Our host Kavita takes a look at the food from the New Berlin. After the Berlin Wall came down, Berlin experienced great change as artists from all over the world visited, restaurants and bars opened, and the food culture modernized. Kavita meets Wally, an expat living in Berlin since the 90s, who has experienced the change firsthand and has the stories to tell about it. She then visits Koreans living in Berlin who have mixed their culture with German traditions, then finally heads to Nobelhart & Schmutzig, where German food gets reinvented. Check out other episodes of MUNCHIES Guide to Berlin: http://bit.ly/296XSm0 Subscribe to Munchies here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-MUNCHIES Check out http://munchies.tv for more! Follow Munchies here: Facebook: http://facebook.com/munchies Twitter: http://twitter.com/munchies Tumblr: http://munchies.tumblr.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/munchiesvice Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/munchies Foursquare: https://foursquare.com/munchies More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo
as much as you can change the world
somehow a little bit Berlin has a lot of
I don’t know else to be here in Germany
it’s the only city I can live when I
first came to Berlin I could already
sense the potential of the international
food scene this certainly had to do with
the first wave of immigrants after the
wall came down
consisting of artists rebels and other
visionaries Berlin has changed a lot
since the 90s and with the influx of new
cultures and cuisines the flavors of
Berlin have evolved I’m interested to
see how these changes have inspired
Berlin chefs to reinvent their food
culture I’m at white trash my trash is a
bit of an institution in Berlin I was
set up a by a guy called Wally was super
famous for its burgers super famous for
its crazy parties and for its tattoo
parlor and an and pan back couple of
years ago they got chucked out of mitad
because of rising web prices and had
moved here to collect bags at this
amazing garden this amazing smoke house
an amazing concert hall and we’re gonna
speak to Wally about how he thinks
Berlin has changed over the past 20
years and what the impact of Xbox has
been on the city
can I come in yeah hey Molly say hi to
the camera
Hey hi Wow hi mr. see you then you can
say hi to me as well
okay hello we’ve come to talk to you
about your amazing space your fantastic
life and to get your opinion on the
future of the city deep questions I
promise to tell only the truth are we
allowed to sit down and can I have a
drink yeah sorry I didn’t already come
join me
what should I drink I like the
blackberry margarita because you don’t
ever find a blackberry margarita anyone
big door oh are you working today I am
could you put in a good word at the barn
get us a margarita blackberry margarita
luxury Marguerite frozen margarita okay
the staff are very cool they’re too cool
Bob he too cool I don’t know tell me how
you arrived in Berlin I was first here
in 90 91 it was taught it was really an
accident I went to art school in Los
Angeles and then I started I wanted to
go do a year exchange in Paris and meet
hot French chicks but then they called
right before the program was supposed to
start they said no we don’t do it
anymore because we don’t wanna pay and
then they offered me Berlin that’s my
library yeah yeah
thank you very much see it it’s really
ah flax hey this is cool they just
started making corn dogs
we used a spicy beef hot dog you guys
want to try one
whoa there’s your corn dog
what was the area at the time that
everybody was like the art scene was
flourishing in I don’t know at that time
going to art school and art scene is two
different things everything was
happening at the same time I was more on
it was Mike a big happening everybody
just rushed to the space and was flowing
into this no-man’s land where there was
no kind of structure and no rules and
nobody quite knew even the people that
were in East Berlin didn’t know what was
gonna happen tomorrow people didn’t know
some people didn’t know if they have to
go to work tomorrow if you’re here for
me about what was the first experience
it was totally from somebody outside who
didn’t speak any German and didn’t know
what to expect here
Berlin has a weird place you can
actually do anything you want to do here
since the early 80s Kreuzberg has been
one of the most diverse and interesting
neighborhoods in berlin today there are
about 180 different nationalities in the
neighborhood and nearly one third of
them have Turkish roots the laid-back
attitude the colorful atmosphere in the
great bar and restaurant scene draws and
creatives from across the globe so we’re
in the middle of quoits Bergen Roy Cohn
on a very busy street called capo Saddam
and we’re going to go and visit a expat
artist who moved to from Korea in her
studio at the back of this building as
you can see the buildings in Berlin
might look ugly from the outside but
have beautiful little paradises in the
background hey maybe you can show us a
little bit of your work that has food
integrated into it this year it was an
installation I made I had potato
couplings are on the nutritions I gave
them most of my own blood but not a
locket and they croak right healthy hey
your blood is really nutritious I looked
like a vampire after we getting that
beer I’d love to taste one yes you can
do template Boston Catawba
it’s my little window come Wow
did you memorize that yourself yes that
is crazy what’s that it’s a little pic
look at this so this isn’t really food
art I had this idea a really really long
time ago I’m making a strawberry cannon
I thought well maybe it’s funnier to use
a bicycle in Vietnam and the war the
soldiers they were driving this bamboo
icicles and had cannons yeah so how does
it work um
this is actually it’s a it’s a pump for
cleaning your sink basically you have to
sit on it you have to pedal and then you
can aim with this and start shooting
with a break
what’s the artistic meaning behind it
it’s a little bit political also and
also if you think about fermentation
it’s it’s this kind of idea of
processing and transformation from
strawberries into mesh strawberries and
then you can take it and make a gem out
of it so it’s not about wasting food ok
so you’re not using it as like a secret
weapon on the street I can do this
we’re finally here at the clunker
carnage we’re gonna get this bike set up
and then we’re gonna start shooting it
yes take the bike
this is low that it’s no fun alright
alright shall we go we’re ready one two
Medina’s pasta cutter your keys so
what’s in our ammunition drink it’s a
lot of chain a little bit of soda yeah
then we have the strawberries and
hand-picked mint leaves which I picked
by myself and a little bit of soil yes a
little bit high seaweed food taste lock
Jen yeah
we’re hearing Friedrich sign a part of
town that I don’t really hang out in but
although have loads of tourists here got
loads of fills there is a little oasis
on the armorer VG lender which is
basically an old piece of land that used
to be to repair trains and the best of
it is this little inves which is run by
three Berlin kids you all got Korean
roots and
tell me what this fun place is all about
yeah this is Korea this is Logan for our
Sun BBQ kitchen we build up with the
idea to give the audience a place like
you feel same like the feeling in Korea
what is that QG tempura oh it tastes
quitsies you cheap with the game
please meet the viewers all right what
kind of food generally are you selling
here now we want to have the fusion one
we want to have the burger and every
time a new side dish and now is this our
kimchi tempura all the way how it gives
your price
yeah sure and I grew up fun okay first
I’ve said like this yeah well yeah
people are in love with the sepia bun
right so yeah yeah and I put some
lecture and my glue master doing son the
honey bee but we normally then people
use cheddar but our is a sweetness of
the go though it’s very important in our
burger okay and then we put the kimchi
tempura Oh
put some ripe kimchi on it then our
homemade aioli and also the wasabi mayo
a bit and we put also fresh kimchi it’s
all a little bit freshness on the top
and some season
the thing I want to know what more
kimchi on my oh you’re pushing a little
bit more good for that yes
so thank you hey what about hot sauce
hot sauce
yeah I have also take a bagel
Wow the wasabi mayor’s hard it’s good
melanca we can start a game actually
with that there’s a soldier bottle
around 20% not that much but if you
drink it you might feel nothing but
later after like 30 minutes
it’s like hammer smash on your head oh
great estimated that sounds like a
pleasant drinking drag you twisted
so that’s what Koreans do they open up
the first game is to snap good thing
away if you can make it the other people
have to bring if you let it falling down
then you have to
nice right
yeah yeah I kinda feel a bit left out of
this drinking game so I’m gonna have a
shot anyway
mm-hmm cheers guys thank you for the
delicious food welcome welcome
as the attribution in my English maxes
it come on
inventor S&M zama my life to kikyo and –
me and weeks was that once evening sets
in the urban spray area and song kitchen
turned into a beating cultural hotspot
with exhibitions workshops and an art
store all dedicated to urban art my next
up is noble hat and schmutz aghh which
has become I would say one of my
favorite restaurants at Berlin it’s run
by Billy Wagner and Misha Schaffer since
I moved here
there weren’t many young chefs doing
courageous things with German food and
kind of taking it to the next level
Billy and Misha have basically broken
that boundary
is so good
what’s nice having you think it’s dear
good specialist slinky
yeah picture al important spicy for time
from Pedro de la Rosa extra dry that
give me an ordinary shiatsu and then in
the English astronomer named a fever
tree the news mother’s I’m I’ll be on
the of the I go and uh published online
combination thank you thank you
am i drinking on my own or you’re gonna
have fun pause I update Nana yeah
oh then 1024 by delicious I am my
introduc I mean it was opened off the
aisle computed solution just an
scandalized at all the shooter is the
Sweden hanging off hiding from in Dayton
loser when Anderson Russian Cassidy
simulator fish market as an oddity
successor the 1200 and I’m not super
aliens you know hobby
wow that is delicious it’s really great
to appreciate German food not just being
schnitzel or the cutting board and just
think about what the possibilities could
be that is so good
oh why is the time now right for your
restaurant Florida’s Georgia cushy
avarage mid-pack seen on spaetzle not
Russian – take your knife Fisher’s
disabled stake our infrastructure our
often born in the war good sanitation
and for their sake discussed over here
so Vista see a gift that’s provided only
cushy rooms it’s the Stila Essen and
fast test on the tube that super comes
on the Svea as a DJ of cotton how I’m
the took that super common how happy are
you with the product but you’ve got in
the region Mohamed’s course I didn’t
either fun yeah it’s one of our vintage
gangster bahamut’s Ptolemy Amanda how
schools are to caputre resistance here
on board news and some distant another
lucetta’s anna not convincing or carotid
or two ago cotton ends after I’m done
chameleon blue triangle eight doughnuts
in lassen Hammond blew up pass here and
to make thank our Hortons off not come
in region
that is crazy
you need to try this
how many of the ingredients that you use
in the kitchen and the restaurant are
from outside of the region the helpful
doctor added a scheme uses flash to fish
has come Dallas nutrition monitoring
stations while a kilometer outside from
Bellingham emerge the school of vines of
MSM and shrug
Berlin has always been a multicultural
place and because it’s so open and free
chefs aren’t forced to have an identity
that’s strictly one-dimensional it’s
that freedom that allows them to adapt
to the New Berlin really easily their
approach comes from the heart and it’s
constantly pushing the boundaries of
what’s traditionally understood as
German cuisine but of course Berlin is
not only about food and as some of you
may have heard Berliners love to drink
this city has a huge and diverse bar
scene so the next episode is dedicated
to drinks and drinking culture