2020 marks 75 years since the Great Victory in Europe. The Road to Berlin game event introduced in World of Tanks commemorates this important occasion. Fight against AI-driven enemy vehicles. Storm the front and repel enemy counterattacks. Ride on the Road to Berlin from beginning to end! To keep up to date with our latest development, contests and events visit http://worldoftanks.eu Follow us on: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/worldoftanks Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/worldoftanks_europe Discord: https://discord.gg/world-of-tanks Twitch EN: https://www.twitch.tv/worldoftanks Twitch DE: https://www.twitch.tv/worldoftanksde Twitch PL: https://www.twitch.tv/worldoftankspolska Twitter: https://twitter.com/WorldofTanksEU Amazon: – https://www.amazon.co.uk/WorldofTanks – https://www.amazon.de/worldoftanks – https://www.amazon.fr/worldoftanks
This year marks 75 years
since the Great Victory in Europe.
The Road to Berlin game
event introduced in World of Tanks
commemorates this important occasion.
It starts May 4 and will last two weeks.
Join other players in
storming the last enemy stronghold.
There are 5 Operation
Stages to be completed.
As you complete them, you’ll
fight against AI-driven enemy vehicles.
For your achievements
you’ll get different rewards:
the IS-2 shielded Tier VII Premium tank.
Bounty Equipment. Awards. Badges.
Check out the new Garage,
which will be changed
significantly for this momentous occasion.
Feel the atmosphere of Spring 1945
from your very first step in the game.
Then go to the event Garage.
5 Units with unique
Combat Boosts will join in the offensive.
The Beast Slayers.
Consisting of powerful tank destroyers
that have good
penetration and pack a major punch.
The Ironsides.
Heavy tanks that have a sufficient
amount of hit points and deal high damage.
The Winged Spearhead.
A Unit of medium tanks
with good mobility and accuracy.
1st Tank Battalion.
These vehicles feature excellent
mobility and a great rate of fire
while also being good
at maneuvering and flanking.
And lastly, the 48th Breakthrough Regiment,
which has heavy tanks with
reliable armor and a good rate of fire.
Choose any Unit.
Every vehicle has infinite ammunition.
Their commanders have
the Sixth Sense perk trained to 100%.
By fighting in battles, Units
progress from level 1 to level 3.
The Unit level
determines the available vehicles
and the power of their Combat Boosts.
For example, at first,
The Ironsides consist only of IS-1 tanks
that have the Mortar Strike
and Minefield Combat Boosts.
At level 3, the Unit has IS-2V tanks,
which are more advanced and powerful.
Their Combat Boosts deal much
more damage than those of the IS-1.
Five players take part in a battle.
You can fight as a part of
a Platoon or together with random allies.
Random players will also join your team,
if the Platoon has fewer than 5 members.
At the beginning of the battle,
you’ll be assigned a Battle Mission.
Its location will be
highlighted on the minimap.
In battle, advance through the map,
destroy enemy positions
and repel counterattacks.
Their directions will also
be displayed on the minimap.
The battlefield area will be
limited by an enemy artillery strike zone.
If you move to this zone, your vehicle
will be destroyed after a few seconds.
Initially, each player has three vehicles.
You can receive two additional
vehicles for completing Battle Missions.
For example for repelling a counterattack.
If you run out of
respawns, don’t leave the battle.
You will still be able
to return to the battlefield
if your allies complete
specific Battle Missions.
To complete an Operation Stage,
you need to fulfill two conditions.
Destroy a certain
number of enemy vehicles.
Meet the time limit.
At the end of the battle,
a decisive encounter
against elite vehicles takes place.
To win the battle, you need
to complete all Battle Missions.
In battle, you’ll face German vehicles
of different types, excluding light tanks.
The higher the Unit level,
the stronger the enemies.
So make sure to coordinate
your actions with your team.
Don’t engage enemies head-on.
Distract heavily armored vehicles
and immobilize them with the heavy tanks
of The Ironsides or
The 48th Breakthrough Regiment.
Then use fast vehicles
to flank your enemies.
This strategy proves
successful in most cases.
Also, always be on the lookout.
Enemy artillery can hit you
even when you’re behind a cover.
You’ll need to find
a balance between aggressive
and cautious approaches to secure victory.
If you’re running out of time, do your
best to finish off any remaining enemies.
If you still have enough time,
and the enemy has a few vehicles left,
make sure to stay safe
and don’t waste your hit points.
Use your Combat
Boosts and Special Shells.
Incendiary Shells are the most
effective against powerful tanks
with a lot of hit
points and dangerous guns.
Make sure to destroy them quickly
and with as few shots as possible.
Use terrain irregularities
to find good windows to fire.
Or you can take a risk by sending swift
tanks in a charge against enemy artillery.
By destroying it, you’ll
keep your team safe and sound.
Don’t let any enemy
vehicles escape the battlefield.
Otherwise, you’ll have to face
them during the next stage of the battle,
along with the next wave of enemies.
Enemy vehicles will be much more
difficult to penetrate from the front
than from the rear.
Battles will be fought on the updated
maps of Oder, Kvelburg. And Westwall.
The decisive battle will
take place on the new Berlin map.
It will become
available to players on May 8
There will be a 30% chance
of entering a battle on this map.
Berlin will only be
available for level 3 Units.
After each battle,
you’ll receive Victory Points.
The amount depends on your battle
performance and Unit achievements.
They are used to reach new
unit levels and Operation Stages.
You’ll earn twice as many Victory
Points when fighting on the Berlin map,
compared to the other maps.
In addition to this,
once a day, you’ll receive an Order.
It applies for one battle and provides
five times more
Victory Points for the battle.
Want to progress faster?
Then fight in Random Battles,
complete missions, and earn Tokens.
These can be exchanged
for Orders that grant a x15
multiplier to Victory Points earned.
Also, you can purchase
Orders that provide a x10
multiplier to Victory Points earned.
A great challenge lies ahead.
But the reward is worth it.
For completing an Operation Stage,
you’ll get a 25% discount
on purchasing the IS-2 shielded.
After completing 4 Operation Stages,
you can get this
Premium tank free of charge.
It features counter-HEAT protection,
allowing it to better withstand enemy hits.
Its unique exterior will distinguish
this vehicle on the battlefield.
Complete all five Operation
Stages to earn Bounty Ventilation.
After the equipment is upgraded,
it improves the major
qualifications of all crew members by 7.5%.
Ride on the Road to Berlin
from beginning to end together
with World of Tanks.