Berlin’s most fantastic Michelin Starred restaurant has got to be Nobelhart & Schmutzig (Nobelhart Und Schmutzig) where farm to table takes on a whole knew meaning at this wonderfully friendly truly German restaurant. Tucked away in a very unassuming building adjacent to the famous Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin you will find a secret shrine to all things Berlin that you can put in your mouth. Here you will discover unique dishes serving up tastes that only happen within the city limits of Berlin, meaning, all the food you eat is sourced from within the city. There is no olive oil, or foreign fishes, these are really the tastes of the city, and it is the only restaurant like it that we’ve ever been to. Most special perhaps is the atmosphere that is carefully curated by the team. With no camera’s or phones allowed inside guest go through a welcomed digital detox where they slip into the golden light and well crafted wine list allowing them to easily fold into conversations with their neighbors and make new friends. By then end of this experience, the entire room is a buzz with energy, having forgotten the city outside that has been carefully served on their plates. Chef Micha Schäfer and Host/Som Billy Wagner gave us a very intimate tour of how this exceptional dining experience operates, a rare treat indeed, and we can say without hyperbole that this was one of the greatest dining experiences we’ve ever had. We suggest you go enjoy their well deserved Michelin Star immediately. Full write up at… Please visit my new travel channel TravelClast where Ill be sharing a world of amazing travel experiences. JOIN THE CLAST! YouTube: Instagram: @TravelClast Twitter: @ClastTravel Facebook: Blog: #nobelhartundschmutzig #berlin #berlinrestaurants