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Hey, I am Claudi of GreenMe Berlin.
I was born in Leipzig but since eleven years already
I have been living in this cool city, which is full of so many
possibilities and exciting people. At the moment
I cannot imagine to live somewhere else. I
started my own business one and a half years ago and meanwhile
I operate my own online platform about going green in Berlin.
It is called GreenMe Berlin and actually it is a lifestyle guide.
Thereby I want to inspire many people out there
just to try something new and to discover the city from a completely
new and exciting perpective. In an sustainable way, but with fun and
without any compulsion. That allows me
to freely organise my daily routine and actually
my life as well.
So, if you would have asked me that a few years ago, I certainly
would never have said that I include my parents.
But this time I say it. I grew up in the east of Germany.
I was three years old when the Berlin Wall fell, so I have not seen a lot from the DDR.
But I have heard a lot from my parents. This thought, to be caught
in a country has stamped my desire of freedom extremely.
I always wanted to get out in the world, in the real world. I wanted to get to know
how people live all over the world and discover foreign cultures.
The trip which had the most impact on me
was my three-month journey to India. There I have learnt,
that the poorest people are still happy
and that they are so warm-hearted and open-minded. They are even dividing
the little they have. I was totaly empressed!
I have also learnt that I absolutely get by with a few things.
Thereby I have become absolutely minimalist and I would say
the third and biggest learning was the realization that almost everything is possible.
In India you are really put to the proof.
You have to leave your comfort zone quite often.
However, you will recognize, nothing is impossible.
So much, but what inspires me most is the moment when I
drive through all the green parks and through the streets of Berlin
with my bike. Then I get my head free and have
always the best ideas as I am out in the fresh air. The Tempelhofer Feld is definitely
one place at which one should have been. That is one of my
favorite places here in Berlin and I guess almost anywhere
in the world. This feeling if you are riding with
your bike or your longboard over the old tarmac is associated with so much freedom.
This is a huge open area situated in the center of the town.
That exist actually in no other big city. That is me, that is GreenMe
Berlin and GreenMe of GreenMe Berlin is available as an interactive map, where you can
search for all the sustainable and cool places in Berlin.
There is a potcast, where I go out to interview all these awesome people,
who lie behind. There is also an event calendar, where you can find cool and green events
in the city. Furthermore there are City Guides and I organise
tours as well.
Acutally you can learn everything step by step, but what you really need
is a lot of passion, patience and perseverance. But above all, you need
passion, because if you do something and
the people are not really believing in that, it is important that
you are convinced avout what you do. In the end you can reach a lot of people
and you can achieve anything you want.