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i just opened the window and i realized
it might be too noisy wait wait a second
guys wait hey you guys and I basically
spent all day just walking around and
just embracing the city again I haven’t
been in Berlin for about God how long
has it been three years and last time I
was here it was a totally different
situation I was we were moving away
things didn’t work out in Berlin and I
was heartbroken because I really loved
the city but we do this we just couldn’t
make it work and it was such a hectic
time and I feel like I never could
properly say goodbye to the city so now
that we’re moving to the States the
United States I feel like and I wanted
to have like a small period of time like
a small inch of time in which you wicked
actually say goodbye to our friends it’s
been such a surreal experience to be
here again because this is not our flat
as you can see and it’s weird to see the
city in in the sense of a touristy way
instead of like hey this is my city I
live here
and I am enjoying this so much and I am
so happy I can come back to the city in
a more positive mindset and I just love
Berlin so much and it will be next to
Hastings obviously one of my favorite
cities if not my favorite city in the
whole world so I’m so happy that we had
the chance to come back even though
we’re working
it’s so nice to be back and see your
friends and just enjoy the city in a way
that we didn’t enjoy when we were living
here so yeah I’m really happy to be here
hi guys welcome to the bathroom I’m
finally by myself and that’s why I can
finally catch up with you it’s been a
really hectic time here in Berlin and so
always and I this morning went to the
maha park and it was really nice to just
like revisit our old neighborhood and
just like see how everything’s doing and
like all the changes and things that
have changed in three years and
something like that but it’s been really
nice to revisit like lots of places that
we used to love a lot now we’re back we
bought a few Donuts and now I think I’m
going to get coffee and prepare the
livestream that I had scheduled for my
patrons and tomorrow guys I am really
excited because I’m going to take you to
an art supply shopping you always always
you always ask me I’m doing this with my
hands a lot I’m sorry you always ask me
what to do in Berlin and which art
supplies I enjoy visiting and going in
cetera so tomorrow we’re going to go to
all of them guys okay can I say
something to you guys only to you guys
I’m very sad that I can’t take anything
with me on this trip because and I are
moving by the or I’m repeating myself
but there’s like no space on my suitcase
days left so I can’t buy anything so
tomorrow will be hell because I will go
to all these art supply shops and and I
won’t be able to buy anything but I
really want to take you along guys
because I really want to show you the
place that made me really really happy
when I lived here in Berlin and in case
you ever visit Berlin it would be great
if you can visit this places anyway come
with me so we can we can prepare this
I’m taking you along the flat that I’m
staying in look at this amazing floor so
right now I’m going to prepare the stuff
that I’m going to do for my
a live stream I can speak
you always get these ones I mean when I
used to live in Berlin and these are the
personnel brushes these are so freakin
thin this is a 3-0 but there’s also
double zero and zero and this is very
very cool because they’re synthetic I
also recommend these ones which you
retard The Da Vinci synthetics these are
really really nice but they’ll be more
expensive but this one’s fully recommend
this is the best ink
ever and it’s only for sale here in
business I mean Germany and I’ve always
wanted to try these three out because
now I’m in a very blue face but if you
remember if like if you are all
subscriber you might remember this ink
over here this is the ink love this
brand go try it also I’m a big fan of
liquid water colors and echo line is
such a great brand my favorite color I
think is this one is the pastel rose 390
I had no idea but they started doing
this thing is with how well is it call
like a pipette version which is really
really convenient because if you are
using echo line you will need a pipette
but I definitely recommend this fan I
would love to get this color by the way
but look you guys look how many they are
why are you such a copycat stop
kappakappa me stop stop
uber moved by my stash acid its
good evenin gentlemen if it was time now
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