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weak spots tanks have weak spots
sometimes those weak spots are
uh well known and logical sometimes that
have more confusing and sometimes
they are platooning oh you are yellowish
wow well let me see yeah
today we’re going to take a look at some
weak spots that i have deemed
stupid now stupid is a fairly big old
term so for the purpose of clarity
stupid could mean mine like a bad tank
worse it could mean my
a good tank not as bad as it needs to be
they could be non-existent weak spots
that look like weak spots or they could
be as9
in some other random way that i’ve come
up with in my plane or they could be
number one
a double feature the fe 215b and the
panzer quad
7. now both of these tier 10 heavy tanks
one which is not available by
conventional means anymore having been
replaced by the super conqueror both of
these vehicles
have huge sweet spots on the side
now that wouldn’t be so bad except for
the fact that both of these tanks have
linear mounted turrets meaning
the primary method of mitigating damage
their ethos
revolves around poking out a corner
like this like awesome i’m sure glad i
have this rear mounted champ so i can
more easily expose the weakest part of
my entire tank
yeah you might be saying but steve steve
you can’t have a
you can’t have a tank that’s got no weak
spots one that sideswipes that would be
that would be overpowered hmm
is exactly where its weak spot happens
to be
ain’t that a bitch the e75 ts a very
capable german premium-like
light tank heavy tank that came out over
last year’s loot boxes
aesthetically it kind of looks like an e
has eaten a leather
i and some appearances you assume
that the capola is the logical choice
when engaging this thing’s sun’s lower
quite correct the coppola is a weak spot
meaning unlike the malibun it is
stoppable however
the capilla is 140 millimeters of base
with effective values ranging from 160
to 190
that in addition to the octagonal space
bastard on top i’ve levelly nicknamed
the hope note
now most equal tier tanks and certainly
almost all higher tier tanks can manage
for that capoeira for them
yeah go for it it’s not that play but as
we all know you can meet an e75 ts in
an e100 down to anything as low as a
so if by some cool win of fight you end
up fighting a hold down the e-75
in a commonwealth well for some reason
people just kind of
forgot to put armor on the little ears
to the left and right of the gun mantlet
meaning they both consist
of approximately 60 millimeters of space
off now of course spaced armor is gonna
mean you can’t mean it with hc shells
but any kind of ap
apcr shell you are in the money
and yes for the purposes of comedy and
to make my point
you are seeing me murder an e75 ts hold
with a cow
i’m very proud of this achievement the
tiger p and ferdinand
have the exact same holes meaning they
are the exact same amount of shit
which is a lot not least a witch because
the portions on the outer edges of the
hole that even flat onto you
are about 115 millimeters of armor
these are meant to be assault tanks and
combined with the fact that they have
that massive fecal capola
that is tragic the tiger p
in the water tanks
he murdered bambi he murdered him
i know what the overmatch mechanic
states that if bambi is three times
higher the overmatch mechanic states
that if a show caliber is over three
the nominal thickness of the armor that
it hits
it will penetrate no matter the angle
this has an impact on multiple tanks
the is-20 the roof hatch the t-34
the object 257 the is4 but in few
is it as coupling and ridiculous
as on the tiger 2 now side note
if you ever see a a tiger 2 with the 1
500 points shoot it straight in the face
because um
most though will have 1 600 hit points
meaning they have the top
target the top target with a massive
feck off 40 millimeter plate on top
which is in fact one of the largest most
easily exploited
over match engines in the entire game
if you have a 120.1 millimeter gun
or higher you will pen this
every single time from any angle
without fail the main reason this
is so dumb is because the target 2 has a
so why on earth it has this asinine
disadvantage is
actually beyond me sticking with coppola
themed idiocy the t28 has
two other buggers and its machine gun
port is legitimately a weak spot
imagine that
these cabela’s are actually quite thick
though each one being about 230
so why is this done well because
literally the entire front of the target
outside the gun mantlet
is at its best 20 millimeters
less thick than the second capela’s
if you shoot low and to the side you
find values as low as 165
so what is the point in the cacholas
if the entire face of the target is the
weak point 268 version 4 has a capoeira
i don’t care it also has a massive
juicing oil plate
the pixel plate let us talk about the
pixel plate the lower
lower plate the lower lower lower lower
lower lower plate this is
a well it’s a pixel play it’s a tiny
little fucking
bit on the bottom of the 268 version 4
wargaming think is a lower play um
when it’s flat onto you it’s literally
0.2 degrees away from being an
auto abutment here’s me and my beautiful
assistant having an
object 268 version 4 pixel plate fight
it lasted four and a half minutes and no
one had any fun but japanese heavies are
in my opinion a fine example wargaming’s
lack of awareness of
misunderstanding of their own gank game
particularly the previous overzealous
dirt gun internations
but can we all just agree on you quickly
but not one human being not
one entity outside the wargaming
has ever ever looked at
type five heavy and gone oh no i better
fire my standard and i have this lanky
dink little piece of bullshit a wall
getting nerfed by 10 millimeters
just on behalf of the world the tanks
community wargaming i
i’d like to uh take a moment to thank
for nothing that spot by 10 millimeters
so that we can all collectively
ignore it while we spam heat at the
entire fucking tank yeah i can design
type 5 heavy armor too
the madness
third take i give up
ever wanted to get accused of hacking
happens to me all the time i got the
funny way that you can do it too
just subscribe and like the video i hate
my cell phone
great way to get accused of hacking
penning the targets of is-7s
i love it now the vast majority of tanks
are taller than the is-7
so if you’re in a tow tank and you’re
fighting an is-7 and you want to
nearly really piss him off voice hugging
most i7 players will be all over that
opportunity they
love to face hug now at that point you
very patiently hang
patiently until he takes the initiative
and starts aiming
at your coppola and then
you shoot him right here i below his gun
the only way the gun is about 130
and in addition it’s hilarious
the mouse armor incarnate when angle
is millimeters of frontal giant and 210
at the side can bounce
almost anything including heat shields
or i should say especially
heat shields now some tanks are tier 8
nine and two that
that will meet your mouse right have
high pen
apcr instead of heat as their premium i
think uh
e75 and is-7 or the best example
the amx 50b which has the highest
apcr pen on any heavy tank in the entire
325 millimeters
now as i’ve talked on before apcr shells
have their advantages over heat for
example faster shell travel time
and performance against space armor it’s
based on in this case being the gun
mantlet of the mouth
now flat on the tonic cheeks are far
better shot than the mantlet
but if the mouse is angling perfectly to
heat then the mouse driver has
actually exposed a glaring weak spot to
high pen
ip and apcr shields there’s a spot on
the side
mantle of the mouth that’s about 270
millimeters shut up i totally didn’t
cock this up in the script
meaning yes you can’t pen this with
standard ammo
with a good pin now that is and it is
actually true that when
facing a perfectly angled mouse
if you have premium heat shields
you actually stand a better chance of
pinning the gun mantlet with ap
than the chunky cheeks with heat before
i cover the final one
if you want to learn more about this
sort of thing check out what the tanks
and weather tanks i get a whole series
of videos
in this kind of style i educate you all
you lovely
gentle ladies on venus uh things about
the game and
if you’re in it for a laugh then you can
check out this video where we launched
into orbit using a uh physics glitch
which was a load of fun so do check out
if you’re interested finally the object
268 the object 279e
just for the lower plates