If you take this road, you get straight to Schöneberg
and Kasparstrasse, where I live.
The district is brutalist architecture at its best,
and an incredible mix of buildings.
Here, we have the Bergmannkiez, the best-known of them all.
It teems with restaurants, but they’re all lousy
and somehow designed for tourists.
In other words, people who go once and then leave.
Here, there’s an amazing cemetery.
You either like morbid stuff or you don’t,
but I’m drawn by the peace and quiet.
Sometimes I do a bit of sport. That’s here in this street,
and there’s a club, the Ritter-Butzke, right behind it.
If you go there at 11 on Saturday morning to do a bit of sport,
to do a bit of sport, the music’s still pounding out
and you can hear people partying.
They start coming out like zombies,
and you ride there on your bike and see them.
I find it a nice contrast.
When you’ve finished working out,
you head straight for the Koyote Restaurant.
Not sure how you spell it.
They do the best Bircher Muesli.
Great location: you can sit outside, next to the canal.
Then you can go here – Am Maybachufer
to the Ankerklause
and get your first beer in – probably not the last.
On the other side, Paul-Lincke Ufer,
we’ve got Cocolo Ramen,
where you get this Japanese soup,
the best thing to eat when you’ve got a hangover.
Here, there’s a cool gallery, whose name escapes me.
There are also super places to get cake,
ceviche and super ice cream.
Just can’t remember the name. But it’s all so concentrated,
you just stagger from one cool place to the next.
My favorite bar is here,
but if I tell you about it, everyone will want to go.
The Würgeengel.
My absolute favorite: I lived above, it for two years.
If you’re an artist, you have to go here
to the Moritzplatz there is Modulor.
It’s like a pharmacy for artists,
where you can buy anything and pays lots of money for it.
There are tons of galleries in Berlin, just everywhere.
There’s the König Gallery, located in a brutalist church –
a crazy place called St. Agnes.
It’s worth a visit just for the place.
Often, when you have a definite destination in mind,
you don’t see the things around you.
Berlin just invites you to walk around.
You really have to go with the flow.
Just walk, look around and discover.
It might be great or not so great.
But, hey, that’s not so bad, is it?