Here are tips to get to and from Narita Airport. I’ve lived in Japan for almost 15 years now and this advice is based on all my experiences. Hope this video helps. Check out more info at //Timelines// 0:12-Intro 0:13-1:07 Overview of transportation options to Narita Airport The options are… -Express Train – Narita Express and Keisei Skyliner -Local Bus -Bus – LCC and limousine -Taxi Basically LCC buses are the cheapest way to go, and express trains and limousine are about the same price. 1:08-1:28 Overview of express train -Narita Express is great for people staying in south west area including Shinjuku, Shibuya and Tokyo. -Keisei Skyliner is great for people staying in north east area including Ueno and Nippori. 1:29-2:52 How to ride the express train -From the Airport: When you arrive at Narita Airport, go to B1. You will find RED Narita Express ticket booth and machines on the right and BLUE Skyliner ticket booth and machines on the left. -To the Airport: N’EX – Go to your nearest JR station to buy ticket. You can buy tickets even though express train does not stop at your nearest station. Skyliner – Go to Nippori or Ueno to buy tickets. 2:52-4:05 Tips on express train Tip 1 – Arrive to the station 15-20 minutes early (on return) There is always a long line at the ticket booth and the platform to get on the train might be quite far from the gate so make sure to arrive early. Tip 2 – Use ticket machine when in hurry Usually you don’t need to wait in line for ticket machines to buy a ticket and takes only about 5 minutes. Consider this as an option when you are in hurry. Tip 3 – Sit at the front of the car Luggage compartment is located at the front and the end of the each car of express train. People get stuck when getting the luggage upon arrivals. It is stressful to worry about if you can get out or not so it’s good to sit at the front. (the end is ok too.) Note: About tickets when you buy tickets by credit card, you will receive 3 tickets – an express train ticket, receipt, and credit card receipt. You need to show only the train ticket to the train attendant. CORRECTION: X 4 ticket → ◉ 3 tickets (I was with my gf so we had 4 tickets.) 4:05 – 5:22 Bus – LCC (Tokyo Shuttle and Access Narita) can take you to/from Tokyo and Ginza Station. – Limousine Bus runs to/from major hotels. 5:23 – 6:05 How to take the bus -Limousine Bus and Tokyo Shuttle – At Narita Airport on the first floor, you can find ticket machines and man booth. -Access Narita – All you need to do is go to the train stop and pay on the bus. No reservation needed. Useful Links: Tokyo Shuttle: The Access Narita: Limousine Bus: — Channel Support — Want to help SUPPORT my channel, buy me a BEER or Maiko and I DINNER? Thank you in advance! – PayPal: – Venmo: PaolofromTokyo ( – Patreon: – Bitcoin: 1AUZW1Emio4qtRiBir3EUDey1zi3ssoRsw OR Check the SHIRTS I wear in my videos – —– Business —– Want me to feature your business in my video? Want to send me stuff? For ADDRESS – —– For more info about me —– I’m from TOKYO JAPAN, I’ve been living here for a long time. I’ll be your Tokyo Travel Guide, taking you to the spots I love as well as showing you what to do all around Japan and maybe sometimes overseas. I’m also into Tech so you’ll see a few videos about my drone and other cool toys I discover. In short, the channel is all about what I Love, Japan, Food, Travel, Tech and most likely coming FROM-TOKYO, my home. -Website – Instagram: – Facebook: – Twitter: —– My Film Gear —– – Main Camera (USA Link) (International) – Main Wide Lens (USA Link) (International) – Main Portrait/Night Lens (USA Link) (International) – Powered Mic (USA Link) (International) – Mic (USA Link) (International) – Wireless Mic (USA Link) (International) – Portable TriPod (USA Link) (International) – Gimbal (USA Link) (International) – Drone (Original) (USA Link) (International) – For a complete list of my gear: Music:
so in this video I’m going to show you
guys how to get to and from the narita
airport with my local tips and advice
you can’t go wrong
so basically there for ways to get to
and from Narita Airport there’s the
express train which has two lines
Narita Express and the Skyliner
there is a regular train there’s the bus which
actually has LCC and limousine bus and
the fourth option is taxi
out of the four options we across off regular train
because it takes two hours to get their
taxies really don’t make sense if you
have less than five people because cost
twenty thousand yen which is roughly 275
dollars so that leaves us with two
options express train and the bus LCC
also known as low-cost carriers cost 1,000
yen roughly nine dollars the limousine
bus costs three thousand yen which is
roughly twenty-seven dollars
this is equivalent to the Skyliner and
narita express so LCC is the cheapest
solution for what I’m low on cash i
prefer taking this so let’s talk about
the express train so when you arrive at
Narita Airport you have the two options of
taking the narita express or skyliner
if your hotel is in the southwest of
yamanote line narita express is your
best choice if you’re staying near
ueno or nippori and you should take the
skyliner if you have JR pass and
you can use that with Narita Express
because that’s included Oh
so when you arrive you pretty much have
two options when buying a plane ticket
you can either go through the automated
ticketing system boots or you can get to
the fans usually the automated ticketing
system is a lot chapter because people
don’t really like these machines
personally I like to go to the booth I
don’t mind waiting a little extra longer
to talk to someone just to make sure
that i’m going to arrive at the
destination i really want to go to when
you arrive at Narita Airport you’re
gonna need to take the elevator down to
be one soon as you go out of the
you’re going to have Narita Express on
your right which is red and then
skyliner blue on your left just after
the man booth you’ll see the automated
ticket as you can see there’s a lot of
people lining up for the man booth alright
so now we have to get back to
Narita Airport if you’re riding the Narita
Express just go to the closest they are
stationed find a man booth or automated
ticketing system if you’re comfortable
with the ticketing system go through
that if it’s not so comfortable and you
don’t know where you’re going then go to
the man booth and find you the right
direction something to know the
keisei line you can only buy tickets at Ueno
or Nippori¥ so be sure to go there when
buying tickets
oh I would they arrive there between
20 minutes before because there might be
a long- depending on where you arrive at
the station could be like the 10 to
15-minute walk to get to where you’re
trying to go to the platform just keep
that in mind
there are stairs sometimes you have to go around
the station and elevated different and
maybe going to the ticketing booth is probably
machine at the station
you don’t have to go online only takes
about five minutes all the menus are in
English so quickly
just pop your credit card or you can
use cash so here’s another tip for you
to do in front of the cart and trying to
the train there’s not a lot of room for
the baggage and gets really really
concept this is why you want to be
possible sit at the front or close by
quick little note when you are buying your ticket you’re going to get like four
basically you’re gonna get your tickets
here which you need to pass to the
train attendant and then 2 you’ll get the reciept and 4 if you use your
credit card credit card receipts you
don’t show that he ones
so you decided to go the cheap route
should take the LCC bus there are a lot of choices but the
two major ones are keisei bus also
known as Tokyo shuttles and second one is
access Narita take either of these and you
can’t go wrong so you may ask where do i
get on the bus
let me tell you for the keisei bus
you get them on at tokyo fish for
access Narita you can get on at Ginza Station
or tokyo station for specific direction
check the description below and we’ll
leave some links and feel free to check
out our website
on our website you’ll be able to see all
sorts of information like discounted
tickets and raised and everything else
you need while traveling around tokyo in
japan so LCC it’s only
located in a few stations on the other
hand limousine bus is offered all
throughout tokyo at many of the major
hotels so if you’re staying at one of
the major hotels then you might want to
take the limousine but is it a lot
easier to get back or to get to the
hotel from Narita Airport if you
check out the website will have a list
of all of the location where they offer
all the link below so that you can check
out the website at narita airport on the
first floor you’ll see automated
ticketing for the airport limousine bus
as well as the case a if you look around
you’ll be able to find bad so
Access Nairta there’s no reservation required all
you need to do is pay when you get on
the bus for more detailed breakdown on
how to get to and from Narita Airport
feel better check our website
it has information on
discounted tickets as well as things to
do and see it while you’re in Tokyo or
Japan for that matter and that’s pretty
much all you need to know if you like
the video
that might be fun if you want more
details on stuff we didn’t cover in the
video feel free to leave a comment below
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