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hi everyone welcome to Berlin Tempelhof
on an airfield that’s where we have our
next ways and I’ll show you a video on
the circuit you can see at the start and
finish straight it’s quite wide
hopefully I’m going to start somewhere
over there from pole position we didn’t
manage that so far the best we had was
exactly there on p3 but I would be quite
happy with that as well this is going to
be quite important here for your
breaking point and especially in race
conditions this might be a good
overtaking opportunities it’s quite wide
and what I like about the circuit here
as well as in other corners on the entry
it’s even wider so hopefully we will see
quite a lot of overtaking you will
naturally exit the first corner on the
outside but the question here will be
how to prepare turn to because you can
either take the white line and go
completely to the left that gives you a
better line to turn to but you could
also say it is quicker to do last metres
and stay on the inside something unique
here in Berlin I think is affected from
the grandstands that you can see over
there you can see big parts of the
circuit so now in turn four
the corner continues and continues for
quite a distance and again you are able
to do different lines
so the natural line in this corner would
be to go over the white line here on the
exit but normally the white line defines
circuit limits obviously so it will be
interesting to see how they will work
set and just over there exactly in line
there’s a camera so this is how they
will try to watch if somebody goes over
and the thing is you’re allowed to go
over it only one part of the car still
has to be in contact with with the
circuit so everybody will be putting at
least two ties of the white lining this
is the most difficult part on the
circuit you will accidentally on the
outside but you want to make sure that
you are quite early already total to the
left again because you have to prepare
for the next long white hander medium
speed and you have to be on the apex not
here but later on to achieve the best
lap time be on spot early for the next
yes this is going to be a good spot for
overtaking off course if you have a good
exit here
it’s a happen to entry again widens up
so you can attack on the inside trying
to block you know
depends on who’s behind me here’s where
the character of the circuit changes
completely until here you have to be
quite fluent carrying a lot of speed
here it’s hard on the brake quick on the
steering wheel you can see it’s all
first corner very slow and we quick with
your reactions something unique here in
Berlin is the fact that here if it wanes
we are covered you can see it’s very
tight all first gear this is the last
couple of corners as well as the entry
to the pit lane that’s the last corner
here as usual important before long sway
to have a good exit to prepare a good
lap and also to prepare a good
overtaking for turn one