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Good afternoon!
I’m Elissa!
And I’m Rodrigo!
This is the channel Alemanizando and once again we are going to explore Berlin
This time to show all the Sense8 locations we were able to find here in the city.
Yes! Sense8, that super crazy series by Netflix. We started watching just because there were scenes in Berlin
The character Wolfgang lives here and there are many scenes with him here.
So we watched closely to find out where the locations are.
And that’s what we are showing in this video.
So let’s take a look on what we have here in Berlin from Sense8.
To those of you watching in the future, we are recording this between the 1st and 2nd seasons
So nobody has watched the 2nd season yet and this video will focus on locations from the 1st, no spoilers.
With the exception of the place we are right now, that is going to show up in the 2nd season.
We found out about this by chance, we were walking around and discovered that this is going to be a future location.
We don’t really know what is going to happen, but we saw pictures of Wolfgang hanging out with Kala here.
Everything was covered by fake snow, it was winter but we had no snow at that time.
So it was pretty obvious that something was going on, with that huge white area.
And it seems that they made a fake Christmas Market
So I think they are just going to enjoy their walk by the Spree.
During our research to do this video we noticed most scenes are in the neighborhood of Mitte, the city center.
There is also other locations, particularly in the areas of Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Neukölln.
At the moment we are still in Mitte, close to the Friedrichstrasse station with another location just around the corner.
This building behind me is a Hospital in the series, there is this guy who gets really hurt and then comes here.
In real life this is actually a government building, but when they shot the scene they had some ambulances in front
you can still see the Germany eagle even in the series, so this is clearly not a hospital.
In general the city of Berlin is presented in a realistically fashion
you can go to a Cafe he went and enjoy your Coffee
But a weird thing that happens is how he interacts with the locations
He goes to real places, but does things that make no sense for the location
just like
Here in the Garden of Exile
The Garden of Exile is part of the Jewish Museum exhibition
So when Wolfgang and friend come here to do illegal business, it does not make any sense
Imagine you wanting to make illegal deals and paying the museum entrance just for added drama from the location.
It makes visual sense for the series, it’s a very interesting place to film, but it does not make practical sense.
Another really weird choice of location comes in a minute…
Of all the crazy scenes in Berlin, the craziest was shot here
we are now in a place called Media Spree, next to the river Spree.
and here there are many offices and modern buildings with big companies like Coca Cola and Universal Music
On this side we have a big avenue, with residential builings
in front of me there is a bridge with streets and train tracks, there is always boats on the river
and it was here that Wolfgang decided to use his Bazooka to solve his problems exploding everybody
So you can now imagine what would happen if someone used a bazooka here in reality
We are completely sure that if anyone used a Bazooka here it would be worldwide news
This story would go on for weeks, in Germany it would go on until the end of the year at least
In the real word this place with this beautiful Grafitti will probably be destroyed soon
There is more construction going on at the moment, so maybe more offices will be built here
We have no idea how long this will last, so see it before it’s gone.
Way before Wolfgang got in such a mess with the Mafia or whatever he had a poor childhood
and this wias shot here, this is a Hof in Wedding, but what is a Hof, Elissa?
A Hof is nothing more than a courtyard, this is the literal translation, we are surrounded by buildings and this is the access between them.
Every courtyard is a Hof and I don’t know the plural for Hof, so I’m talking in this weird way.
Going on, we are in the neighborhood of Wedding and here is where Wolfgang had to fight other kids
All the Hofs are kind of similar so it’s difficult to pin point where it was shot exactly.
Also, the Grafitti have changed since recordings took place
Another interesting fact is that when the kids are bullying Wolfgang
They call him a Commie, a communist, why?
Because the Berlin Wall had just fallen down and he moved from another neighborhood on the old GDR to here
And Wedding always were on the Capitalist side, so that bullying makes sense in this regard
They touch a historical moment in the series
when they say: “Now our parents need to pay taxes so you are not poor anymore”
This special tax exists until today and it’s called Solidarity surcharge
that West Germany collects to try and even out both sides.
So that’s part of the bullying, they are kicking him screaming about this new taxes
Rodrigo said this makes sense, but bullying never makes sense, don’t bully!
Here in this part of the courtyard they shot a very important scene of the Wolfgang flashbacks
an essencial part of his childhood was shot here, but I’ll not say what because of spoilers.
There are many courtyards like this in Berlin
and they can hide really nice things, like stores, Bars and Cafes, like this one behind me
It’s an extremely popular Cafe where Wolfgang was sitting down in a storm
so there was nobody else outside
and he met Kala here on this day
We are not filming in the same angle because there is a lot of people there at the moment and we would like to respect their privacy.
And this place behind me now is the first place Wolfgang and Kala connect
in this restaurant here. Where they filmed is a restaurant with Singapore food, and the next with the yellow hood
is the Indian Restaurant, but maybe they filmed on the first one because is prettier? I don’t know, I was not there.
But both of them have tasty food and ok price, so you can visit them if you want.
Of the places we can show in Berlin the one with the scene most…
Favorite of the public, let’s say.
Is here, in the Stadtbad Neukölln, a public pool.
Built in 1914, it’s very beautiful and you can see it in the series.
You can just pay the ticket and get in, but we could not film inside because of all the naked people and etc.
We don’t have the producers from Netflix to help.
But it’s possible that there are some people inside with their “trunks” showing up
Kala would approve, or maybe not.
The first time all of them connect, not in the same place as it happens further in the series, but synced
Wolfgang is here, at the Monster Ronsons’s Ichiban, a Karaoke that you can actually visit and sing
What’s Up, from the 4 non blondes
I don’t know if they can stand this song, maybe they even took it off the list
but if you are lucky you can come and sing and have loads of fun.
So at last we arrived at this location…
Guri, in London?
Are we in London?
It can’t be!
It sure can, welcome to London, my friends!
How is this possible? We must be sense8 of each other
If we are connected, maybe our videos are going to be as well
I’m sure you are going to make a video about Sense8 too
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Let’s see all the locations! From both cities.
Well, so it seems we are back to Berlin
we were not stuck in London.
And with this we finish our exploration around the city hunting for Sense8 locations.
Unfortunately we couldn’t show 100% off all the locations here in Berlin
because there are thing shot in studios, some places are hard to find, like the key store
and maybe even if we knew they would’t let us film there
just like the University Library, that we cannot go inside, it’s just for students.
We did our best to show everything within our grasp, so we hope you liked it
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