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in 1985 during the course of the work
undertaken to irrigate the Gobi Desert a
strange fragment of rock was discovered
several remarkable features of this rock
attracted the attention of the
scientists engaged on the project
research revealed that it contained a
school further analysis showed the
material to be extraterrestrial in
origin and not of human manufacture
where did it come from
then somebody remembers that in June
1908 in Siberia an explosion had
occurred equivalent and forced to a
hydrogen bomb an explosion visible
within a radius of 350 miles at the time
was thought to have been caused by a
giant meteor 77 years later an
international expedition tried to
determine the trajectory and the point
of impact and to find some debris what
was called the tongue bulu meteor
shortly afterwards under the auspices of
the World Federation for Space Research
scientists need to celebrate the
anniversary of the establishment of the
first space station on the moon
professor herring way from the United
States makes a public statement about
the famous video
our calculations indicate and firmed
also weather results recently
transmitted to us by our colleagues on
Luna 3 that the mysterious chunk of
meteor was really a spaceship from
another planet which exploded in the air
before landing
this hypothesis stimulated scientific
thought throughout the world reporters
of every nation are waiting to hear what
the nuclear physicist professor or law
has to say
the Flying Saucer variety and what about
this fool that the part of the desert
some 350 miles in the crater of the
explosion how do you explain that
professor or law well I believe that was
a grave emergency when the Rockets
normally used for deceleration refused
to function the captain of the space
ship decided to say what he considered
was most valuable I’m referring
naturally to this spool which may
contain a document of prime importance
in an unknown language recorded
apparently by magnetic process an
International Committee of expert
linguist was offered access to the
world’s largest computer to try to
decide this strange language this is dr.
Chen not only is he one of the world’s
leading authority on languages but also
his biological work is of immense
importance humanity is in debt to him
for the technique of transforming
inorganic substances into foodstuffs he
directs the committee with world famous
mathematician professor C karna whose
work rivals even that of Einstein any
Astrophysical domain we’ve made rapid
progress and although we haven’t
deciphered the mysterious message we
have determined the ships launching base
at the moment there can be no doubt this
spaceship was launched within our solar
system I can even say that it was
definitely launched from within the path
of our planet since there can be no life
on Mercury there is only one other
planet that it could have come from I am
referring to the Earth’s sister planet
Venus the morning star
the elements existing on earth that’s
right it certainly is a chemical
physical analysis of the atmosphere and
once we have just heard are the first
words of the inhabitants of another
a cosmic document yes yes but it’s
unfortunate but the magnetic spool was
damaged through the effect of the high
temperature which prevailed above the
cosmic vessel at the time with the crash
that’s the reason we’ve only heard a
part of the text we must try to find a
method to renovate the rest first we’ll
miss the spool in a chemical catalytic
own medium and after that subjected to
radiation genu yes that’s a very good
idea all that we have learned indicates
that on Venus there is a highly develops
life-form yet I’m wondering why Venus
stay silent it’s very surprising now we
know a little of this language we must
at every cost communicate with her I
agree with you it’s high time we made
you well there’s a course of action I
think the most logical thing to do would
be to request that our governments
consent to train all the radio and radar
stations of the world and Venus
polar station calling moon space station
attention please Luna 3 attention please
Luna 3 thank you this is station owner
cream I’ll keep it in mind
station Luna 3 calling earth no replies
yet from Venus our signals are reaching
the planet but so far there’s no reply
we’ll keep you informed
good morning my friends this afternoon I
have news of the utmost importance to
announce as you probably know already
our most modern spaceship the cosmos
traitor is now completed and ready to
set forth on our exploration of space
the World Federation of the space
research has decided to change the
destination of the cosmos traitor
instead of sending her to Mars she will
be directed toward the planet Venus oh
that’s great news isn’t it
have you any idea to the data for take
one more question if you don’t mind
because you think there’s anybody living
under did you manage to make contact
with me now my friends Venus is silent
but will soon discover why and who’s
going with you
well let me present some of the other
scientists will take part in this
expedition they are all first class
specialists chosen from among the most
qualified in their particular fields
today with others who are coming will
form the crew cosmos traitor one
well all the units of propulsion are in
perfect working order that’s fine the
crew can now attend to their personal
we’ll start late tomorrow night and fly
following a hyperbolic trajectory good
I’ll make a last check see you late at
all lol
will you please make a thorough recheck
of the radar right away professor
this is inter vision calling the world
we have just showed you the preliminary
tests of the cosmos traders rocket
ladies and gentlemen I have an important
announcement to make
inter vision is going to present you
minute by minute they start launching of
the cosmos traitor we know very well how
much you’d like to be here with it
unfortunately that’s impossible the only
ones admitted are those directly
concerned with a countdown and final
blast-off of the rocket so I will try to
describe in detail everything that’s
taking place in division we’ll bring to
you the wonderful story of this great
event ah but here come the first members
of the crew among them is protected your
home the chief engineer in the French
side is well known for his work on robot
thank you thank you the quadcopter later
on I checked out your electronic you
look good mr. Jerome reporting
stationary or celestial charts already
thank you
hello Dora Oh Geron I’m glad to see you
so my you’re working as hard how about
showing me your latest creation in robot
I here at the master around here we have
nothing but masterpieces coming down
come here we go
Omega what’s the weather report for the
next ten hours that’s fantastic
your latest invention oh nothing special
just a small gadget here a lot too
modest Jerome what else do you do the
Erie Esther student IRAs environment
evaluates them with his electronic brake
I wish to live I used to give Omega an
elementary memory wonderful perhaps you
might consent to play chess with me
Wyatt I shouldn’t eat oh very well
especially pig crew of the cosmos
traitor I’ve reached uranium eight of
the scientists mathematicians and
seven men and a woman she’s a physician
of expedition has already been two years
not three three Sumiko
have I changed that much I don’t know
I’ve got it your hair used to hang down
to your way mr. Brickman yes you forgot
this oh thank you Robert Brinkman the
man who’s always forgetting I have a
reputation for that you’re right but
there are things I’ll never forget
nobody on a voyage of this car there’ll
be no room for excess baggage
dr. Suman go home egora 30 hours left 30
hours in the cosmos trader will blast
off into the unknown now we will leave
the air in the next few hours the crew
of eight picked for the cosmos trader
will be unable to communicate with the
world they’re going into a state of
artificially induced sleep till the time
comes for them to take off this is to
make sure that they will be in good
physical condition for the effort to
come this is intuition
good afternoon
Brinkmann in two minutes you’ll be
asleep like all your colleagues whether
you want to or not
you’ll be able to see and hear your
I’m very glad you’re coming with a
synagogue that will help near you
your heartbeat is normal
silly girl my heart is no brick now now
please leave us in speak of that ever
good night Robert
it’s time for you to sleep – dr. Sam
income yes you’re right
this is intuition intuition calling the
world it won’t be long now until the
blast Oh
tension is mounting among the scientists
and technicians on the base and zero
hour approaches
everything is ready all we’re waiting
for is the crew and here they are
use of the crew are finished they are
now boarding the vehicles which will
take them to the cosmos
51 to 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 okay
Rockets Prime ready for blast-off
breathe calm
relax don’t tense up ignition system
ready ten seconds nine eight seven six
oh man by 3 2 1
Luna’s recall in Germania have cosmos
data on our radar screens appearance
normal we’re feeling alright no ill
effect riding the cloud head over second
cosmic velocity we’ve left them way
behind us I’m gonna loosen this belt
it’s uncomfortable
hey be careful don’t forget there’s no
gravity we’re in freefall now
Johan switch on the artificial gravity
field will you
ha careful I’m pushing the button
that was a dirty trick
Osmos traitor calling Luna 3 come in
Luna 3 this is Luna 3 we are receiving
you well over and out
hello Luna 3 we hear you loud and clear
– 2 + 5 course normal course normal our
course is exactly hyperbolic no
deviations we are passing within 1,200
miles of you don’t agree we have
established visual contact with you
that’s the sinus roars crater on the top
of it is Luna 3
there’s the solar reflector
they’re signalling us
that’s where her husband fell I brought
him back to the camp but he was already
we were friends you know
silico is a wonderful woman this is
known as three I’ve picked up unexpected
swarms of men to write on our vania
their present trajectory shows that they
may cross your path and be very
we are receiving you over here with the
trajectory coordination orbital velocity
alpha eight seven degrees
two minutes beta epsilon 48 degrees 42
minutes listen I’ve had an extremely
urgent message from Luna three a
meteorite warning professor seek honor
is the latest meteorite report alpha x
seven degrees two minutes Peter de salón
48 degrees 42 minutes a meteorite swabs
reaches in 48 hours at the latest that
is if there are no orbit fluctuations
keep close radio contact with Luna 3 the
cosmos traitor calling Luna 3 to receive
your meteorite warning will be sending
irregular coordinates of our course so
stay in close contact
this is the beginning of my personal
logbook there’s no one in the nerve
center of the cosmos trader the computer
is keeping us on our goals in case of
unforeseen circumstances it can take
immediate decisions to alter our speed
or direction this electronic brain would
be our pilot for the next 30 days
because no human being could handle the
immensely complex machines of the
spaceship by himself up to now we have
covered distance of two million six
hundred thousand miles dr. a magura
is knowing our reactions carefully and
keeping close check on our health and
well-being the special liquid food which
can easily be absorbed in the state of
no gravity is proving very successful
with all of us
our chief engineer spends most of his
time in his machine shop testing his
automats over and over again it is
thanks to them into the fact that they
are in perfect running order that we are
relieved of many tiresome tasks our
expert in cybernetics has to be everyone
is one of the key men the expedition
better Sugano devotes all his time to
the message from Venus he and Chen you
are trying to decipher the damaged spool
which means they spend long hours at the
Marek’s the electronic brain is working
night and day no one can be sure what
the result will be
airing way our commander is keeping a
constant check on our course your
computer was active last night it
switched the Rockets on for nearly 17
seconds perhaps to avoid the media swarm
we won’t be running into it till
tomorrow it looks like your automats
don’t have the same idea that you do
Olaf is an enthusiastic chess player it
has beaten all of us but I think he’s
found his master than Monica King g8
it’s amazing he plays his endgame
wonderful I thought that I had got him
but you cease put his king on e6 and I’m
forced into the corner at age eight
that is the tenth match that I’ve lost I
should give up I guess I would suggest
that you make an improvement over Oh a
lien if he only had a heart he would let
our love win once in a while don’t you
think you could be able to do that hmm
just a little bit of heart to Rome
see Tyrell
big huh
see you genuine Saqqara were all right
how could this happen
I thought that the cosmos trader was
able to avoid meteor swarm automatically
she didn’t react quickly enough she was
regulated to a shower of under methane
that was why we had to switch on the
emergency gyros
voila how much course deviation
12 degrees 17 minutes our speed constant
8.2 miles a second estimate the
principal swarm will be honest soon if
we continue at maximum speed it’ll mean
disaster at the motors we’re going to
the breaking motors aren’t working
what’s the matter Joe
a medial fragment has damaged the
deceleration we’d have to go outside and
try and repair it right away I’ll go at
once how long before the main swarm hit
us I can’t say it may be honest any
second now Franklin will you help me
professor sakana genu are you all right
no burns broken that’s fine
these give me our present deviation
direction coordinates and corrected
watch out everybody fasten your belts
a my principle swamps in sight Safety’s
on the motors yet
very completed
Lestrade are calling Luna three cosmos
radar calling Luna three media swarm has
passed everything okay
three weeks have gone by since we left
the earth we should reach teens in about
10 days in spite of our enormous speed
and the stars seem to have motions due
to all types of disturbances caused by
the planet radio contact with earth is
no longer possible nothing too much
interference I can’t hear a thing try
alpha X 32 degrees 8 minutes b2 y 7
what are you doing I’m making a heart
Romita ten consecutive defeats are
driving our friend crazy I want him to
enjoy his favorite game I would like you
to do something also for me it would be
nice to see you eat occasionally I swear
not to forget anymore
Saqqara said exactly the same thing
please not now
your health is my responsibility and you
haven’t hit me today I haven’t a second
to spare
Sumiko muscle insists he’s nervous he’s
having a very hard time with that spoon
you understand
Knight II 6 check doesn’t bite
they congratulations you’ve won at last
need classical end play I think you
deserve to win he plays a good game he’s
not very easy to beat but I did it at
last man has defeated the machine too
much hard what a try whiner welcome to
the Maddux please that’s a cosmic
document we have finally deciphered the
last part of the spool it gives complete
meaning to the cosmic document
I will translate we will initially
subject the planet to a very intense
bombardment of radiation conquest and
occupation of the earth will then
present no difficulty when the
ionization intensity is fallen by 1/2
the final extermination phase can start
this can only mean an attack against our
planet an invasion by the inhabitants of
Venus the costly document was not
intended for us to read it’s a
cold-blooded blueprint of destruction we
must inform dear I’ll try and make
contact wait no let him try I want to do
the earth any good to know what we know
the earth is in danger we must one know
our planet was imperiled before he
discovered the spool and nothing
happened that’s no argument as we
haven’t any idea how the Venusians
calculate time if the earth knew of the
terrible danger threatening her unrest
and even hysteria would spread like
wildfire from pole to pole the whole
world would be in a panic no no Olaf I’m
convinced you’re wrong
the years and years the whole of the
human race faced the danger in atomic
war yes and they survived not through
ignorance but through knowledge because
they knew what the danger was no there
won’t be a panic Jen you don’t you agree
with me
I’m sure if we meet the inhabitants of
Venus will be able to convince them that
will be folly to start that war Darla
try to contact the earth I can’t get
through too much disturbance in Venus my
signals are distort the earth won’t hear
well what do you say should we turn back
to earth No
come on our speed 31,000 miles per hour
in three days we reach meters good tell
her check our course all up the latest
reading gamma radiation increasing
steadily I’ll recheck the neutron cop
5,000 months after only 31 days of
flight we have nearly reached our
destination all our efforts to
communicate with the earth Playa Luna 3
have been unsuccessful we have started
to decelerate by means of our rocket
motors professor herring Way is guiding
the ship into an elliptical orbit around
Venus we are now a satellite of this
silent planet we are still trying but in
vain to establish radio contact with her
inhabitants thick-walled cloud surrounds
the planet 3500 miles
first analysis Venus atmosphere 27%
carbon dioxide 14% formaldehyde no
oxygen atmosphere poisonous we’re faced
with a difficult decision as you know we
can only land and take off once no point
in taking any unnecessary chances
one of us has got to go ahead as Scout
mm miner close enough now I’ll go in the
crawler copter ok brakeman
you’ve got to try and find a landing
place for us we’ll stay in orbit at 150
miles altitude or right the crawler
copters ready 1,500 miles
well now let’s dump before
action stations action stations everyone
750 miles standby we are now entering
the atmosphere of Venus attention
I had 300 miles altitude present speed
is 4.3 miles a second
are you ready Richmond
alright let her go
hello hello Brinkman hello what’s the
matter with his receiver I’m not getting
you there’s something wrong with your
receiver can you hear me now I can’t
understand you something’s wrong with
your transmitter hello what’s the matter
with our transmitter heavy electrical
we’re completely blocked out hello
Brinkman what is it Franklin Harry boy
can you hear me
radar indicates an extremely mountainous
surrounded by thick clouds wait a minute
I can see land I can see life
Brinkman is not receiving I can’t make
contact our altitude 24,000 feet
Tomica you take the leaf go on
right behind you
I don’t understand I’m puzzled by these
strange flashes of light which we keep
seeing they’re bursting all around us
what are you make of them all ah my
opinion the atmosphere in this area is
ionized but what’s the cause atomic
radiation and that means that they’re
attacking pink we must fly lower
we must get below this bank of clouds we
want to establish contact with Franklin
the only way Frank’s been calling cos
the straighter please Anthony over
how long can we stay
Ausmus trader causeless trader I don’t
hear you hello hello
you hear me like you radioactive or it
will turn radio wave through
keep going
they’re attacking
gossipers trader costless fader you hear
the colonist explosion Seba what I don’t
know the computer shows officially
apparently an explosion
distance 120 miles think it could be a
signal from the Venusian we better land
it once as best we can that’ll make a
careful check on our position and try to
contact Brinkman again oh yeah back here
standby deceleration rocket thrust 1821
his polar copter exploded world
Brinkmann there’s the cause there’s a
high tension line underground
Geron get the crawlers out of the way or
the next time the voltage mount
exactly the same thing on us
Franklin we thought you were Danny
I was lucky you might have chosen a
better place to land why what do you
mean there’s a high-tension line over
there now your machine blew up just
because you landed right on top of that
surface power line all we have to do is
to follow it and it will prosper leaders
to the inhabitants of it there’s no
point in trying to do that I’ve already
found the inhabitants of Venus and I’ve
brought one of them back for you what is
it I wonder if it is a form of life
uninvestigated what’s the right nu and
while he’s doing that let’s go and try
to follow that line okay
come on
crawler please come in crawler please
come in they’re following a power line
something very strange here a weight
spheres of a flicker an immense golf
it’s incredible you think it’s a machine
all of them well I can’t say it I don’t
everything here is so strange it’s as if
we’re trying to decipher a book in an
unknown language let’s hope that soon
we’ll be able to read it and perhaps
we’ll understand
Olaf let me know you’ve got your
instruments ready I’ll need all the
figures I can get ok Saqqara good thank
hello este press contact with it very
well professor I am looking at Venus on
the observation screened at the cosmos
trader everything is strangely quiet
is this the calm before the storm why
don’t the Venetians answer or are these
metallic insects really the masters of
this planet tell you is working day and
to solve the mystery of these strange
we have investigated your strange
inhabitants they’re completely harmless
they’re not a form of life when I think
house kid I was an apple your discovery
is more significant than you think I put
one of the micro crystals in the Maddox
yes those were the voices of the
producers I would say that these strange
matera consents had a way of storing
South and crystalline nuclei are you
trying to tell us that the volusion’s
used these insects to record both speech
and son that’s right but that’s
yes but it’s true well that would mean
that the whole witch Brinkmann fell into
his a chamber of archives containing
some of the records of this planet but
then where can the inhabitants be they
said he saw a spaceship land he couldn’t
of missed it yet nothing happened
nothing at open and my machine bird you
call that nothing
I need four figures more data and
especially more of those matera context
the research program is going according
to plan
we are all fascinated by the Petrified
but our spacesuits are so heavy that
working outside the ship is difficult
the investigation of the power lines
leading to the white sphere and
measurement of tension changes is done
by a Silla graph the storms which whip
across Venus only make the work harder
that’s where the lines lead to all right
no doubt
that’s it
Chane you was collecting samples of the
sand too carried by the storm sometimes
they are radioactive
sometimes they are not he is searching
for traces of life the long Venusian
night is always preceded by a violent
then the outside work mustn’t stop and
we spend our time studying what we have
found so far
do you think this vitrified forest is a
biological formation why not it could
come from a dried-up seabed you’re wrong
it’s not a natural formation professor
Sakana has been feeding figures and data
into the electronic brain and he now has
some conclusions he says that the
vitrified forest is an enormous energy
projector capable of destroying all life
within the radius of millions of miles
then it was built by the inhabitants of
Venus yes this Petrified Forest was made
to be a weapon of aggression but then
something went unexpectedly wrong
perhaps they decided to disarm
I’m afraid it was more serious than that
a metal insects farm forest shows
something very significant
that’s very interesting
go on tell us more professor Sakana and
I do not yet have all the facts but I
think that a terrible catastrophe took
place on these I reach a certain stage
and I can’t get any further it’s chaotic
it’s like it’s like everything was
broken now if there really wants and it
has to be it changed the face of the
whole planet then it was so huge
catastrophe is to be absolutely beyond
our powers of comprehension we can only
solve this problem by means of further
systematic research take this great
white sphere to which all these power
lines lead in whose function we don’t
understand it appears to be a giant
transformer unit or else it is a a
forcefield generator
now the strange thing is that there is
periodic tension in the main power lines
I would even suggest that there might
still be Venusians inside the sphere
would survive the colossal catastrophe
that befell their planet they could
still be trying to send an SOS to
another station what should we do we
must go out and explore we’ll follow the
main power line to the other end
calling the cosmas traitor we have been
driving for nearly seven hours now
we are following the energy line and so
far we haven’t found a trace of life
this power life’s got to end somewhere
a herring way shall we keep going yes
we’re still going forward keep on
following us and watch out what’s that I
don’t know they’re not natural forms
must have been buildings of some sort
there must have been as high a
temperature here is on the Sun and every
living thing was destroyed by an
incredible catastrophe
but apt soon come
oh the damage
Fowler goes in here this must be the
entrance let’s follow it
I agree with you come on Abigail going
the leader that all that’s around the
Sun perhaps it a model for inspecting
state pilots now it probably has a deep
over here there’s a shaft looks like one
of the Venusian nerve center youth
control room but who is servicing it
since its apparent that this whole
installation is still under tension
oh my god
what is it strange we’re gonna be might
be the missing power source
with those bubbles could be a kind of
organic life
it’s coming after is look after
answering quick
don’t tell me Rico will find a way out
what was that where the other I can’t
see them
I see what dorama meant now it’s a model
they used to work out their plans of
attack on the earth
remember the cosmic document said that
they would first subject the planet to a
highly intense radiation bombardment
thanks to this device they calculated
how atomic beams could be directed to
our planet I think you’re quite right
and directly beneath us is their
operational headquarters
Sakana the glass boards radiating energy
come quickly
that’s just what I was afraid up
look at that the spheres turn red
gravity is increasing
I am not surprised but it’s incredible
no now everything is clear the sphere
creates an artificial four scheme which
strengthens the gravitation of Venus
diminishing it this very moment for
power is of Plenty and when the energy
is inverted the field will reverse it
will be held in a space again don’t
worry professor there’s still time call
having me quickly
hello herring wing come in please
thrown on the wall when they were hit by
an atomic explosion
and now the only thing
your shadow
Mavericks is picking up commands from
the underground nerve center look the
key it’s using to the cope quiet it’s
incredible so garden he equals MC square
that’s Albert Einstein’s all form yes
but their integration vector is a curve
closed upon it sir
take a look it’s interesting
that’s one receive they’re planting
where did you find them found them on
the surface near the nerve center
it was certainly carried there by one of
those big storms these seeds are still
fertile it proves there is life on this
planet business Takata wants everybody
in the marriage please our researchers
on the metal insects found in the cave
have told us a little of this planet’s
history after the message we heard
there’s no doubt about it the
inhabitants of Venus were contemplating
launching an atomic attack on our planet
but the attack wasn’t carried out in
accident they didn’t expect upset their
plan that atomic weapons got out of
their control
the chain reaction was Unleashed and
they all perished only their shadows
remained and their energy projectors
although partially destroyed are capable
of working again if their energy
reactions are set in motion by some
accident or even by one of us by what do
you mean that we’ve started the reaction
when that rock fell into the black mud
what happened but the rock was thrown
out as if the slime was a living thing
that something terrible happened the
slime began to grow rapidly first it
dilated now tell us what happened next
the black slime started to move
yes it began to follow us we were caught
her what did you do
I used the deuteron ray gun and I sawed
into it
you should never have done that you
started an atomic reaction there was
nothing else to do we had no other way
of getting out yes
you started a chain reaction over the
whole atomic installation now we’re
really in a nice mess
what can we do what time was 17 hours 10
I remember yes yes it was at that moment
the spiel turned red it looks as if
masked changed into energy by process
rather like that of the atom bomb the
people of this planet knew how to
reverse the process
they changed mass into energy but also
they could change energy back into mass
fantastic the inhabitants of Venus are
or rather were far in advance of us the
applications of physics that’s one thing
we have to acknowledge
big men switch off all the Ordnance
tower kind of help make the glass floor
the glass bars off
we’re turning red
all of the radiation from the class
forest subset or occurs electronic brain
the barracks computers got animation as
the radiation keeps on increasing like
this we won’t have a chance even the
cosmos traders late shilling won’t be
enough to protect us somehow I think he
has internal injuries
I must operate start up the Rockets
thermo we missed a coffin once before
it’s too late
the Buddhists won’t work the gravity
fields increasing more and more
the radiations paralyzed everything
nothing is working the whole cosmos
trader is stopping for the dinner it’s
lump of metal
there’s only one chance we must try to
do what the Venetians did make the
energy of the glass force of the spear
change back into mass once more yes but
now when the mud attacked you on the
and you decided to use the Raygun which
changed the mass into energy I think I
saw something was happening in the
Venusian nerve center I think I know how
to start the reverse process can I use
the rocket plane you’re forgetting the
gravity field he won’t fly
but the clora copter will work
you mustn’t go alone I’ve come with
you’re entering the Venusian City a
hurricane is getting much worse hours
hairy doctors operating now
Tomica we’ll manage
how are you coming along too wrong right
I’ve managed to fix the computer then
you can you hear me where are you
starting to climb down into the Venusian
nerve center
my spacesuit it’s punctured I’m coming
to help you know tell you we’re going
down you must save the others heading
away I can’t hold out for long my air is
the sphere is white again looks Takara
Talia has succeeded in reversing the
field my spacesuit is punctured my
oxygen escaping of the safety devices
failed try to hold outs in you you’ve
got to the gravity is back to look I’ll
set off at once in the rocket plane I’ll
get you out of a ten you hold on I’m
coming with oxygen Jen you hello Jen you
hola brakeman is coming can you can you
I must talk to it
genuine listen to me the stains that you
found they’re growing they’re growing
can you you’ve proved there’s life on
the planet yes can you there’s still
life and Venus
so we go
the braking motors are off the braking
motors can you uh can you bring back
come back at once we can’t hold the
costumers later dad were being pushed
off the planet the reverse process is an
action the energy field is acting like a
catapult the negative gravity is
Franklin can you hear me
we’re being held into space tell you
what can you bring fun
are you receiving me Sarika Hanako I
know we must try and go back
are you receiving me I can’t get back
Yunis be calling the earth the cosmos
crater is returning the cosmos weather
is returning we are called but at the
moment there is no reply
I prettiest agree pure
we have learned much but we have
sacrificed a lot too much
let us honor the memory of three great
men tallow has saved the expedition from
disaster chen new discovered life on
Venus and Brinkman first human ever to
set foot on the planet
they’d never be forgotten
we found traces of a great civilization
that it advanced beyond our
comprehension the Venusian science had
gone beyond their power to control a
threat for pedestrian filippov they were
destroyed by their own machines
we still have a grave task before us we
must use art of planets will fly further
and further its mankind’s destiny