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So as part of our global investigation,
we sent our field producer and reporter
Jason Conway to visit the address in Berlin
where Louise claims to have lived
before being evicted last week.
Now, this is the same apartment building
Ralph’s letter bounced back from.
This is what Jason discovered.
Hi, Dr. Phil.
I’m here in Berlin to investigate Louise
and an address she gave Ralph that he could use to send her
handwritten letters.
(door slams)
(dramatic music)
Okay, here we are, pulling up to the building
where Louise claims she lived.
We’re having a little bit of trouble
finding the exact entrance because the front of the building
seems to be under construction.
It should be Lutzowplatz 30, and it is now Lutzowplatz 10,
so we’re gonna have to go figure out what happened.
We can tell that this building is brand new.
The building that we thought Louise should have lived in
has been knocked down.
So here we are at the front entrance of the building,
although every one of these buzzers is for a business.
This is not a residential building anymore.
This is now office buildings.
This is another entrance for what used to be Lutzowplatz 30.
This part of the building does have apartments for rent,
but they’re not finished yet.
So, this is this woman named Louise.
She claims to have lived in this building.
Have you ever seen her before?
I’ve never seen her, no.
Okay, and do you live in the neighborhood?
Not far, yeah.
Do you recognize her?
No, I’ve never seen her.
Have you ever seen this woman before?
No, I’ve never seen her.
And where do you live?
Just around the corner.
And this building’s been under construction for how long?
I don’t know exactly how long,
but it’s been for a while.
There used to be a different building.
And nobody lives in this building at the moment?
I don’t think so, no.
So, we put our investigator there
and the address, it’s a business.
And so, that’s why your mail bounced back,
’cause there aren’t any apartments in that building.
The address she gave you in phony.
If you go to what could possibly be a nearby building,
the nearest building where there are apartments,
that building’s under construction.
Nobody lives there.
There are residences will be in that building,
but it’s not finished, so nobody lives there, either.
So, these addresses she’s giving you, not true.
That’s why the card came back.
That’s why it came back, ’cause that’s not a real address.
It’s a real address, but there’s not anybody there
by that name, there aren’t any apartments in that building,
we asked people on the street, nobody’s ever seen her,
they don’t know her.
Now of course, that’s random, you could talk to 10 people
that haven’t seen her, but nobody lives in that building.
So she’s lied to you about her address.
She does not live there.
So, when I go with these things,
I kinda look at it, because there’s a pattern
to what these people do if they are gonna lie to you.
They always need money because they’ve been arrested,
hospitalized, they have sick children,
money and credit cards have been stolen,
frozen bank accounts.
They’ve even said they’re shipwrecked.
They’ve had lost or stolen passports,
expired visas or passports,
beaten up on the way to the airport,
stuck in a foreign country until taxes are paid,
attorney’s fees, they’re widowed.
So having looked at the typical patterns
of what scammers tend to do,
I wanted to apply that grid to your fact pattern.
First off, stuck in a foreign country.
That’s for sure.
That’s a typical thing they say.
Hey, I’m stuck in a foreign country,
I need money to get to you.
Just send me the money, ’cause I’m gonna come to you
and when I do, we’re gonna live happily ever after.
They often say they either owe people money
or they can’t access their bank account.
She says that she’s got problems with espionage.
She needs $20,787.
She says she needs $20,000, good allowance for workers.
$500,000 debt owed to workers.
$40,000 in taxes.
$145,000 anti-terrorist clearance
affidavit of true ownership.
Drug clearance.
$55,000 invalid contractor’s operating license.
$28,000 fine reduction for anti-terrorist clearance,
affidavit of true ownership.
$70,000 fine reduction for anti-terrorist clearance.
But she has money, she just can’t access it.
That was on the list.
They say, I’ve got money, I just can’t access it.
And she sends you a copy of her bank account
that says she has $830,700 in her bank account.
Domestically, yes.