz I was kind
of swamped between two people not the
most enjoyable flight but luckily
luckily it was pretty short yeah it
looks like Nikita’s mouthwash exploded
this bottle it’s completely empty and
everything is wet and you can see this
big Old West
it’s no good but the silver lining is
that we all took our laptops out of our
bags we grabbed ourselves a crappy
little sandwich to split because we have
not had anything to eat today at all
actually looks pretty good it’s kinda
it’s Teresa okay no all right I thought
that was oh it is chicken chicken and
chorizo and cheese and spinach need four
days all right honestly anything just
hitting the spot at this point I’m so
now we’re just looking for the bus to
take us into the town of Riga I think
the bus stop is over here somewhere
we are in downtown Riga now we’re just
waiting for another bus more thirsty oh
boy I was just telling us that this
really reminds him of Russia yeah quite
a bit pretty pretty cool very
interesting a lot of memories so we
missed the bus stop because nobody would
get out of our way on the bus
so now we have about a mile walk ahead
of us with all of our luggage but police
is stopped raining I’m into the craft
this place has got a lot of charm I’ll
just say it that way a medieval and
killing a whole charm go check this out
all right everybody’s supposed to be in
here somewhere
you guys this place is super fly check
it out
set up all nice so we got all settled in
but we are we haven’t really had much to
eat today so we’re gonna go to the store
grab something to probably just make
here we’re also gonna get some milk
because we’ve been carrying around our
own little packets of instant coffee and
they’re a life changer you know you make
them and you don’t just spend all your
money a lot yeah because you guys we are
spending way too much money on coffee
I’m not even gonna lie
place we’re staying at a super-secure
they’ve got the feed system here they’ve
got two different doors that you have to
unlock with four different keys to get
to our place so and one of the bottom of
the stairs do to get into the building
yeah so nobody’s getting our stuff yeah
by the way all the air babies were
staying and we’re gonna be linking to in
the description below like usual so you
can book this place you can also get a
discount like we mentioned earlier if
you booked through our link below ok now
we just noticed this building so the
roof is completely gone they get caught
on fire or something it looks pretty
torn up there’s a lot of buildings
around here they kind of resemble this
one with like the wood facade and the
next thing you have kind of a similar
style but it’s all stone and plaster and
brick so we took a little trip to the
store got a backpack full of Awesome
goodies and some dinner for the night
and we also found the most affordable
sushi we can find to hero 47 to year 57
but 2 euro 8 and look at all the fish
that’s in this that’s a little raw
salmon that’s crazy
it’s amazing pretty good deal oh yeah so
now we’re just chillin in the park we’re
gonna eat it because we’re friggin
starvin weird does it taste like $2 50
sushi 2 euro 50 I mean the Salmons
awesome but it’s not like little pickled
peppers all over it and then I think
there’s a I think that’s a pepper in
there and then
cream cheese yeah very
it’s an odd combination yeah let’s see
what this semen avocados about
pretty good yeah yeah miss salmon
avocado and cream cheese and as long as
you put the cream cheese in there it
tastes pretty dang good
yep the fish is actually pretty fresh
thank you ma’am
not too bad Lobby yeah he really wants
my sushi we came back to our Airbnb
we’ve just been chilling here in this
awesome kitchen area getting a whole lot
of work done because we are way behind
I’m actually I come back in this
terrible groove where I’m editing the
vlog and then uploading it that day so
I’m literally like just finished the
Edit just uploaded it and it’s about to
go in your favor yeah that’s true also
we’ve been listening to some Iggy Azalea
oh yeah rocking out but anyways Alyson
made some amazing broccoli pasta we’ve
got some pepper in there what else do we
put in there spinach Brussels sprouts
yeah we have been able to find Brussels
sprouts in a while Berlin didn’t really
have any so yeah that’s true we stopped
them I mean it looks freaking awesome we
put some cheese on top we weren’t sure
what kind of cheese it was but it said
lobbying on it it’s kind of like
parmesan ish so I read it’s appropriate
it’s pretty dang good
yeah I think we’re gonna do this and
watch oh yeah but tomorrow we are going
to explore some Latvian market and get
some delicious food you have a lot of
Latvian food days coming up so we’re
excited to see what’s and starting to
show it off to you guys
I guess we’ll leave y’all here good
night adventures was he in their own