►►► LEARN TO APPROACH HOT WOMEN EFFORTLESSLY ►►► ► JOIN THE FOOLPROOF APPROACH VIP LIST ► https://www.honestsignalz.com/foolproof ——————————————————————————— FREE DATING STRATEGY CALL https://calendly.com/honest-signalz/15min-dating-consultation Contact ► info@honestsignalz.com ——————————————————————————– FREE VIDEO ON WHAT WOMEN ARE ATTRACTED TO Extras ► http://www.honestsignalz.com/extras ———————————————————————————– LEARN HOW TO MEET AND ATTRACT WOMEN *** New Years Bootcamp Special – Expires Jan 21, 2019 *** – 1 extra ????? ???? ??????? – 2x 1 hour follow-up ????? ????? (post-bootcamp) – 1 year Infield ??????? ?????? (launching Feb 2019) Coaching ► https://honestsignalz.com/bootcamp Infield Breakdowns ► https://www.honestsignalz.com/interest —————————————————————————————— In P2 of this “lifestyle pickup vlog” in Berlin, I show you how “feeling at home in the world” and assuming a sense of familiarity can help you pick up girls. You’ll see me talk to a couple of girls in a classic day game fashion, open a Russian girl, build comfort, take her on an insta date and lead towards a day game pull. While, granted, you are meeting a stranger for the first time, when you *assume familiarity*, you’re not in “impression mode”; it puts the girl at ease, makes her open, comfortable, and generally more feminine around you. This helps with leading, generating general attraction, and building stronger connections faster. Berlin Vlog P1 ► https://youtu.be/gE27zk_c_GY ——————————————————————————————— SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram ►https://www.Instagram.com/honestsignalz Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/honestsignalz Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/vadim.honestsignalz