Ride onboard with Marc Priestley and Qualcomm safety car driver Bruno Correia as they give us a look at the new Berlin ePrix track, ahead of what’s set to be an epic double-header race weekend. With a track map, onboard telemetry and Marc doing his best to give you all the info you need while being thrown around in the passenger seat, this is the ultimate guide to the new Tempelhof circuit. Subscribe For More Formula E: https://goo.gl/med6hM Race Tickets: http://info.fiaformulae.com/ Visit Our Site For More: http://www.fiaformulae.com/ Like Us On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fiaformulae Follow Us On Twitter: https://twitter.com/FIAformulaE Follow Us On Instagram: https://instagram.com/fiaformulae/ Add Us On Snapchat: FIAFormulaE
here we go their style after the Berlin
increase last half now this straight
that’s not really Australia’s curve all
the way a big overtaking opportunities
Lucas market organizers great organizer
designer course here that is really good
a favor overtaking this long sweeping
left-hander is really a place through
that turn three here is unique it goes
through the center of the emotion club
gets up on the left-hand side there are
going to be treated to a field spectacle
hard on the brakes clipping the curves
on the Left saying hugging the wall the
right hand side non stay close straight
a concrete serving here the most power
maglite normal really rough gonna be
difficult to some tyres from overheating
and as you get down this working it’s
the breaking though it’s a circus chain
Carmona James concrete who knows all
that going to be like in the web if it’s
long leather around here we go goes on
forever clipping the curves sweet notes
the left hand side we can clip this
right hand wall it and there are short
staffed or straight and into a very slow
hairpin turn night another overtaking
opportunity there to lunge a car down
the inside and get in front to rear up
getting the exit plan
going to be very difficult to get your
way back pass and here we are back into
the pain entry on the left a racial
continue down there through the big long
left-hander and back onto start/finish
straight we’re now flashing the pit lane
I think that is going to be a very very
interesting circuit the teams are going
to be having to manage tire temperature
all the way around
unlike other circuits where it was all
about getting the tires up to
temperature here it’s going to be about
stopping them from overheating because
the roughness of the surface is
something very different to what any
other race track offers we’re here with
new tire court and we’re here back in
season why we have different cars and
different size and a very different
circuit layout I really like this place
I think it could make for a real
spectacle and of course this weekend me
Berlin we got two of them can’t wait