In this final episode of the MUNCHIES Guide to Berlin, Kavita meets legendary ‘Komet Bernhard’, an old raver who is still young at heart. At Industry Standard, one of the city’s rare gastro pubs, she learns what spirit drives Berlin, before pushing herself through warschauer straße—probably the most crowded party junction in Europe. Subscribe to Munchies here: Watch the full MUNCHIES Guide to Berlin: Check out for more! Follow Munchies here: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram: Pinterest: Foursquare: More videos from the VICE network:
very very long while existence event but
initially we come back that doesn’t hear
a dimensional Olivet casus belli data
organized early device reading by the
case Berlin is a city that never sleeps
it’s no secret that are almost any hour
on any day of the week you can go to a
club to party it’s 6 p.m. and a perfect
time to hit up club to Visionnaire a
laid-back Club and bar combination
situated on the banks of the screen any
of you people who are watching this
episode and have done a season of
partying in Berlin will have definitely
have met or at least seen the guests
that we’re going to go meet he’s like a
staple on the party scene in Berlin you
go to these open airs or private parties
big clubs and there’s a guy there who’s
often blowing bubbles there’s a little
bit older who’s basically dancing
crazily and I’m a little bit nervous
about meeting here I don’t think Evita
bit on his eye she’s back that little
thing with them come here on Planet
interview Manny
so good Michael drink that numa’s be
better Galaga no dusting Vasu Jennifer
it’s been gentrified
and sector eyes I’m trying I’m paying
good yeah best sex first on Oh happen on
easy fix of ice come out yeah if you
aunt who do you think so Isaac I’m come
from England
yeah and I’ve been living here for
nearly six years and when I first came I
did a lot of partying and I remember
seeing you very often
partying with your bubbles how old are
even time I dry my clients once ish
I’m a science answer’s no science Wow
what do the Berlin parties mean for you
if I a cultural Authority does this
mention to them he’s a fire on house
again go Steelers tasks and Fela groups
Alice militia down down down down down
cooking how often do you go party
smack near Yuba help Kanaka donkeys with
a more tact in some it for what I don’t
know son fighters Amazon top tips name
their Linnaeus and a village done on
Anna Dorchester these one on the auger F
them at early skip this video inside and
attacking Michigan out for fermentation
sports car or a embark I’m that cancel
him understand athletes with high story
that language nation
you take killer okay an Islamic what’s
your favorite Club in villain leather
boots car a God of his own nation
octagon is organist is mostly Muslim on
inflatable skirt register wise Tom
by electronica music most man village
I buy is with a whole only Indian techno
STV de Holland if I end on TV the whole
or not my oh no no no
Oh God Jesus trabajo me cuesta that US
is highly that is Kizuna hundred DJ’s
then Catholic media Allah decide on
spicy azide al exactly it’s now 10:00
p.m. and I’m going to stop by a new
restaurant in town called
industry-standard here you can grab some
amazing bar food to share with your
friends and also indulge in some fine
quality drinks before heading into the
this is a bull wine right I mean a
natural wide it’s a natural way
I think natural wines fit to good food
and there’s some good places that have
been popping up Berlin that’s why
natural wine is kind of becoming
something important because the food is
also coming up to that level but also we
have some other kind of weird lying
around like mexicana shot with an oyster
yeah what you like to happen
I’d like to have one of things that’s
always two ferrets chaser second
Wow it’s good it’s really good and it
doesn’t taste crunchy or I know so here
is a bone marrow that I ate earlier it’s
something acidic like the stitches and
the radishes and the and the escabeche
bunions to balance out the fattiness of
the bone and then the idea is like when
you finish scooping all the marrow out
then you open wide and you look the
waiter in the ass
tastes it tastes buttery and bourbon II
it’s a very obscure drinking utensil you
either go to a drinking place or you go
to a restaurant and I feel like you guys
have kind of trying to bridge a gap that
is much needed in the city right the
focus is on amazing drinks amazing food
and then people are relaxing you can be
a bit of a dick and Ellen cares you know
like but which we’re not you know we’re
also very nice and friendly and
especially when you’re drunker alcohol
is the social lubricant to Berlin I
think or it makes digs more interesting
you know or friendlier I don’t know
rush hour in Berlin is at 1:00 a.m. this
is the time that the party animals are
on the move
venturing across the city to begin their
weekend bahama broker’s a heaving train
junction which has become the hub of
this rush hour it’s the point where
every type of party person accidentally
meet on the street as a result the area
surrounding it has become something like
an unorganized open-air party location
it’s where party madness of all forms is
confronted with itself now we’re going
to meet the youth of today but a turning
berlin into quite frankly some kind of
thick party world and we’re going to
have a doner kebab to end this
fabulously sink let’s just pray that I
get through this okay this is just some
average Romans in the city you came all
the way from 26 Attica I’d see a up
wait wait wait what is 26
is that your gang no 26 of no what
whoa what is that oh this offensive
package is for the bank nor is it a
scary hood I don’t know now say it’s
okay please dig up bop gong blowjob I’m
really scared that the 26 or is gonna
come back for us
and I don’t know what that tattoo means
but I’m scared
how are you eating yeah and how are you
I’m fine tell the camera who you are and
why you definite I love Berlin because
every day buddy
oh my god Weiss what happened to your
eyes that’s really scary
those are the kind of people that you
need from the bread let’s get it now
okay if you come out here the three
rules that I’m gonna advise you on
number one make sure that you’re
slightly inebriated Oh drink
number two you know what let’s just say
with number one make sure you’re drunk
before you have we’re at the end of five
episodes of good culinary going out
drinking times in Berlin and there’s
only one way to end it and that’s where
the Donna kebab one of those global food
items that was born in this city and
it’s about that point in the evening
when you are on the VAT or Booker and
all you need to comfort the soul
is a dirty Donna let’s do it what
happened to your face
honey I’m smelling the whole apology as
if I am I know SP not see it’s been go
not see as we listen to black music
reggae oh my god I’m not a Nazi people
freaking bad for you
this place has moved with the time to
cope with the mass of people that we’ve
seen on the bridge they’ve invested into
a Donna robot boy Ahmad
I’ll be honest with you there’s nothing
gastronomically spectacular about this
thing it fulfills its purpose the
purpose is you drink you drink too much
you’re on this bridge the world is
obscene you eat one of these guys and
it’s a bit of a hug for the moment
hopefully I won’t eat this too often
there’s an amazing city filled with
culture with history of course but also
with great down-to-earth people it’s
also recipients able to appreciate what
life is about that it’s about a basic
kind of enjoyment I feel like I’ve met
loads of different characters in these
episodes not only people who are part of
my kind of life that I have over here
but also a group of people who have
created Berlin and who are part of the
old school here who also have that kind
of same core attitude to what life
should be like but it’s time I guess to
finally go to sleep for a while and not
wake up with thoughts of dirty donnas