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coming off the start line here at Berlin
Tempelhof and we’re going into turn 2
which is a double almost triple left
hander which is really really difficult
because the cars are coming in they’re
breaking this corner actually offers
quite a lot of passing opportunities as
we saw last year the nice thing about
this track this cold wall built Airport
is the concrete blocks yes they’re quite
bumpy but they’re really abrasive and so
the tire where it’s gonna be very
critical here we’ve come out of turn
three and four down to turn five through
this quite quite unusual tunnel and the
exit of turn five is much more open than
last year so in actual fact it actually
helps the efficiency of the car that
they’re not having to accelerate so
you’ll better carry more speed through
the corner you’ll have a higher minimum
speed it actually helps us because we’ll
have a higher minimum speed and we won’t
be wasting that energy we’re entering
into turn six a very very wide it’s
actually a little bit longer entry
compared to turn six last year as you
can see the width of the track is
incredible so there’s so many different
lines even though there should only be
one efficient line the drivers could
take time to find that actual pinpoint
correctness of where to place the car so
this is coming into turn nine the
slowest hairpin on the track where we
saw a lot most of the overtaking last
year a lot of people will actually
defend on the inside so it’s quite
difficult to know which way the guy’s
going to go but it will certainly lead
to some action here at this particular
corner which would be quite good this is
the final corner of the Berlin Tempelhof
track which leads onto the main straight
you can see the pit entry there which is
much tighter than last year
so yeah it leads onto the final straight
which is the curve which then leads into
the last corner so it’s a very
interesting track much flatter than
where we’ve been like in Rome and
Montreal last year but every track has
its different challenges so it should
turn out to be a good race so have a
good weekend