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A city full of originals!
Oh, Uwe, original Berlin Currywurst.
Regional – international.
There, the Goldelse, as they say here.
A moving time travel.
Here is the real wall and behind
the whole of Berlin.
Two people, two days, for 300 euros.
Uwe, we are here! In Berlin, in the capital, in the cosmopolitan city! What do you associate with Berlin?
Multicultural, so a bit New York
from Europe.
And what is the famous keyword?
Also. But it is “poor but sexy”.
And that’s good for us, because two for 300 means yes, we have 300 euros, two days time
and want to discover as much of the city as possible, and we’ll get that right, because
not so expensive, right? I’m assuming that. I asume that as well.
The question is: where do we start? There is so much possible!
Check in, I would say.
Ah. There isses!
Yes, I’m afraid that’s it. Did you come with me? Nah, I’m waiting out here … Oh no, come on!
Here you go. Hello, that’s nice.
How did you come up with the idea?
In 2007 we were looking for a DDR-plate,
we thought it was a shame that so many things were being demolished,
like the Palace of the Republic and other buildings reminiscent of the GDR,
and then we thought, let’s make a house, a hotel like in the GDR style.
And around here … Well, we just stumbled out of the Ostbahnhof – what are you doing here in the evening?
The East Side Gallery is a stone’s throw away, you really only walk a minute,
Of course we want to go there, of course.
So, come in!
Oh no, colored curtains?
And bed?
Oh, that’s a bit … like in the East! Everyone is allowed to listen.
Great. Something new!
I wish you a nice evening, have a nice day in Berlin. We will have!
And discover the East!
We start now, right? Long
we do not stay here.
Let’s move to the city!
East Side Gallery: Painting 1990, right after the wall was opened, artists were allowed to let off steam here.
Nobody thought that it would become a gallery.
And you had to fight to keep that, that it will not be installed again.
A testimony of German history.
We also need a selfie, Uwe, come on.
Why, surely.
How does that work? Every time I have to think …
You never learn that, do you? No, it’s a misery. It is really terrible. What are you doing there?
Wall, East, Water, Spree, and behind it the West.
Look, this is the Oberbaum Bridge, which was divided in the middle, is not that awesome?
The limit went by.
This is really another symbol: a bridge that is torn apart.
And now she is back together. Yes, fortunately.
Totally colorful here, that’s great: the Oranienstraße.
This is Berlin as you imagine it
with those colorful backyards, look where you do not know exactly …
And everywhere these little tables, everyone has something to sit outside …
Free and a bit crazy – just like Kreuzberg and its small shops.
Oh look, so … What is it? I think that’s jewelry, can I look at it?
Very nice, special things.
… just, I want to feel it. That’s very hard! What kind of material is that?
And you yourself are goldsmith too? I am also a goldsmith, yes. What is your “handwriting”?
They are from Alaska, the prospector, we met him,
and then we bought some nuggets from him that he was looking for himself.
That’s great, very special work. Really nice!
And now go around the corner, there’s wheatgrass juice,
it’ll pep you up, it’ll be good, you’ll be astonished.
The juice is pressed from still green wheat, increases the vitality,
and even to help against hair loss.
Not that Uwe would need that.
For the benefit!
Oh, Uwe, original Berliner
Currywurst, now your hour is beating!
Uwe, what do you think, we can still watch here?
Single party, couple club, jail plate …
Sounds good.
We had thought, maybe jail-plate, can we share that?
Sure, you can definitely share. Are enough fries and three sausages.
And here’s the sharpness …
That’s a challenge for the … He’ll get a challenge.
Remember, I have to turn a little bit today …
What is that now? Ne challenge.
Should he lick it off now?
The lip is definitely burning now. Nope, not at all.
Let’s see …. Oh no!
You have the feeling that you can not breathe!
Uwe, how did you do that? I like sharp.
Mayo, fast! Was that awesome, what’s that stuff?
I think that’s a quarter of what he can do.
Well. So, water …
Not so hot. Perfect for me.
More Berlin is not possible, right?
There, the Goldelse, as they say here …
Where is Angie’s office? The Berliners say there’s mom’s office.
This is so exciting in Berlin, this close to new and modern and here historic and old.
So what is that?
This is a bunker.
But what’s in there, that’s really surprising.
Hello. We have reserved online …
Uwe, online you can namely …. you even have to. It is fully booked.
And two tickets each cost … 24 euros exactly. I already made ready.
Man, here it breaks right now.
We actually had an original bunker here, built in 1941,
also planned as a bunker and also used as a bunker during World War II.
So people were here in the …
This was a real bunker for the population, originally designed for 1200 people,
but in the end of 4000 people
used, so you can imagine
completely overcrowded the bunker, insanely stocky, insanely tight in here …
Since 2008 you can see here the gigantic private art collection of the bunker owner ….
… and sometimes even smell!
This smell …. for popcorn …
There isses!
That’s what popcorn does … always.
Today is the street food Thursday – does that tell you something?
I know street food from Bangkok.
I always thought, Hanoi, sitting in the street, eating something, in the semi-darkness,
which then tastes quite good, but no, street food was actually invented here!
It used to be more kebab and currywurst, meanwhile a whole world!
It’s like … something …
Ah, look at that!
Uwe, Tyrolean dumplings!
This steams delicious!
Good from Spain.
It is good? It’s so tasty!
Unbelievable from up here.
Is the north home here? No? Tach! That’s the Uwe.
What would you recommend us?
Something cold-smoked, would I say, or do you just want to have a mix?
Every bite another fish?
Every bite another fish? Then we do that.
And the very best: you know, fish has to swim,
That’s why we’re still drinking something originally Berlinish, something home-made, a Pfeffi.
Ah. But has something in it, right?
Yes, but not too strong.
Nah, it tastes great.
It’s still sustainable, that’s the idea, right?
It’s a big word, sustainable. What is sustainable?
We say with us we look that the fish comes from a corner,
we see that the fish was well bred or caught …
I mean, I’m the fish man, this is not just a title, I studied that …
What studies?
Fishery Sciences.
Uwe is now down the camera, we try everything now in peace.
Say, Uwe, now …
Honestly, tonight does not have to be that real after the long day …
But I would have prepared such a small surprise alien …
Now I’m scared …
Look, what’s up there …
After my research you can go in there and make a disco.
You’re fucking me. Yes, very seriously.
Wait here: start a party.
Song and video, ABBA, Dancing Queen … tapped …
Look for Snap …
Snap? Did you want that? Rhythm is a dancer?
I think that’s it …
Look at that, is that blatant …
No, look here, it’s steaming – is that right?
It’s amazing what residual energy we have left
and photos, wait, photos … Hey, here!
It looks like it’s a mega
big box, but we only had so much space.
But that’s cool, right? That was really funny!
We can say, we celebrated!
Yes! Berlin, and the video is coming … And now sag.
Including mini disco has cost us one day 175 euros and a lot of strength.
Rested and with 125 Euro rest money we start in day two.
Hello! Man, here, with tailwind Berlin experienced. Yes, you can rent e-bikes with me.
E-bikes, motorized, I think is good, because Berlin has a huge extent.
North-South is over 40 kilometers.
Hello, can you just take the books with you?
Yes, you can also bring some, and the one you like, take along …
Nice idea!
Why do you need manipulation techniques? Not for me, for my wife.
She still needs that? Naturally!
Manipulation techniques for women …
Look, this is one of the first places where the border was closed.
The house is the house, they simply pulled up the wall in 1961.
Incredible, is not it?
Can you … you are stunned today.
That’s the memorial, and up there
you have a good overview of the whole thing.
Let’s go up. Yes.
Now you can see the whole thing from above.
What a view. Down here you can still see such a last piece of death strip.
Here is the tower, the back wall, here the front wall and the death strip in between.
A piece of reality in the middle of the new world.
Here is the real wall, and here is the imitation wall. And behind it the whole Berlin.
So, here we go again a little sightseeing tour.
Look, the 100, in two minutes.
And we do not do that on the expensive tour now. Here, the 100, a normal bus.
Look where it goes: Staatsoper, Unter den Linden, Brandenburg Gate, Platz der Republik,
Bellevue, man everything, to the zoological garden. Is not it great?
Sounds like an interesting trip!
And here he comes.
Biplane, great!
Unter den Linden – now we’re both filming, great.
But is great, right? The right little one
Sightseeing tour in the normal urban bus.
Did you see everything, Uwe? I’m in full control of you.
The stop directly in front of the castle, just like that.
That’s perfect.
Wow, the West is catching up. It was said for years, in the East it is exciting, there is something, and now?
Now we are here in the middle of the west, here
it shoots out of the ground …
The venerable Zoo Palace is still
there, Memorial Church too, clearly …
but look here … Bikini Berlin. What’s this?
Such a concept shopping … we have to look!
That’s huge!
Look, there! I think that’s right on the zoo!
Great idea, right?
“This is not a store” – yes, what then?
I like the store! I almost thought so …
Unusual things …
Huch … again something destroyed … Do not break anything!
A little catwalk Well, is … er … different.
Hello. Short question: what is called “LNFA” in this store here?
This is an abbreviation and stands for Life, Network, Fashion and Art.
Because we are agency and business at the same time, and these four terms best describe us.
That’s why the designers are on top everywhere? Exactly.
That’s all young designer. We started with 15 Berlin designers,
meanwhile we are at 80. Great! Exciting shop!
TOI – TOI – TOI with it. Bye!
And no matter where in Germany
single metropolis is driving,
Berlin’s pulse always beats somewhere between the future
and past.
This means “the abandoned room”, this small monument has a huge power.
It shows the haste with which the Jews
had to leave the city here,
or deported, back then.
Pretty oppressive. Sometimes it’s the little monuments that move.
Monument “The Abandoned Room” on Koppenplatz, next underground Rosenthaler Platz.
Uwe, I can do it again, a bit … Do not you really ask me now? Hunger? You too, right?
Friedrichshain, formerly a bit of the squatters neighborhood. Ah. Any questions?
Mother Englers feel-good food, look here.
Crunchy knuckle from the oven, three kinds of cabbage, onions and tasty sauce …
It makes your mouth water.
Purely? Yes immediately!
Oh look at this …
Hello! Is already open? Can we sit down somewhere? Clear! Tach! Tachchen, dear ones.
A beautiful jute Tach. Welcome to Englers unique.
That’s a greeting … They are all here treated with us.
Really? this is really a unique piece.
Who has collected everything here?
That was our boss.
Hello there. Gathered together is the right word.
My son always says that if I did not have the shop I would be a Messi.
Such a cuddly table, that looks like here … As with grandma, only the television is missing.
Well? Yes Perfect!
You are completely bagged here immediately. She would not be the first person I need to wake up here.
And now the Kassensturz for Berlin: our eastern hotel room was only 39 euros. Incredible!
With Berlin street food and hearty home cooking we came to 114 euros.
Underway by bus and train, we were super cheap: for just under 28 euros.
In addition, we have made the e-bike and the boat tour for a total of 58 euros.
For entrances, culture and souvenirs we had 37 euros left,
makes a total of: 275 euros for beautiful Berlin.
How is the city for you, Uwe?
I can only portray the city through a feeling that she has given me.
And the feeling is borne by all the people we have met.
They all burned with passion for what they did.
That connects them all, I think so too. We met a lot of great people,
they say, I believe in something, I do it with passion and then it becomes something.
So the New York feeling.
And that also shows that Berlin is the capital, the number one metropolis in Germany.
And therefore worth a trip! And we look forward to the next one and say goodbye!