Here’s the “Flohmarkt” I visited in the Video, in the order I presented them. Let me know what you think of the markets! Flohmarkt am Fehrbelliner Platz Location: Hours: Saturday+Sunday 10-4 Flohmarkt am Rathaus Schöneberg Location: Hours: Sat+Sun 8-4 Flohmarkt am Straße des 17. Juni (AKA Berliner Trödelmarkt) Location: Hours: Sat+Sun 10-5 Antik- und Buchmarkt am Bode-Museum Location: Hours: Flohmarkt Arkonaplatz Location: Hours: Sun. 10-4 Mauerpark Location: Hours: Sun. 10-6 Bonus Market: Turkish Market Location: Hours: Tuesday+Friday 11-6:30 Other Markets: Flea Market at Marheinekeplatz Hours: Sat. 10-4 Sun. 11-5 Flea Market at Boxhagener Platz Hours: Sun. 10-6 Antique Market at Ostbahnhof Hours: Sun. 9-5 Nowkölln Flea Market Hours: Sun. 10-5 SO36 Night Flea Market Hours: Monthly, check the venues’ schedule. I hope you enjoy Berlin!
One of my favorite things about Berlin was the city’s flea markets
Each one was unique and gave me a closer
Look at Berlin’s culture while also allowing me to pick up some unique souvenirs
I made a video breaking down six of the city’s iconic flea markets known there as “flohmarkts”
Each one is accessible by public transportation and I’ve linked the locations below with that. Let me take you to Berlin
So this is the first market we visited today we felt it was a little weak on art and antiques
But they had some excellent groves of vintage women’s clothing and some women’s jewelry as well as the usual ephemera
postcards, pins,
Albums stuff like that, but overall an alright market.
So I’m here on the steps overlooking our
Second flea market of the day and what really struck me about this one is sort of the huge jumbled nature of it
I mean, it’s an absolutely massive market and a massive crowd
and there’s definitely some good treasure to be found, but it’s so
Jumbled on top of itself that it can be kind of hard to find stuff
It definitely would be worth a visit though because we’re standing on the steps of where John F Kennedy gave one of his most famous
speeches of all time the “ich bin ein berliner” speech
So definitely worth a visit for that and just to sort of see the madness
So this was our third stop of the day and my favorite so far
I think they definitely had the best selection and also the easiest layout to follow
This one has a private vendors as well as just regular people
So I think the layout and the quality of what you get is a lot higher. They also have a lot of food stalls
Which is kind of nice because I was getting hungry!
But some of the type of stuff you will find here is jewelry rugs a lot more sort of, you know
What I would consider true antiques as well as some fine art mixed in
And then a nice keeping of just a regular junk as well. Good stop
This is our fourth stop of the day and
The flea market is OK. It’s got a lot of
interesting books some clothing and a lot more
DDR era Germany
trinkets and a lot of the other places we’ve been, but the real draw for this one is the
Museum Island right over my right shoulder
After you’re done at the flea market, this is a great opportunity to go check out some world-class museums!
So, this is our first market of the second day and it’s one of my favorites so far
I think the collection here is some of the strongest was a really strong selection of vintage furniture, some mid-century modern furniture
vintage clothing, great women’s clothing selection, a really nice selection of interesting sort of objects like ceramics some really great neon signs and
also the usual sort of
Trinkets and interesting relics of German history. So this one definitely gets a plus
On top of that, we’re in a beautiful park surrounded by some great restaurants and playgrounds and there’s a lot of families here
So we’re here at our final flea market were visiting in Berlin and this is Mauerpark!
One of the most famous flea markets in the city and it’s definitely a lot of fun
It’s less like a traditional flea market there is some stuff in the back that I would call a flea market
A nice selection of vintage clothing some vintage furniture, but it’s really more like a cool
State or County Fair.
So there’s a lot of great live music
going on as well as tons more food than any other place we visited so I definitely think it’s worth checking out at least for
the live music.
All of the markets we visited are open on either Saturday or Sunday and I’ll link their hours next to the location in the description.
But don’t lose hope if you’re in Berlin on a weekday, because on Tuesdays and Fridays
There’s an absolutely fantastic Turkish market selling an array of spices, clothes breads and fresh fruit
It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area and it gives you a great sense of the market scene if you can’t visit
The flea markets. If you’ve only got the chance to visit one market in Berlin
I’d make it a doubleheader of Arkonaplatz and Mauerpark.
Head to Arkonaplatz early to pick up some real treasures among the locals then make your way to Mauerpark to enjoy food
great live music and local crafts
There’s even more flea markets than the ones I listed in this video, and I’ve linked them in the description
If you’ve been to any of them, please comment and let me know what you think
Thank you for watching. And if you’re new here, please consider subscribing. I’ll see you next time