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Hi there!
Looking for a sightseeing tour?
Spare the extra money and still explore all
the highlights downtown,
it is covered by your regular public transportation ticket.
You will be all set to start the bus tour
that fits your schedule right away!
Start the tour either at Alexanderplatz or
Zoologischer Garten at any time during the day –
the bus line runs on a 10-minute frequency, both ways.
Right now, we are at Alexanderplatz, so lets
go from here and take it to City West.
Let’s see:
We are currently in the middle
of Alexanderplatz.
See the “Galeria Kaufhof” mall?
Pass the building trough this alley on the
right side, cross the street
and get on the line 200 at this bus stop.
If you catch a double deck bus, try to
find a seat upstairs to get the best view.
Watch out, first sights coming up quickly!
Passing by the television tower, spot the
striking facade of our red city hall.
Barely 500 meters down the line, you will
find yourself on the museum island.
It is packed with numerous unbelievable museums
and exhibitions –
a great place to go not only on rainy days – promise you!
Your public transportation ticket is also
included when you buy the Berlin Welcome Card.
You already got yours, even better!
It comes with extra discounts for all the
museums and 200 more attractions of the city.
Two stations further into the tour, try to
take some extra time
to get off the bus at Friedrichstraße and take a little walk.
There is a good reason why you heard about
the “Gendarmenmarkt” square before –
but go find out for yourself!
Halfway through the tour, the Potsdamer Platz
is your next must-see stop.
Enjoy the outstanding architecture of the
Sony Center, take a coffee break,
or find some traces of Berlins unique history around.
If you seek further information about all
landmarks, parks, and sights,
the free “Going Local Berlin” app is of great value.
Check it out even if you have been around
a couple of times – it is your guide
to go local into all 12 districts of the city
For now, welcome to City West.
You made it to “Zoologischer Garten”.
So what’s next?
Go for a stroll along cafes, prestigious boutiques
and restaurants
on Berlins most popular boulevard “Kurfürstendamm”.
Or rather discover more sights like Brandenburger
Tor or the Reichstag building?
Check part two of your own personal sightseeing tour
starting right at the station “Zoologischer Garten”.
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to schedule your next trip to Berlin!