Here’s all you need to know on How to get into Berghain. There’s some unwritten rules you need to pay attention to. Berlin’s most iconic nightclub is nothing for the faint hearted, be aware!
Berghain is not only the most famous club in the world,
it’s also the one most difficult to get into.
So here are all the information
You need, to actually get in.
I’m gonna tell you how to behave in the queue,
how to dress
and when to go.
Everyone in Berlin will hate me for this.
Alright, let’s get started.
First you need to know that Berghain is NOT open on Fridays.
Only the Panorama Bar is open,
which is the second smaller floor in Berghain.
The actual Berghain floor is closed.
It may open sometimes on a Friday for special events,
but you need to check the website for that.
Usually it’s closed.
So if your friends come back from a trip to Berlin
and say they were in Berghain last Friday,
They were not.
Berghain made this arrangement on purpose,
so tourists have also the possibility to party in “Berghain”,
because the door policy is also not very strict that day.
People from Berlin
will usually go Saturdays or Sundays,
but mostly Sundays, Berghain is really a Sundays club.
Now, you need to choose wisely WHEN you are going there.
Because you don’t want to go there, when everyone is going.
Because if you go when everyone is going,
you will end up spending 4 hours in the queue
and then in the end may not even get in.
Berghain opens its doors
Saturday night, 12 o’clock.
The line will get long pretty quick,
being the worst between 1 am and around 6 or 7 am.
This is the absolute worst time to go there.
You will need to wait in line for at least three hours.
So you can either go point 12 when they open
and be the first in the club and wait.
It’s better than waiting in line
or you go after breakfast,
have a breakfast rave.
And don’t worry, it will still be full inside,
it will be full until Monday afternoon.
The best option in my opinion is going for a Sunday night.
On Sunday evenings the queue will start forming again
around 7 or 8 pm
and will continue to be there until the early hours.
What a lot of people from Berlin are doing
is going Sunday morning or afternoon,
just to get a stamp,
so they can return on Sunday evening
without having to wait in line.
OK, let’s get into what to wear.
First, here are some examples, what NOT to wear.
Nice shoes
Polo shirts
If you’re wearing any of those items,
you have a 100% chance of not getting in.
I promise.
People say that you need to wear black to get in.
But that’s not true,
it helps,
but it’s not a must.
I know a guy who got in wearing a hospital robe.
When it comes to dressing up for Berghain
there really is only one rule.
It needs to be unconventional
Something you won’t see on the streets,
you would never see someone wearing on the street, okay.
And since Berghain is still a gay club
Yes, you heard me right.
It’s a gay club.
So latex and leather is always a good option.
Or you can wear something industrial
or goth,
or cyberpunk.
You can’t go wring with any of that.
If you wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing any of those things,
Berghain is not for you,
don’t go there.
It’s not a nice little place where you can go party with your besties.
It’s rough.
You WILL see huge gay men doing thins to each other
and you WILL be asked on the toilet
to pee in someones mouth.
Mark my words.
If you can’t handle that,
Go to Matrix, please.
Alright, now that you’re all set
with your sweet leather pants
heading to Berghain
there’s a few important things to keep in mind
when you are in the queue.
And those rules don’t only apply to Berghain
but to all clubs in Berlin that have a stricter door policy.
Don’t talk too loud in the queue.
And under no circumstances engage in laughter.
Bouncers here hate loud people.
When you face the bouncer
don’t look happy.
No, don’t smile at him,
look like someone run over your dog.
Berhain is a rough place
with rough music
there’s no space for happiness.
The bounce will ask you only one question,
in German, that is
how many?
and there’s only three acceptable answers.
One, two and three
If you answer four, five or more,
you won’t get in.
It’s an unwritten rule here in Berlin.
Big groups are not welcome.
So if you’re going with more than 3 people in the club,
you need to split up in smaller groups
and try your luck.
It’s just part of Berlin nightlife
It sucks, yeah,
but you need to be prepared to abandon half of your group,
because they may not get in.
And lastly,
don’t go there drunk
nobody likes wasted people
you may drink a little bit, but not too much.
Well now you’re all prepared
for your next Berghain visit.
And don’t be sad if you don’t get in
it’s the hardest club in the world to get into.
Just try next week again.
And if you’re interested in other Berlin nightlife adventures,
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