This week, heads to Berlin, where our host Fritz Dickamp shows us around town and talks candidly about what life in the German capital is really like. An alumnus of Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne and co-founder of L.I.K.E. Hospitality Consulting, Dickamp kicks off the city tour with a walk through his neighborhood, Mitte, while explaining how he found his apartment and what one can expect to pay in rent in adjacent areas. While he admits that Berlin may not be the world’s most welcoming city, he reassures us that with a little effort, everyone can find their place there easily – from hipsters to punks to businessmen, Berlin has something unique to offer everyone. You’ll also hear Dickamp’s suggestions for best Berlin street food, his tips for moving around the city and his list of Berlin pros and cons. And of course, no city tour would be complete without our guide’s recommendation on nightlife—watch the full video to find out where Dickamp and Lucia head for a cocktail! Find your next job in Berlin at To watch more videos visit
hi guys my name is fritz and today I’m
taking over Hosko TV to show you the
coolest city in the world Berlin with
your friend Lucia you ready
yeah let’s go follow me the features for
you this is where I live that’s right
this is the western part of Belen meter
and would you find your apartment so I
found my apartment through a Facebook
group that we have running from EHL for
alumni and interns here in Berlin so
someone was just about to leave the city
and I was looking for a place so that
works quite nicely if you’re not that
fortunate there’s other websites and
online where you can easily find places
so there’s things like Iman Scout 24
calm or VGA gazook de and how much you
pay for your current events so I pay
nine hundred fifty euros bills included
so in Germany that include things like
heating the water Internet and all of
that in adjacent districts to meter so
places like whites back prints lower
back and a figure design which are all
very nice you’ll pay save some we’re
starting from 650 euros so it’s still
relatively cheap compared to other
cities where do people like Gary
Barnidge so the people here in Berlin
are probably not the most heartwarming
and welcoming that that you’ll find it’s
not the most easy city in the world to
be integrated you need to make an effort
you need to go out on the plus side of
things you can find your place in Berlin
quite easily whether you’re a straight
down hipster a punk or a businessman
there is areas in the city where you
will feel at home but easy to make
friends I suppose yes it is easy to make
friends because and chances are very
high that you already have someone in
the city that you’ll know there’s
there’s always the high risk of and
possibilities that people go out for
after work drinks which is a big thing
here in Berlin so so work your
colleagues quickly turn into friends and
most patients
what do you do on your days off here in
Berlin so on my days off I’ll probably
be spending either some time doing
sports by myself or I’ll be spending
time with friends and in that there’s a
couple things you could do
nightlife is the prominent and easy
option and where there’s an incredibly
wide variety of things you you also have
quite a few parks to enjoy where we like
to either hang out on the grass or go
play some beach volleyball or do
something like that there’s so much
street food and so many markets where
you can experience that it’s just great
if you look around here this is mocktail
annoying and quoits back which is a
prime destination for street food on a
Thursday night whereby all the little
stands turn into street food places and
we’re jumping i’d say olsen coloplast
emitter and with it some great shopping
locations around there or Western Berlin
if you’re looking for some more
exclusive shopping alternatives you can
go up and down Co first and um and the
adjacent streets which have some great
things or even here this district in
turquoise back where we are now where
you’ll find a lot of individual
boutiques that are not necessarily the
Zara’s and hmms of the world but
individually owned and you’ll find some
unique designs here so tricks as you
move around here in Berlin so
effectively there’s three good ways to
move around in Berlin version number one
is public transport things like the
s-bahn the metro the bus tram Berlin has
one of the best networks of public
transport in Europe and you usually have
a station within 50 meters of where you
are prices vary a bit you can get a
monthly ticket for an intern from fifty
seven euros onwards and you can get a
full price a monthly ticket from about
80 euros or one so it’s not – not so
expensive second version is what we’re
sitting in right now there’s two main
companies that provide these kind of
cars it’s Drive now or cultural the
unique thing about these things is all
you need is your smartphone and the cars
so you get a little bank card with which
you can open the cars and your phone is
there for you to look for the cars
it’ll cost you about 29 euros to sign up
29 30 euros and then it’s
you pay by minute and the minute a
minute is around 30 cents so it’s
reasonably priced so the cheapest the
most economic friendly version to get
around the city is obviously my bike you
can obviously go to one of the shops
that are in town and buy one version
number two you can go onto the internet
and check out one of the platforms where
you can buy used bikes and version
number three is the system that we have
in the city that’s called call a bike
now call a bike works similarly to the
car concept whereby there’s stations in
the city where you can use your phone to
rent a bike drive it for a certain
amount of time and then bring it back at
a different station
we’re depressing part of living in
Berlin so the cons of living in Berlin
first of all there’s a whole lot of
things that come together that that can
make it very stuffy and make it a bit
demanding you have to chase after your
intro and integration to Berlin
otherwise Berlin it’s not going to make
you feel welcome and it’s probably not
the cleanest city in the world in the
world either the pros well first of all
you have pretty cheap costs of living
all-in-all and if you think of other
cities like like London or Geneva or
Paris you probably will not find a
cheaper place than Berlin in terms of
rent groceries and all of that it’s a
great city for young people which is
probably the main reason I chose to come
to Berlin and to start your own business
and because it really has a lot to offer
and it’s and it’s it’s a very
cosmopolitan place all about which
restaurants will you recommend in Berlin
so the beauty about Berlin is you can
find a whole variety of different
cuisines take this place as an example
where we’re in Mitte again here at a
place called Noah’s vine back you can
find some of the best breakfast and
brunch courses and meals here if you’re
looking for something that is a bit more
evening kind of style going out I’d
recommend a place called transit and
here in Mitte close to holes and tidal
flats which serves Asian tapas and
little bowls and you pay about 3 euros
per ball so it’s really quite a good
deal if you’re looking to go out a
little bit more fancy I would probably
recommend a place called kimchi princess
is a Korean restaurant where you have
your own table grill in the middle of
the table and then everyone sits around
that and kind of grills your own foods
and lastly on the list I’d recommend a
place called Nene and
nene is over in western Berlin it’s the
restaurant of the 25 hours hotel and
Nene is is quite intriguing for two
reasons a it’s one one of the top floors
of the building so you’ve got a very
nice view of the western western part of
the city and B the cuisine is not
something that you usually get it’s
quite special even for Berlin even
though we have a great variety it’s
Israeli cuisine
so fridge rotation about hearing Murphy
for drinks party and so the great thing
about Berlin is that you have a great
variety and whatever you want to do
where we are right here at the amano bar
it’s probably the nicest rooftop bar in
Berlin emitter places like sulabha admit
is where I would recommend you you go if
you want to enjoy the view of the city
you’re looking for a more fancy place
Bar 1000 is the place you want to go and
just off finished rasa but we also have
nice chilled bars where you can go in
jeans and a t-shirt around halls and
Tyler Platz how sumsy is a great place
or mr. hoo in Western Berlin and you can
really have a nice chilled evening clubs
I don’t know where to start really
there’s a there’s a huge variety of
places you can go depending on what
music you like best I’d recommend you
stick to places like Avenue suicide
Circus is a good one Aveda they matter
or if you if you really want to go out
hard the back I’m the world famous
backhand Club with probably one of the
toughest doors and toughest places to
get in in Europe is must be on your list
sounds fun are we going after I think we
should Cheers so guys after this drink
written they’re gone are going out so do
you like Berlin and if you want to find
out more don’t hesitate to contact Fitz
on Fusco and see your next kind of
another great interview