This Hitman 3 game guide video shows how to murder Agent Lowenthal in the Berlin level by posing as the food delivery guy and preparing poisoned food. You can unlock several challenges here – Hold My Hair / Tasteless Traceless / The Wurst Delivery / The Wurst Disguise. Begin where you unlock the open world section. Attack the first agent and take his silenced pistol. During your walk in the woods collect Emetic Poisoned Mushroom. Now follow the route from the video to reach the area next to the Biker Hangout. Destroy the first camera, hop over the wall and neutralize the pizza delivery guy. Hide his body, take his clothes and his keys. Use the keys to open the scooter’s cargo and poison the food. Use the doorbell to summon the biker. While he’s delivering food destroy the second camera. Wait for Agent Lowenthal (another biker) to eat poisoned food. He’ll go to the bathroom and that’s where you can drown him. Alternatively you can also use lethal poison on the food to kill him instantly. ► MORE GAME GUIDES ► FOLLOW US