In-depth report on Berlin from a travel and meetings perspective.
this is amazing
Thank You max
so I’ve made it to Berlin my final stop
in our tour of Germany for meeting the
world and what an iconic way to arise
under the Brandenburg Gate my first stop
is the DZ Bank building which was
designed by frank gehry
this Frank Geary masterpiece is a great
example of why the architect has become
so renowned the external facade is
classical and stark a step inside
however reveals that nestled within the
bank simplistic office space is a
spatial sculpture of biomorphic forms
that create a spectacular scene from any
angle so he likes all the fish forms and
from there it looks like a diving she’ll
go diving dolphin diving male your
diving will I second seaver a bit there
a subsidiary of DZ Bank X occur runs
this geometric phenomenon as a congress
center providing space for up to five
hundred people and plenty of alternative
breakout space to give necessary
flexibility for all types of event the
plenum which is the very heart of the
structure provides a different type of
space for up to 80 delegates ideal for
conference and boardroom style seating
plans wow isn’t that clouds amazing
all the major historical sites are just
a hop skip and jump away so easily
enjoyed by foot but I was thirsty for a
classy cup of tea and I had my eye on
the perfect establishment
also next door to the Brandenburg Gate
is the Adlon Kempinski Hotel and then a
place like this you can’t help feel chic
in the city
my next stop was another architectural e
striking venue the tempered ROM started
life in 1980 as a large circus tent
constructed by a local nurse who wanted
to invest her inheritance in something
fun the venue became incredibly popular
but had to be shut down after the
Chancellor’s new headquarters took up
residence next door firmly in the hearts
of local people and businesses alike
donations and grants flooded in to keep
the venue alive in a new location and
with the new funding in 2001 the new
solidly constructed sustainable tompa
drum opened its doors and thankfully it
hasn’t lost its structural roots wow you
really get a sense of the tent
inspiration for the architecture here
you can see they’re setting up for an
event at that moment which is top secret
so I can’t tell you about it but an
opportunity to to see this incredible
what a glorious venue off to my next
Berlin has always been a city of science
of course and a city of health so
there’s a great tradition and I have
learned actually I’ve come to Berlin
after german reunification I’ve learned
the value of tradition here in the city
I think Berlin is a fantastic place for
these meetings for communication of
science of noise odds of new data of
interacting of people and getting new
creative ideas about what you should
done or what you would be interested to
do after we go home from the meeting
what sort of relationship do you have
working with a convention bureau to pull
the event together well we are
academicians and we are not organizers
of meetings of course we have the ideas
of what should be done what should we
discussed the topics but the
organization itself we do need
professional help and the burden
Convention Bureau of course and the
organizers are extremely important to
make burden a hospitable city a city
where people feel comfortable show us
and show the visitors were to go what to
do what to do when the meeting is over
in the evening these social events of
course an important part of such a
scientific meeting it’s about scientific
discussion getting to know the people so
the convention be all certainly is
extremely helpful without them we were
not dare to organize such a big
international conference when you’re
trying to bring people together from all
corners of the world as important as a
good geographical location and
accessible which Berlin it what Berlin
indeed some people say it’s in the
centre of Europe and if you look at your
bed such and end with eastern and
western New York indeed it has a key
place and actually Berlin is a
multinational city and and people like
to live here so it’s not just the
visitors it’s the the atmosphere of the
city as such as very liberal as a very
open as a very international City so the
convention of course needs to be
attractive but the city also needs to be
attractive to come some people come for
the meeting but some people come with
friends and families and stay on and for
this burden is
is a nice face and it’s not difficult to
attract people for meeting to Berlin
they like to come
my next appointment wasn’t for a little
while so this was a great opportunity to
test out some berlin’s fine eateries but
I was on the search for something in
particular somewhere to get great views
and literally experience the world going
by I’m in the rotating restaurant in
Berlin’s TV tower which also has a bar
both of which has behind private event
I’ve come to the Grand Hyatt Hotel which
is one of the largest convention hotels
here in Berlin they have nine meeting
rooms including a ballroom that can take
up to eight hundred people in a
reception style I was here to meet hi
tamaak mood a visit Berlin having seen
the diversity that Berlin has on offer I
was interested to find out what sort of
industries and events the city was
attracting you can cover everything from
the very large world congresses Berlin
is very well known for medical
congresses and scientific congresses and
we really hosts especially the last
year’s very huge congresses with
thousands of participants but Berlin can
also offer very very high VIP level ward
meetings and incentive visits as well
you can choose from different five-star
hotel to four star hotels and of course
also the locations a number of
extraordinary locations for evening
function for welcome reception also we
like to offer to our clients as well
Berlin has a great reputation for
history and culture so once people leave
the congresses what what options are
there for them yes you’re right the
cultural scene especially the museum
Island is one of the treasures we have
in the city and it’s a worldwide
heritage from the unesco for instance
and you can use also the museums for
welcome reception so you can combine the
congress with the content of sales
specific areas maybe medical congresses
and in the evening you have the
combination from the history from the
culture scene of Berlin and this makes
Berlin so unique because you can really
use this facilities as venues and of
course being in Germany Berlin has a
nightlife to offer as well Berlin stands
for nightlife this is correct the city
is open 24 hours 7 days a week that
means we have over 1500 events every day
so it’s not easy to choose what you are
looking for and going forward what can
we expect from Berlin
future the next future a project also
will be sustainability this is a big
topic for us and we have a lot of
partners the hotel’s the venues and also
some service providers they work very
hard on this issue the services will be
much more tailor-made for the clients
and we will get a lot of new hotels and
new capacities new venues and the city
doesn’t stay still 3li a melting pot at
the moment sir and it’s developing
one of the main developments on the
cards here in Berlin is the replacement
of its ICC with a new modern complex it
will provide more space quality
facilities and a demonstration of the
city’s ability to evolve with the
changing world
I relatively good to see you aren’t you
welcome welcome to the sse well thanks
for taking some time out to tell me
about your your new building oh yeah
we’re all excited about it this building
after more than 30 years of operation
will close by the end of next year 2013
and beginning from 2014 onwards we
remove our whole business to a
completely new venue and it will be the
city cube bill in the CCB as we call it
is now under construction and we are
right in time yeah I’m from 2014 onwards
new era for metal Berlin and actually
the convention and Congress business
here in Berlin will be in place so I was
just about to ask you some of the facts
which is very good timing because
they’re all up there but I was about to
ask tell me about the new facility it’s
basically two levels it’s a two-story
building but of course in between there
are some office rooms there are two
basic laws and if you believe it or not
it is even bigger than the ICC which we
use today and it has the flexibility and
the capacity to host even larger
conferences and congresses and that is
exactly what building is looking for in
the future the cube is and will be part
of messy Berlin and the combination
between Congress venue and the already
existing exhibition halls and they are
adjacent so that we can use both at the
same time this gives us an opportunity
and an advantage in the market and
especially when focusing on these
international big medical congress’s
that we are focused in the past and in
the future as well Oh fantastic now the
one thing about events is that
everything that goes on inside the
Congress centers is very important but
people have to leave and enjoy
themselves as well so what was Berlin
got to offer once people have left their
event yeah
this is that is a completely different
world I would say within the building
either the ICC or the new when you it is
more academic more professional but when
you leave the door you go into a
different world and Berlin it is a
lively a vivid city and that is the
ideal combination the academic aspect
and the the city that surrounds it and
this combination makes it a perfect
after all that business i’m heading to
the cad area which is the ultimate
department store for sophisticated
oh one second no please come first
after all the action of burden there’s
really only one way for me to end my
visit here at the mandala hotel spa
by building