Like this video? Please help me create more by supporting my channel 🙏🏼🌷 When it’s cold and rainy outside and you’d kill for a burger but there’s no chance in HELL you leave the house right now. Thank Voldemort (the Lord, duh) for food delivery! This video reflects merely my opinion, I used Lieferando mainly because there was the lowest minimum price per order and they delivered to my area while others didn’t. _____________ Have you tried Burgerzimmer before? Do you have any delivery recommendations in Berlin? Tell me about it in the comments below✨ _____________ Instagram: ____________ Thank you for watching and if you liked this video and you want to see more videos like that, please subscribe! _____________ Music: Song: MBB – Feel Good (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: _____________ #Cheeseburger #GirlEating #Delivery #TasteTest #Berlin #TakeOut
okay so I just got a delivery from
and from and
I’m going to open it with you
it comes with coke so I’ve transferred
it to a cup I chose coke
I also added cheese sauce chili cheese
sauce so I can make it to the minimum
which is 10€
it took a lot of time
doesn’t look that bad it’s huge
it’s really big
I’m surprised I have to say
okay my hair is a bit of a mess I
need to wash it
so I’m here with my
burger looks like this
this is hard this is not a good angle
I hope you see something
this is a really big burger
I thought it would be like cold as ice but it’s not
it doesn’t look bad
I asked with a cheddar cheese
and I’m not sure I have cheddar cheese
the sauce is good
I forgot the napkins in the kitchen I think
okay, not so bad
it’s quite thick
the bun is huge
it has taste of this black thing it’s too too strong I don’t
remember the name of it but I think it’s too strong
the burger itself
is not that bad
I had worse burgers here
it’s not like the best thing of course
it’s not medium well whatever
it’s black it’s not like sesame
it’s a different kind of kind of thing
and it taste is really strong
I don’t like it it’s really ruin the taste
and the fries are really soggy
but they taste good
I don’t know if it’s the potato wedges
they have in the site cause in the burger
menu they stated french fries this is
not french fries for sure
it’s like something weird
but it’s well-seasoned
even though it’s not
crispy at all but also when you get it
a delivery it and it’s not so good
but this is huge
the sauce is quite good the house sauce
I have too much bun
I’m quite surprised I have to say
let’s try the cheese sauce the chili cheese sauce
I’m so dirty
this was an extra 50 cent so I can get to the minimum
smells spicy
hmm it’s nice
it’s like kind of likeMcDonald’s cheese but melted with
with jalapeno chili in it
very nice with the fries
I’m gonna get burger bite with it
ah so dirty
Yeah, it works good together I like it
This is quite nice
I think it’s an okay price to pay for
the food to come to your house and for its quality
I mean it’s not the best
burger I had and
for a better price you can get Burgermeister
I don’t think
they do delivery though
and I don’t want to go there so it’s an okay settlement
I guess
not as bad so I like it in the burger
think it adds zing to it
this is not bad
by the way I ordered it to Wilmersdorf
so I’m not sure it would be the same
branch to everywhere in the Berlin because it’s different branches in different areas
my basic lists okay
right now I’m going to finish this
and watch kimmy schmdtt
clean myself because it’s necessary
buono appetito
sometimes you just want someone else to
prepare your food and get it to your house
and that’s okay
thank you for watching and
if you want me to check other places
other things
let me know in the comment below
and if you try Burgerzimmer before tell me what you thought in a
comment below and I’ll see you in next video