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so fun fact we actually lived in my
colon for our first month in Berlin at
this building at number 58 and we spend
one month here and if you guys have ever
seen the apartment door that I did in
Berlin it’s the one right here and we
actually really liked it it was a good
introduction to Berlin because it’s just
a really fun area and it’s still quite
central – so yeah this was where we
lived a lot of memories I feel like
we’re kind of going down memory lane
today and now we’re gonna go to
Tempelhof which is open field it used to
be an old airport in the middle of the
city and it’s a really cool place
because you can ride your bike there you
can skateboard a lot of families go
there to have picnics and yeah it’s just
always poppin and today it was very very
hot so it’s the perfect weather it’s
like 26 degrees so it’s really nice
outside if you are ever in Berlin I do
recommend coming to this area it is so
freaking today I’m probably super
sweaty but yeah if you come here check
it out because it’s a good introduction
to the city and it’s very unique
you’re in the area go to the sparks
called the muted horn they have really
good cider and josh says they have good
beer I don’t drink beer but he said it’s
really good and we like to support it
because it’s owned by a Canadian couple
Canady that’s an ad a couple so yeah
come here it’s really close to Tempelhof
support the Canadians trying to make it
in Berlin we’re at the station and one
of my favorite things at the stations is
they have pictures of what it used to
look like back in the day so this
picture is of this street in 1910 this
picture doesn’t say what year it’s from
but it’s just so cool to get a glimpse
of how people used to dress
so we just came to MIT so cuz josh was
gonna do some filming for his video and
if you’re ever near Hakka sure there’s
this really cool alley it’s just full of
graffiti everywhere
it’s called Hakka sure Hough and
actually took some pictures here for my
eBook and yeah it’s just a pretty cool
area Josh was filming against this wall
which I think makes pretty cool
background for a video there’s also an
Anne Frank museum happening at the
moment right here but it’s just a bit
you can take a lot of good pictures here
and yeah I just really like it and it’s
kind of hidden so I think a lot of
people especially a lot of tourists miss
it because it’s in a little alleyway
you now come to sit here at the park
near hockey sure I don’t know what this
park is actually called or if you can
even call this a park it’s pretty much
just patch of grass but you do get a
really nice view of the Berlin Cathedral
and the canal just been making our way
through the city early today just
walking around it’s just such a
beautiful day and everyone is sort of
still keeping their distance right now
at least where we are yesterday was kind
of crazy we went to Kreuzberg and there
was a festival going on in the canal
there was people on rafts no one was
keeping distance in whatsoever we only
just stopped by to really take a picture
and a video and then we just walked away
because honestly I still feel like it’s
too risky
to be in such a big crowds like that but
at least right now everyone is still
pretty much keeping their distance
but it is a really gorgeous day and it’s
really nice to be around people even
just to hear different people speaking
feel their energy but being in the
middle of a festival right now not a
smart move and I was definitely still
judging people yesterday I put in some
clips of that because I did post some
that on my Instagram for any of you guys
who maybe missed it
so it’s been a few days since we went
out to Tempelhof field and we went out
exploring in Berlin and I did ask you
guys that day over on my Instagram to
ask me any questions so that I could
answer them in the video I want to do a
little Q&A and answer your questions in
my next video so if you have any
questions about living in Berlin
starting a YouTube channel feel free to
let me know and I would be super happy
super happy to answer those for you I
did answer some on Instagram that day
but I wanted to give more detail to more
specific questions about living and
working in Germany I did see a lot of
questions like this which is when do I
think Germany’s borders will open I know
a lot of you are planning to move here
to work or to study so obviously you’re
very curious about what’s happening so
the good news is that things have
started to progress here in a very
positive direction so things have
started to open up within the country
like restaurants shopping malls and
shopping centers so things are
progressing in the right direction
you’re also able to gather with more
people which is really great now in
terms of the borders opening up I have
heard that Germany is planning to open
its borders to the rest of the EU on
June 15th so that’s very very soon and
then from there they’re slowly going to
decide whether they should open up to
everybody else and you know make things
go back to normal again so if you are
living in Canada in the US or India or
any other country that’s not within the
EU there’s no clear date just yet when
they will open up to everybody and
everything will go back to normal but
they’re testing it out with the rest of
the EU and hopefully the cases will stay
low enough and there’s not gonna be a
second wave now I know for you you said
that your masters is starting in October
so thankfully that is still
a few months away and the way that the
German government has been handling
everything so far has been really great
so hopefully things will get back to
normal by October but things are headed
in the right direction so far another
question that I got was similar to this
and it is do you think it’s a good idea
to move to Berlin now because of the
virus and unemployment
so obviously the unemployment rates at
the moment here in Germany are quite
high last I read I believe they’re at
6.9 percent and a lot of companies have
their employees on Kurt’s Arbeit so
obviously unemployment is very high
Germany is in a recession however I
still see some companies posting job
offers and they’re still thriving in any
situation like this there’s obviously
gonna be companies that don’t perform as
well and other companies that will be
so just because some companies are
struggling doesn’t mean that there are
not any opportunities so I’m not gonna
say don’t come and give up on moving
here because definitely that should not
be the approach like I said there are
companies that are still hiring so there
could definitely still be opportunities
for you there so I don’t want to
discourage you because obviously if you
have the right qualifications and you
are motivated enough to move here I’m
sure that there can be an opportunity
for you as well so don’t give up keep
working on you know your skills in the
meantime keep looking for opportunities
and you just have to keep going and like
I said at least things are progressing
in the right direction here so far
another question I got is do you still
like living in Germany and yes I
obviously still love living in Germany
if I didn’t I probably wouldn’t stick
around here I need to feel comfortable
in the environment that I’m in in the
place that I am living so yes I still
love it here I still encourage people to
move here
if they want to live here and obviously
I love living in Berlin and I love all
of the opportunities that have come my
way because I have moved here and now is
the best time because it’s summer and
Berlin has the best vibe in the summer
time and it’s really just lifting up my
spirits and I’m so excited that the
weather has gotten so nice now so the
next question is what’s the hardest
thing about living in Germany and
especially with everything that’s gone
down this year I would say the hardest
thing is being away from my family that
has been really difficult I have never
really been the type of person to get
homesick and I’ve been quite lucky that
I do get to see my parents because
either they come to visit me or I got to
go there so we’ve always managed to see
each other you know at least twice a
year and this year obviously has been a
bit more difficult we did plan to go
back to Toronto to visit in April and
that was not possible other than that I
don’t think I have like any major
struggles like I said I really enjoy
living here
but yeah just being away from family and
not having family nearby or being able
to go visit one of your relatives you
know whenever you want is obviously
quite difficult
especially during a time like this but
it has been made easier with zoom calls
I’ve been connecting with my family in
Colombia in the u.s. in Canada and I
feel like we have managed to make a lot
of time for each other during this
period so I do like to see that as a
positive and I know that next time I go
home I’m just gonna cherish the moments
that I have with my family and my
parents so much more because I’ve
definitely been missing that but yeah
other than that nothing really that
difficult I really enjoy living here
another job related question is how’s
life for a software engineer in Berlin
so I am NOT
a software engineer I think some of you
think I work in that field
I don’t but from what I can tell and
working for a tech company I think life
here for software engineers and
developers is really great there’s
obviously a lot of demand for developers
companies are constantly looking to hire
developers and it is a very high paying
job so I would say that life for
software engineers just based on people
that I’ve spoken to and just within the
company that I work with I would say
that life here for software engineers is
really good Berlin has a really good
work-life balance there’s a lot of
vacation time here in Germany and
there’s a lot of tech companies in
Berlin so if you do work as a software
engineer or you are a developer then I
think you are in the right career and
Berlin is a good place for you to come
to and work in as well but yeah those
are all of the questions that I’m gonna
answer for right now but if you do have
any other questions or you want some
more insight from me feel free to follow
me on my Instagram I want to do more
live Q&A and I think Instagram is good
for that because I’ll be able to answer
a lot more questions and be able to get
back to you quicker as well now the last
thing that I wanted to address is the
situation in the US and all of the
protests that are happening I am very
grateful of the platform that I have
here and I would not be using my
platform correctly if I didn’t address
it on my videos I have been talking
about it extensively over on my
Instagram and bringing awareness to this
cause and to the movement over there but
I also wanted to address it here as well
I myself am Canadian
but obviously Canada in us we have very
strong ties and a lot of the issues that
happen in the u.s. revolving racism does
not just you know related to the u.s. it
in Canada it happens all over the world
and I really want to support the black
community and of course bring awareness
to this issue that is happening yeah I
just think it’s absolutely crazy what is
happening there in terms of the end
justices that have happened but I think
it’s so important for us to talk about
it openly and for us to of course share
our support and I am sending all my love
to all of my US viewers who are going
through so much right now I’ve been
looking at all the footage and reading
so much about it and I really hope that
you are taking care of yourselves and
you are staying safe as well and I
completely support this movement I think
it’s so important for again us to unite
and for us to finally have this
conversation because it’s been shut down
and put on the back burner for way too
long and it’s definitely time for us to
talk about it something else that I want
to mention that it’s extremely important
is that primary elections are happening
in the u.s. right now so if you are a US
citizen it is your time to vote
you have so much power with your vote to
elect the right people into office and
have your voice be heard so please don’t
forget to vote I mentioned this on my
Instagram but again I will go ahead and
link some more info down below because
it is so important to use your voice and
put the right people into power as well
so yeah you guys I really hope that you
are taking care of yourselves like I
said it’s so important for us to all
unite for us to you know speak up for
what is right and for us to finally
speak about all of the injustice –is
that have been happening to the black
community for so long and for everyone
who is going to protest please be safe
as safe as possible and I hope that you
are taking care of yourself and taking
care of your mental health as well I
know it can seem or it is very
overwhelming with
everything that is happening but please
do take care of yourself and that will
be pretty much all for today I really
hope that you enjoyed the footage that I
captured around Berlin I hope that you
found the Q&A session helpful and that’s
gonna be all you guys sending you so
much love please take care and I will
talk to you in my next one