Second place at the WCQ Berlin – Simoncelli Francesco Decklist + Extra link combo
and we’re here with Francesca Simoncelli
who came in second place at the european
championship with
with the striker sky blister and
okay you play any any special touches
yes I play this to make actually Inka
being this one okay so that’s glad we
did that
white slippers because I I play desire
but I play for the fact counts
so three this that’s God with it’s wrong
yeah you can make actually with your
still blister and one random monster in
random you’re using the leaf yes
evening Philip thank thanks to Michael
corner with this and team drop okay
did you miss afterburner or would you
have played it
no I prefer this one because a lot of
time in the middle matter I I want to
see if the big boat I don’t want the
best card trash return Ranchos yes all
game when I start and I see the lands
are the best car this surface is been ok
unless we want to be the axial axial
swimming spiral later
night Regina of the condom okay the
okay so to play mermaid what did you cut
what monster we departed to play okay so
use like the side deck because I don’t
really like this but versus rogue deck
you won’t see it increase there – yeah
and when we started draw four eyes is
more important
so for selectively one of that piece so
you have really good matchup against
food bags there are three basically yes
so Sheridan is not good yes against the
aluminate exchange yes on top 60 Joshua
use changer and I have impermanence in
my and he changed this we now on card
and okay yes so how do you feel about
the tournament did you enjoy the
tournament yeah of course you going
Ling and we’re here to show you the
combo where you actually with only two
cards and one random monster
so from Jessica show us the combo
in fact a junkie on
some enough
they blossom
is the defector scouser one
now you thank take cash because natural
so in fact I’ll just a joke
someone again in fact
is to
someone fights
after that
nor me in fact changing wanting to go so
you don’t get dashed
now with this to make joggers
we’ve lit on the apartment building
with the token
to make these actually they actually yes
so thank to Francesco that showed us the
combo and guys that’s it but