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gary willing
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well it is six
to five twenty and we’re just a few days
play in the back nine of 2020 on our way
to 2021 baby
and if you’re like i’m sure a lot of
people in washington dc you cannot
wait for 2020 to end
it reminds me of a maitreya experience
that didn’t happen to me
actually it happened to benjamin creme’s
daughter one time years and years ago
she wrote it up and it got published in
the international magazine but
apparently she was going through a rough
patch in her life at this time
and she just happened to be walking
through hyde park which is a pretty
popular big park in in london and this
elderly gentleman
uh came up to her and started walking
beside her and he even asked her because
do you mind if i walk with you for a
while and she said sure no problem
and within that few minutes that he
spoke to her about her problem you know
he was speaking directly to her about
her problems
it he was giving her this uh
quite profound ageless wisdom teaching
and so where even somebody like me who’s
kind of eavesdropping
on the conversation through you know
reading it in chair international
i really took a lot out of it too right
so so i’ll
share it with you right so anyway so he
he told her he goes look he goes
everything in life is energy without
exception there isn’t anything in life
that is an energy
now that energy has its opposites so
just because you’re having a bad
time this year because he knew what was
going on in her life
who is to say that next year won’t be
the best part of your life the best time
of your life right
and he even said he said take dating he
goes you
you’re dating this person and you’re so
infatuated in love with them
and you think they’re just the best
thing in the world and then you wake up
one day and you realize they’re not so
great fine and wonderful he goes that’s
that energy that’s at opposites now
to take a little further right well just
because you’re having a great year this
you know don’t expect it to last forever
you’re going to go through rough times
right it’s
tough times right not seeing that you
have to you know be a gl
a glasses half empty kind of person you
can still view life
very optimistically but you have to be
realistic and detached you have to say
okay well i mean just because i’m having
a great time this year and
things are going well dope well i’m
gonna have to deal with things in my
life right but you can kind of enjoy
what you’re going through now right but
so he talked about some other things
with her but he
he said you know nobody knows what’s
right around the bend and he goes that’s
why suicide is such a bad option because
it’s not the mortal sin the ageless
wisdom teachings
teach that you know suicide’s not a good
idea right but it’s not
the mortal sin that the catholics have
been putting out there for years right
where if you kill yourself you go
straight to hell but it does
keep the soul from learning what it
needs to learn now and then
if it if a person when they commit
suicide they
their soul has to wait until they
incarnate again they have to go through
it again
and so it’s just it puts off what you
could do today and
there’s no struggle there’s no thing
that we’re dealing with in our life
that might be tough that we don’t have
all the resources all the mental
capability all the
wherewithal to handle and overcome there
isn’t it’s a law it’s a universal law
and so even globally as a people right
all the crises that are going on right
now and believe me we got a bunch right
don’t you know right we have everything
within our hands and our power to
overcome it and to fix it because we
created the problem right
but there isn’t you know so there isn’t
a problem that’s insurmountable
it might seem like it at the time but it
isn’t so
just wanted to kind of share that with
you now i do have some things i want to
cover in this video
a couple comments and so forth and if
you have a question about my tray and
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and either agree with me or not
some people after i anyway hopefully
that helps
all right first
question actually my my good friend tau
zen chi from uh the netherlands puts up
a lot of comments and i got to kind of
stitch them together to kind of make a
question out of it i guess
now the one thing that he asked um he
was or didn’t really ask he was kind of
making more of a comment i think but he
kind of asked it as a question
about the lion and the and the deer
right well the lion’s always going to
eat the deer now reason why
i think he’s asking this is because of
the fact that
i talk about peace and justice and unity
and all that kind of stuff well that’s
the animal kingdom tao
you know the predator is always going to
eat the prey in the animal kingdom
that’s the sacrifice that the prey
does for uh
the other animal right and so
it creates that balance in the animal
kingdom now we’re not animals
you know we owe our bodies to the animal
kingdom but we’re not animals we’re
souls and incarnation
now on that being said we’re not
identifying with that soul right tao i
mean i mean anybody can see that we’re
not living in a perfect world right but
deep within the core of our everyone’s
heart sits that soul
and if we could see that soul and
communicate with that person’s soul no
matter how violent a person they are
they could be sitting on death row for
multiple murders
right gruesome murders but even then
even that person
it might be very dim and very faint if
you could talk to their soul you would
talk to some
soul that is just as harmonious just as
loving just as compassionate just as
uh eager to share as the masters
because it’s within it’s within the
hearts of all of us that’s that’s what
maitreya is saying is
within the hearts of every one of us so
but we’re not animals now if we could
there are people living in this world
they’re walking around this world we’re
in business suits some of them even
and they’re they don’t look like tarzan
they look like
people running companies and all sorts
of stuff and are in some of them are
even famous right
where they’re if you could get into the
thought processes they don’t think much
higher than an animal would right i mean
they’re really more
and benjamin crimson’s master refer to
it as intelligent this one person as an
intelligent animal
right where this person their
moment-to-moment routine their
experience of life is not much more than
what an animal
would think right but they’re human
right there’s still souls in incarnation
but it’s just you know they haven’t
gotten to that point yet so
like i said just the various degrees of
manifestation of that identity right
we’re all equal sons of god right like
you even talk about the equality of
things right that’s true right
now to get to um it says i think you
said so explain
the maitreya well actually that’s not a
title that’s his name tal just a for
future reference but
so explain maitreya and the ascended
masters will transform
all souls they’re not going to transform
any souls
so when
and i’m not harping on you but when when
you ask this question like this or if
somebody thinks this when because i’m
talking about peace and justice
it seems far-fetched based on what we’ve
in our own personal experience right
which is understandable
but that’s not the end-all and be-all of
life right so
the reason why we have the divisions the
reason why we have the problems in the
world and so forth and everything is
because none of us are identifying truly
as ourselves as souls
now maitreya when he’s teaching humanity
more directly when these masters like
the master jesus and the master kudhumi
are speaking directly to people
teaching them not only will they be
teaching us the ageless wisdom teachings
this wisdom that as benjamin crump put
at one time he said the master you don’t
realize that the masters have the wisdom
of their ages at the fingertips
how light it is for them to teach you
this it’s not
heavy it’s not this heavy sermon that
they’re going to be teaching it’s a very
light kind of simple wisdom
with a lot of humor to it their humor in
and of itself is a law
but there’ll be a lot of times when you
hear maitreya talk speaking in public
that he’ll be speaking
and it’s quite funny i mean he’s told me
things before that
just i mean i busted a gut laughing
right but when i went back and looked at
it there was some truth to it
right so there’s a wisdom to it but they
will be speaking like that
so relaxed so at one with everybody
not confrontational at all the way that
they present this information
you know and but yet speaking
to open up within you and me and
that will listen to them and hear them
open up their hearts to where their soul
will start to manifest more and more
now it’s not just the individual
it’s globally right so they’ll be
teaching humanity
through their disciples the higher
disciples in the political
arena in the economic arena in the
social fields and the health care fields
and so forth
how to help us all together rebuild the
structures to help support
us being souls right so for instance
the economic crisis that’s going on
is based on
the energies of pisces
okay now the energies of pisces are
divine just like the energies of
aquarius are divine so i i don’t mean to
go off in a different direction but i’m
trying to answer this question
is those energies
were helping humanity to become
more of an individual okay so the
thought of
to be thyself to think for thyself to to
be the best and all that kind of stuff
weren’t ideas even in the minds of
people 2 000 years ago it took the
of pisces to bring that about now
humanity because we’re at a very low
point in the on the rung of the ladder
we took it
and twisted it and made it our to where
our for instance our belief is is more
important than somebody else
uh what i believe is truer than what you
believe even though we might be talking
about the same thing
you know my life is more important than
yours i don’t care what happens to you
if it’s not happening to me directly i
don’t care
to where i need to get more from myself
and all the stuff you talk about all the
greed all this violence all those things
are all coming from us
identifying totally almost totally
or you know to some degree with
our personality but that’s coming from
the energies of pisces and then we built
the structures to help reinforce that so
all the economic structures the
political structures
so you got right and left politics and
and the republicans are more important
than the democrats
and those damn liberals and this that
and the other that’s all coming from the
so all the people that are arguing back
and forth on tv those liberals this and
that liberal that and those right-wing
this and those conservatives that and
that’s all coming from the past and then
you got the rich people that just cannot
wait to get billions when everyone else
is suffering
you know the bezos of the jeff bezos of
the world who just cannot wait to get
more and more tens of billions of
knowing that there are 40 million people
out of work
and they do not give a right and
it’s all about them
that’s the world that we’re living in
because it’s all based on that
okay now those people who are trying to
support those structures
politically economically even in the
health care system where the health care
system you know you there was a guy that
was um went to the hospital for the
coronavirus and then gets out and gets a
bill for a million dollars right that
kind of thing right you know
and then our you know senators and
and house representative members have
free health care for them and their
families but yet we have to pay a
million dollars if we get the
chronovirus right
and then we’re being told not to work
while they’re still getting their money
you know jeff bezos and all those guys
and all those donors to those
to those parties they’re all got their
billions but yet
we only got 1200 and basically piss off
and then
a lot of us are still out of work right
i can’t pay my thing you know my bills i
can’t pay this and yeah i get a little
here for an extra you know for
unemployment but that’s about to end
next week or something like that right
so then what right and so you know
you’ve got all this stuff going on
right now maitreya
along with his group of masters is going
to inspire
us to build a new set of structures
based off of the fact that we are souls
in incarnation
but it’s not an id it’s not a utopian
kind of ideal
it’s not an ideal he’s going to help us
to build the structures to support that
it’s going to start with the principle
of sharing where we have a country that
has an excess of resources of whatever
and it’s just sitting there doing
nothing or even worse
you know just rotting or going to waste
well why not give it freely to another
country that might need it
that country might have a little excess
or some excess of something to give
back as payment or give it to somebody
else right
and it’s going to be a leased lend thing
now it’s not just going to be this
willy-nilly kind of like just
let let the bygones be bygones kind of
it’s actually there’s they already have
the infrastructure in place that just
needs to be
you know plugged in but it will be an
agency in the within the united nations
that one of these masters will help
uh oversee to make sure it runs smoothly
and efficiently that only a master can
where these it will be going on all the
now that process of sharing will start
to bring about
justice in the world it it might not
look like
how would that do that well when people
start to realize that their needs are
that okay it’s okay you know i got
health care if something happens to me i
get sick i’ll be okay and that kind of
and it will start to ease some of the
tensions among the nations to where the
possibility of us destroying ourselves
will start to kind of fall by the
and then there’ll be intra country
so a country like the united states that
spends you know they always
every time the topic of universal health
comes up or even the stimulus trick to
help people are unemployed out right
you know they never have enough money
for that oh there’s no way
right well yeah there is money there you
know we have plenty of money they just
printed three trillion dollars overnight
right so they got the money somewhere
now all they have to do is re-prioritize
what they how they spend their money
so you got the democrats that are
fighting for for the piece of the pie
you got the republicans fighting for the
piece of the pie and the people are left
with nothing
and so there’s there’s not a single
republican president or
republican controlled member of
uh the the judicial or the um yeah the
judicial branch
not the judicial branch excuse me the um
branch excuse me that takes less money
they dispend it differently than the
other one so for instance
you know i own a home i have a family
now imagine the tension that would cause
i just decided i wanted to spend half my
money on bullets and guns
that i’m never going to use right and my
daughter’s like hey can i get some food
sorry i can’t spend it
don’t have the money what were you just
bought a bunch of bullets
now we need those just in case my
neighbor comes and takes us over right
so it’s like
what’s never going to happen now well i
need that and then next month i do the
same thing and next month i do the same
thing yeah all you do is just
maybe rather than spending 100 of your
budget or 80 percent of your budget on
military maybe why not spend 20 percent
of your budget on military you still
have a military to defend yourself but
maybe not quite as big
and massive right so that’s how things
are going to change kind of
right and then once people start to see
that their health care is met that they
got close
and if something happens and they lose
their job well shoot you still got a
place to stay
it’s going to ease a lot of that tension
and it’s going to ease a lot of the
crime and a lot of the drug use and so
forth but
the the main
impetus to this change is going to be
the love that’s emanating from maitreya
as people are hearing his words
on the tv or if they see him in public
at you know talking to groups of people
and so forth
that’s the the x factor that i like to
put it that that right now that most of
us don’t even know
most people don’t even know that he’s
around right i mean the people are
listening to this video if you listen to
more than one of these videos
you might not believe it but you at
least know that there’s a possibility
that he’s out there right
so if i’m what i’m saying is true and
who and
he is who i’m saying he is he’s going to
be speaking directly to the hearts of
humanity to where that heart love nature
opens up
and then we will start to identify more
and more
with ourselves as souls and it will
start to change
not overnight but over process a time
will start to change the way that we
relate with one another which
violence drug use you know uh
domestic violence and all that kind of
stuff will start to kind of fall by the
wayside because people will start to
identify themselves more and more with
souls so
it might not answer your question tao
but it’s the best way i can answer it in
this video
now all righty um
flipping photos you you had a wonderful
comment you’re very kind for
for saying what you said i will say this
you you mentioned something about your
uh i still love that name i think
flipping photos is a cool name and there
was somebody else that put some a
comment up or a question the other day
it was
uh ferret kung fu i was like man i can’t
think of a name like that that’s really
cool but flipping photos and fair kung
fu are my two favorite names
so not to take anything away from what
you said zen you know because i do like
that name too but anyway
uh zen uh you had a couple comments um
uh one was about the youtube video awake
about paramount yogananda i have to
check it i might have seen it i i saw
one video about paramount yogananda
check it out and see if it’s the movie
awake that you’re talking about but
anyway uh i believe maitreya has the
ability to overshadow more than one
human at a time as well as doing his own
thing himself that is true so
people don’t know this about maitreya
but uh he did get employee of the month
at the mcdonald’s in london uh
several months in a row because he can
basically divide himself into 15
different people at the same time i’m
just kidding
that’d be kind of funny that was true um
yes maitreya can be
giving an interview on tv at this moment
in time
at the same time overshadowing this
person that person this person but that
person has to be at a certain level of
consciousness he can’t just do it to
anybody right
and it’s not my trait it’s the person
right and then at the same time he’s
communicating with this master on
another planet and this that and the
other they
they have their master multitaskers
every one of these masters don’t waste
any time
and so he could be doing all that
sending you know having a familiar talk
to this person giving them some of the
little you know the ageless wisdom
teachings giving them just a little bit
of the consciousness that’s
that that maitreya is who he is at the
same time diverting
us from some unforeseen
cosmic event that could have killed us
all had he not done something you know
in the master
all the same time and and joking and
laughing on tv
i mean and and believe me when i you
know i don’t know the consciousness of
my trail i’m not there yet but
i mean we would be blown away by the
by the spiritual giant if we really knew
who he was and this is any one of these
masters but
you you know i you know like i said
eventually we’ll all know what what it’s
like but
they’re detached they’re relaxed they’re
they’re loving
humor and so forth but they got you know
an infinite number of things going on at
the same time where you and i
i know for myself i’ll speak for myself
i sometimes can’t juggle
two two oranges together so sometimes
i’ll drop those on the floor if i try to
juggle it so
anyway but thank you guys for your
comments and some of you put some
comments up there and i really do
appreciate it so
anyway i do want to and this kind of
address is kind of what you were talking
about tao um
it comes from one of the master’s
articles it’s called a new serenity
so hopefully this will answer your
question a little bit better than me
because i know
benjamin graham’s master is a lot wiser
of a person than i am
but all right here we go a new serenity
and it was published
in march of 2004 and again i always put
this as a disclaimer
it is always best for you to read this
yourself okay for one i always muck up
the words and two it’s
it’s always better for you to read the
words see the words internalize it for
yourself than just have somebody read it
if you’re starting to think that these
articles that i read at the end of
nearly every one of my videos are
anywhere from
extremely wise and enlightening to just
mildly cool to listen to
you know i’m saying definitely
seek out his books on amazon or go to
the share international website
itself and try to buy some of these
books because
you will start to see and it kind of
goes back to what i was talking about in
my last video you’ll start to
really realize and once you start to
hear the ideas
coming from a master and then you start
to really internalize it and see it and
see how simple the truth is and see how
and detached it is and it’s not coming
from this kind of
uh mystical kind of
woo-woo kind of thought you know and and
you know of it that you when you hear
somebody else who let’s say is saying
they’re channeling one of these masters
you’ll be able to pick up on it right
away and go that’s not coming from the
masters that’s coming from your own head
it’s you know in your own emotions this
it’s like the difference between a
mozart piece and the wisdom and the
and the beauty of that compared to just
somebody just pounding the keys on the
you can’t really compare the two right
and so anyway i hope it helps
all right it will not be long before the
world realizes that something quite
extraordinary is taking place
already signs are appearing that many
people are becoming aware of
a new atmosphere a new turn of thought
difficult to place or describe
which gives them hope and alleviates the
of the recent past something intangible
but strongly present
is making itself felt on a wider scale
those who know of course of the presence
of maitreya and his group have
for long experienced this feeling of
comfort and quiet joy
this confident assurance that all will
be well no matter what the circumstances
of the day
in growing numbers now the sense of
and ultimate good amid the chaos and
challenges of the present is
slowly and surely people are awakening
to the presence
of they know not what but dimly sense
that it is for the good and safety of
thus does the great lord ease the pain
of the present conditions and prepare
the multitudes
to respond to his words
thus does he ensure their understanding
of the priorities of the complex
international situation which threatens
the well-being of all
many will be amazed by their unusual
calm and objectivity
in conditions of stress many more will
wonder at their ready
tolerance of long-standing opponents
and rivals thus the great lord works to
mitigate the suffering of so many
in time men will associate their
newfound ease
with the one who speaks so simply of
of sharing and peace they will recognize
that the simplicity belies a profound
understanding of the human condition and
the needs of all
so encouraged they will follow his
and raise their voices in response thus
will the voice
of the people grow in strength
and purpose and echoing around the world
will call loudly to the leaders for
justice and peace then will the men of
begin to realize that their day is over
that the people understand and demand
their god-given right to health
and happiness freedom and justice
trust and blessed peace thus will it be
and thus will the peoples of the earth
call for the great lord
to speak directly to all to cement
their growing unity and to indicate the
steps to transformation
of the world then will maitreya
reveal his true identity and nature
the day of declaration will be for
a new beginning and will inspire from
as never before the best that is in them
remember to take action and help sop
save our planet thanks for listening and
we look forward to talking to you again
in future videos