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Hello, I am Yola, Indonesian student in Poland
2 year ago during autumn, it was my first day in Poland
And I was feeling so lucky, because…
…since the first day until the next few days
Indonesian Student Organization in Poland always guided me
In this video, I’m giving you my tips on what to do on your first days in Poland.
Keep watching the video!
The first thing to do when you arrived in Warszawa Centralna is…
buy a sim card
So I bought PLAY at that time
and until now, I’m quite satisfied with the sim card because
…just by buying 8gb of data you can obtain 1.5gb data to use outside Poland (EU region)
for example in Germany or even in France
So if you are traveling outside Poland, you don’t need to buy another SIM card
After bought the SIM card, I exchanged my money
I exchanged from Euro to Złoty
I did not exchange the money that much, because…
Warszawa Centralna is a tourism center
and the rates are quite expensive there
So at that time, I only exchanged 100 złoty
..and the rest, I exchanged it in Łódź
In Łódź, I didn’t exchanged the money in tourism center like on Piotrkowska street.
because the rates are “bad”
By “bad” I meant, they will bought your Euro with a cheap rate
I put the link below for money exchanger office that I visited in Łódź that offers a fair rate
I know 1 website that offers good information about money exchange rates for all offices in Poland
It is really easy to use, I put the link in description box
Just enter the website
..then input the region of the city that you are currently living
for example, I live in Poznań so the region is Wielkopolska
Then I input the money that I want to exchange, for example Euro
then just scroll for it
The next day if you already finished shopping for groceries in Auchan (maybe),
The most important thing to do is making PESEL number
What is PESEL number?
It is an universal electronic system for registration of the population from Polish government
Why foreigners also need to have PESEL number?
It is needed if you want to make insurance, driving license, or if you want to open a business in Poland
As far as I know, it is also needed if you want to work as a part timer.
If you don’t have PESEL number, your salary per hour would be less than if you have PESEL.
For example, in Poznań I’m working as a part timer through a working agency
My salary as a part timer is 21.4 zl/hour
..but if you don’t have PESEL
your salary would be 17.5 zl/hour
..can you imagine? it is just because PESEL number.
The next days in your first days in Poland is making Polish bank account.
I made Millenium and Pekao bank account
I made Millenium bank account in tourism center
because most of bank staff in tourism center can speak english
for example in old town
Now you already have PESEL, Polish bank account, and what else do you need?
Yes, health insurance! You guys need to have health insurance!
But, why so?
Because if you want to study in a Polish university,
The International Student Admission Office will ask:
There are two well known health insurance in Poland,
The first one is NFZ or Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia
or National Health Fund from Polish government itself.
The price is 55.80 złoty
I, myself, use this health insurance because
…I’m feeling safe if I use this insurance.
Even in the most remoted places, there are always NFZ stickers in the healthcare facilities
So if I come, I won’t be charged for the medical services
maybe I just need to pay 50% price of the medicine or depends on their other regulation.
The second health insurance is PZU
I don’t really know about PZU because I am not the insurance agent.
But the thing that I know from my friends who are living in Warsaw,
The price is actually depend on the price offered by the local health insurance agent.
My friend paid 385 zł/month
I also thought “maybe I should register for PZU”
..but in the end because I’m an insecure type of person,
I ended up staying safe with NFZ.
If you want to know more about PZU, you can come to the insurance agent,
because it is simply everywhere
It is not hard to find PZU information
Even in google you can just type “PZU for student in Poland” and you’ll get what you are looking for.
Next, take your student ID card in Dean office of your department.
Why student ID card is important?
Because of the discounts!
Your student card can be used as transportation card.
There is a sim card on student ID card in Poland
Which you can activate in the public transportation office.
If you already have student ID card, it is already works as ticket
…as well as the proof of your status as student.
It is also valid to buy train ticket with student discount.
Imagine if you go from Poznań to Berlin, you need to pay (for example) 30 zł with regular ticket price.
If you use your student ID card, there will be 51% of discount,
so maybe, *14 zł ?
I am happy to be a student in Poland.
If you have student ID card, don’t forget to buy semester tickets.
..because it is way cheaper compared to regular discount ticket for a day or ticket with time limitation.
Just imagine, in Poznań, the regular ticket for 15 minutes without discount is 4 zł.
…discount ticket cost 2 zł for 15 minutes.
But if you buy semester tickets for 120 or 150 days, it will just cost 1.43 zł for a WHOLE DAY.
Guys, just imagine how much money you can save if you buy semester ticket!!
So, buy the semester ticket!
You can buy the public transport ticket in “Jakdojade” application,
or in the ticket machine.
That’s all the guide to your first days in Poland!
If you have other tips, don’t forget to comment below. Maybe someone else in internet need your tips.
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So, see you in the next video, byeeeeeeeeeeee~!