Celebrating NYE in Berlin is a popular choice. Many say that there is no better time to party in Berlin than over New Years Eve (Silvester). Since Berlin’s nightlife scene is home to some of the best clubs in the world and also hosts one of Europe‘s biggest street parties at the Brandenburg Gate, there is a party for everyone. But not many people actually know what is actually waiting for them. Fireworks are everywhere! It just wouldn’t be New Year’s Eve without a sky filled with colorful, electric fireworks. For the end of the year Germany lifts its ban on the illicit pyrotechnics, letting its locals and visitors celebrate with a wild night of letting off rockets, fireworks and sparklers, often not only towards the sky. The streets ignite in a chaotic explosion of sound and color. The clubs will stay open for days Berlin’s infamous techno clubs are known for their long opening hours, and on New Year’s Eve, these clubs turn it up even more with nonstop, multiple days long parties. Techno-loving club kids, mega-event enthusiasts and stunning light displays fans,not matter what, Berlin has a party and event for you. Hyte https://www.hyte.net Spreepalais https://spreepalais-alexanderplatz.de/silvester/ Kulturbrauerei https://silvester-kulturbrauerei.de Alte Münze https://www.silvester-party-berlin.de/silvester-alexanderplatz-berlin #Berlin #NYE #RadicalLiving
This is not what Berlin looks like at new year’s eve.
In fact, it couldn’t be more different.
Since you are here. I guess you’re coming to Berlin for New Year’s Eve.
I hope you know what you signed up for.
If not, you’re gonna find out now.
There are three things you need to be prepared for
massive crowds
Freezing temperatures
and war
Yes, you heard me right some parts of Berlin are turning into a proper warzone this time of year.
If you don’t want to be nuked down by some crazy yobs,
you should really avoid those areas here because they will shoot at anything that moves.
But let’s get to the important part of the video
How and where should you celebrate?!
There really are only four options here in which I will go into more details in a bit.
Joining one of the mega events
Going to a normal club
Celebrating outside at Alex or Brandenburger Gate
celebrating at home with some board games and wine
until you pass out.
Most Berliners will choose the last one or even try to leave the city,
Because Berlin is getting completely taken over by a party hungry people from all over Europe.
I guess option 4 is not really for you. But which of the three remaining should you choose?
Let’s start with the mega events
There are maybe a dozen of them happening every year and they are all quite different from each other
There’s the mainstream events like in Alte Münze and the Kulturbrauerei,
they open up eight or more floors
playing everything from pop to rock to hip-hop and also electro
They just try to mix up everything.
Then there’s the party Spreepalais for the rich kids
who like to celebrate with champagne and lobsters.
And lastly, there’s Hyte
Giving you some of the best techno and house music DJs
They always have a sick line-up, which is also coming with a pretty hefty price tag
All of those mega events are super commercial. They try to squeeze in as many people as possible
for as much money as possible
But they still have pretty awesome venues and music artists to offer
So it’s really up to you to decide if it’s worth it
Okay, let’s have a look at the regular clubs.
Since almost everyone wants to party that night
Berlin’s Most Wanted will be packed as hell.
Last year the Berghain queue was seven hours long
Seven hours!
Can you imagine waiting outside in the cold for seven hours
and then most likely not even getting inside
New Year’s Eve this year is in the middle of the week
and most good clubs will have at least a 40 hour party going on.
And since it’s already Thursday then
I think many of them will just stay open until Sunday
at least Sisyphos will for sure.
That means you can still join the New Year’s Eve party at the 4th of January.
So unless you enjoy standing in line for hours
the best thing to do is either choose a less famous club for new year’s eve
or just go at any of the other days after
That’s actually something that many Berliners are doing as well.
If you wonder which clubs to choose
Just have a look at some of my other videos.
Okay, let’s get to the third option of celebrating outside with the crowds.
There’s a massive stage build right in front of the Brandenburger Gate.
Tens of thousands of people are going there
That means it should be great, right?
But unfortunately
They’re always choosing a lineup that also needs to satisfy all the grannies watching from home.
DJ Bobo
Another spot would be Alexanderplatz, which is always packed as well, though in Germany
It’s very common that everyone brings their own fireworks and shoots them themselves as well.
So It can get out of hand pretty quickly
Especially with those illegally imported dynamite sticks from Poland.
So if you go there don’t forget to bring some protection.
Now, you know what’s going on in Berlin for New Year’s Eve and it’s time to
smash that like button
and also to decide
Which option suits you best.
Let me know how it was afterwards
See you next year. I’ve got a lot planned out.