This is my first Impression of the PvE Mode called Road To Berlin. So yeh. In my opinion its Infuriating. Its just not fun to me personally. It feels like so much things don’t work together. But whatever, first impression my opinion. What do you think? ——————————————————————————————————————————————————- Check out my Twitch website: How about the RagingRaptor Discord 🙂 : Thank youuuu :3
what’s going on guys my name is virgin
Raptor and I welcome it to a new world
of thanks video and today I want to give
my first impression of the new PvE mode
and well I deploy yesterday is quite
some time like two hours I did play a
lot of tier one stuff a tiny bit of tier
or level two stuff before I caved in and
bought the package where it gives me all
of the things at level three so yeah as
you probably have seen from the title
already I personally think the PvE mode
is infuriating not only because of its
balancing but also about the potential
wargaming once again simply threw out of
the window it makes me sad to see how
bad the PvE mode in my opinion is when
it compares to something like other PvE
games or what could have been so right
now I’m sitting here and I’m thinking
should I blame wargaming for what what
could have been or should I blame
wargaming for what is a little bit
better than in the homefront mode but
yet is still trash I did put together
some personal points put bullet points I
want to talk about in today’s video
because why I think for my first
impression the mode is bad and I do want
to point out so we are all on equal
ground or equal footing when I was hurt
hearing about the PvE mode I was looking
forward to the PvE mode because I
personally when I hear the words PvE
I usually always come to my mind things
like Borderlands free seriously I enjoy
the borderlands series a lot and
Portland free even though they did a
dick move by going to Epic Games in the
first half it is a fun game it has
lovable characters it is great with its
inside jokes like the Penn & Teller joke
and it’s just in total a very fun PvE
experience it’s not easy mode like there
are weapons which make it easy mode but
it is definitely not an easy game on
most certain situations especially the
boss fights but the smaller wave is
where you’re just gunning down those
those minions basicly those
bab thingies this is not a big deal like
you can immediately wreck them and it’s
fun like you actually feel like a little
bit of a god like you Rd Walt hunter in
those games you are the guy which is
going to save the world and killing
those bosses and those pesky streamer
twins yeah and this is something I
simply cannot see in the PvE mode
because it you might say it’s good that
it’s challenging but there are so many
things which just doesn’t make the man
at the PvE mode in World of Tanks
well challenging but more infuriating
the first thing is that bots are way too
accurate like it’s not even funny
I constantly said yet during yesterday’s
dream at those spots have a better aim
then key hand hash no my land the hills
or all the end we’ll guys and all the
oil guns combined seriously it’s a choke
how accurate they are when we are
thinking that this is supposed to be a
little bit more of a realistic mode a
cat damn it you can’t be telling me that
freaking Panthers and Tigers on the move
hit every single shot because there’s
perfect aim because their BOTS like this
makes actually no fun whatsoever and the
issue is not only that they have an
incredible aim and always know where to
aim base where your weakest point are by
the way this is something what wargaming
deliberately do not want to have in the
game just saying they point out in
several q and A’s that do not want to
have an in-game model viewer because
this could lead to normal aim boats to
have incredible accurate aim to always
hit the weakest armor spot of your tank
and now that just stated in the goddamn
PvE mode clap and a half for your
wargaming clap and a half and the
biggest issue is they don’t have inhuman
reactions like literally a normal human
player even the best you can try to bait
doesn’t matter you can try to bait them
you can see them when you are doing the
games like on Sunday it was amazing to
see what they could do but in the end
those who won we won games with human
reactions the bots literally the image
of em there’s searly
millisecond of delay between this and
this is just infuriatingly stupid like
what would help it program this I’m
sorry for being so direct this video but
my God why do you not even think about
oh maybe gift but I don’t know I delay
of 0.5 seconds or give it a random delay
and not just BAM it’s literally a
30-second delay between the aim that you
intend shooting I don’t even know what
the logic behind is when there’s
sometimes aiming in my nerves it’s just
sometimes shooting on the move
but yeah the other issue is because
there are BOTS they always know where
you are it doesn’t matter if you’re
spotted or not
so this basically happens that after you
are like when you’re getting spotted
this it be 2.9 seconds before even your
light bulb goes on just you hit shots
that you eat shots because the bots
literally always know where you are it
doesn’t matter it happens a lot on the
frontline map where for example
artillery is always aimed on you even
though you are not spotted for quite
some time and you’re trying to do a
flanking maneuver since like this takes
a jury a way of flanking like you are
supposed to flank in a medium tank yet
you’re getting blasts for 300 HP as soon
as you in the millisecond you get
spotted by your artillery by the way
which can always hit you even though
you’re hiding behind cover and playing
things like the Churchill even though
they don’t eat too many shots or too
much damage from the artillery it’s
still kind of awkward when you do not
have any kind of way to dodge the shots
even though they have apparently higher
angles to hit you everywhere so even if
you’re driving to have perfect aim again
perfect aim is not a good thing in BOTS
this makes the bots really annoying and
frustrating to play against the next
thing is arc will be bullshit in my
opinion it’s the time limit like
seriously this is a fun mode fun do you
know what this mean su in do we have to
get spongebob to explain to you what fun
is or are you plankton and I’ll just
want to do evil fins seriously like it
makes no sense to me that there is such
like no seriously
actually it makes sense that there is a
time limit but it feels like wargaming
to implement breaks in between the
different phases
I really to think that this is something
which just slipped through or is a buck
well we do know it’s a feature obviously
because it’s wargaming but it feels like
there’s just an incredible back in it
that you have no break like you have no
time to get into positions to ready
yourself up for a counter-attack and
even if you do you’re obviously getting
artillery strike twice even a charge
intervals at higher levels but why is
there such a stupid time limit I lost
several games where we simply didn’t
have enough time to finish them off like
I don’t get it it’s supposed to be fun
and not err a marathon like in the sense
of I could be like what the hell are you
doing seriously it makes this game-mode
so much unfun especially when you have a
bad actor or excuse me a bad press enter
in your taxing wait you guys you only
have two more minutes please focus on
the mission objective and you look like
oh yeah I still have to kill ten other
tanks in two minutes two of which are
Czech Tigers two of which are
Ferdinand’s and we have two panzer ii
elites comb breath to leash and it’s fun
and engaging yeah the good thing is
however there’s apparently no bonus for
winning like in the points you’re
getting you know it does it only matters
how much damage you’re doing so arguably
the longer the game takes the more
damage you do so and luckily enough I
have to say kudos to you for gaming that
you actually say goodbye to the stupid
fuel system you kind of replace it with
the tokens so because you actually have
to get those 15 times victory tokens
otherwise it will be nearly impossible
to get the tank as far as I am known
then the next thing which pisses me off
why exactly did work anything it is a
good idea to change everything about
penetration values about alpha values
like I don’t know it might just be me
because I am a guy which has basically
everything memorized but it’s just so
frustrating when you suddenly like in
the first round I was like excuse me
what the fuck since when
thus a cat dang pants a 4h black me for
100 200 damage basis because it did
Hyrule why does a panther suddenly hit
for 260 damage what the hell like who
was thinking it was a good idea
seriously you are not used to those
damage values at the beginning plus
obviously most tanks have lost quite
some HP to make it somehow work and the
more I’m thinking of them more I think
there’s literally no balance in it or
the other thing I’m thinking work aiming
thought that they want to make it more
historical accurate that after like just
free shots you are dead you know which
makes sense which makes sense but then
again you say you want to make it more
historical so why the hell do you give
them pinpoint accuracy oh you want to
make it historical why exactly don’t try
and test out for example no orangie
whatsoever that would have been a good
idea yet nope we do not have that then
we have for example also unrealistic pen
bullets like what the hell is going on
with that seriously a panther for H as
far as I know of the 75 millimeter gun
which is portrayed in the game in this
game mode has a maximum of 110
millimeters of penetration of standard
rounds yet even if you’re playing the
heavy tank class the Churchill for all
of the matters or even the is nope
now those tank almost always punch right
through your front so what’s the point
again of heavy tanks if your armor laser
is useless like again wargaming said
this is a team mode where heavy tanks
have to get on and take in the fire by
all the medium tanks flank around and
punch them out of the life yet you can’t
even take the fire because every single
shot penetrates and you’re done in true
war in three or four shots good pal and
sing oh yeah again artillery also knows
wherever you are it’s also really really
really really good mechanic to make this
game anti-fan I don’t understand why
exactly work having decided to implement
artillery to be deep-space persistent
and this annoying because it
it doesn’t have stun but it has
literally always the opportunity to
blast you for you know free on applause
food is fun getting penetrated by
artillery piece even though they have
perfect aim and never really miss and
they can snapshot you because it does
feel like they do not have any rng on
their accuracy when I see how they read
literally on the during turning
immediately shoot doesn’t really any fun
or logic oh yeah what’s up of the crew
voices what happened to them it looks
like literally we have just a duck we
literally have just a recorder in our
tank which doesn’t do anything except
for saying oh nice shot you burnt them
even though you just used your burning
grenade and it’s logical that if you
penetrate you’re going to burn them I
kind of miss like I don’t know what
happened there like if there if the
actor they hired to doing those voices
simply didn’t want asked too much to do
everything or you couldn’t get the old
actors voice actors to get to do new
lines I don’t know what happened but
this game mode is awfully quiet
the only thing you’re getting you have
two more minutes focus on a target and
you burned them nice one you’re so good
like what the hell why do you not get
critical hit or or we got him like this
is motivating when you actually hear you
kill somebody but when you when you’ll
command basic said I shot we got him yet
you don’t hear anything is just there to
say your burden Wow
engaging it takes the fun away it’s
something many people didn’t notice but
it’s immediately after free games at the
first game I was playing I already felt
like there’s something missing there is
something missing somewhere I wasn’t
able to pinpoint it and after the second
or third game was like yeah we are
missing the crew voices what the hell is
up of that yeah well done well then
level one in that my opinion doesn’t
really feel balanced I don’t know
again too heavy so absolutely garbage or
users they can’t really bounce anything
because if you for example try to side
the pots have perfect aimed over for
example in the church will always hit
your turret so you can’t really do
anything the good thing is in my opinion
is that the is – and the eyes – we
actually have a very potent gun 175
millimeters of penetration is enough to
actually penetrate the front of a
panther it you couldn’t even imagine it
but yet the church on the tier second
tier still gets shafted yeah look
honestly speaking I I i I’m stupid I’m
one a percent a stupid player and I’m
stupid to believe that were caving was
able to actually do something good I
really do not understand how they
managed to fuck up this mode so much
homefront was dull wargaming did a good
job with the new way one with the new
maps and the ideas that there are
different rotations of the maps like for
example sometimes you are attacking from
the left hand side of the map and
sometimes from the right hand side this
is a pretty decent idea but then again
suddenly wargaming decides to always you
know block off parts of the map behind
this artillery strike which immediately
kills as far as you know like bodies
come on what is the purpose of medium
tanks when it comes even flank let’s
take for example the the map as an idea
greenberg like what the actual hell is
going on there on higher levels you
suddenly have two corridors one of you
to check Tigers looking down the other
one is a third none looking down and you
have a side road which you could in fury
use nope there are two tiger tubes
waiting for you
you’re literally stuck you can’t do
anything you have to hope that
everything on one of your team might
have their special ability ready to
blast those furnance
and check Tigers to smithereens with air
drops and bombs if you’re not well
you’re getting hammered and you’re
getting fucked again honestly my opinion
I PvE mode should evoke fun I didn’t
have a single bit of fun in his game
mode except for my friends doing stupid
stuff like it is just frustrating really
I don’t know like we have to
like I don’t understand why exactly we
have waves with no delay in between them
and the fact that we are supposed to
push back the very very damaged German
army so why have all the sudden suddenly
they make a counter attack with shaked
tons of Tanks
it doesn’t make goddamn sense seriously
and let’s be honest we should don’t
shouldn’t we feel like to be like the
ones advancing the ones being in charge
of finishing off the Germans in this
alter in this universe not alternate
universe in this universe and yet with
our modern tanks we suddenly get slapped
on by Panzer Falls you know I don’t know
I I I think in my first impression that
mode is garbage and I didn’t talked
about the grind weight behind it
I didn’t talked about basically you that
you most likely have to buy at least one
of the boxes or one of the thing is to
even get remotely close to the bounty
rammer it looks reasonable to get the
tank like without any issues the tank
isn’t good and the tank isn’t anything
special it’s actually the same thing
with a different coding but for the
first impression just a PvE mode PvE
mode alone it’s frustrating it’s
infuriating it’s no fun for at least
here once again I had the most
experience in tier once maybe t3 is
getting a little better
I didn’t played everything there yet and
I only have like four games yet on –
you’re free after again buying the
package of the 30 days of premium but
yeah that was my first impression of the
game mode let me know what you think
about it and yeah that was a little bit
of more direct video I guess I will
probably most likely do a more calm
composed video later down the road where
I gave my final feedback about the mode
as I usually do but this really did
reflect how I personally feel about this
mode right now thanks so much for
watching my name’s rating Raptor
subscribe for more rage and as always
good luck on the battlefield