The Young Fritz (Russian: Юный Фриц, translit. Yunyi Frits) is a 1943 Soviet short film directed by Grigori Kozintsev and Leonid Trauberg based on a short satiric poem by Samuil Marshak. The Young Fritz (1943) movie Genres: political satire Production Co: Lenfilm Directed by Grigori Kozintsev, Leonid Trauberg Writing Credits: Samuil Marshak (poem) Music by Lev Shvarts Cinematography by Andrei Moskvin Sound Department Ilya Volk Cast: Mikhail Astangov as Teacher Lidiya Atmanaki as Mother Vsevolod Pudovkin as Officer Lyudmila Shabalina as Tour guide in Museum of the Future Maksim Shtraukh as Examining professor Konstantin Sorokin as Franz Yanina Zhejmo Mikhail Vysotsky as Father Mikhail Zharov as Fritz Tatyana Govorkova as Fritz’s Aunt
based on the work of S.Marshak
Script: S. Marshak
Directors: G. Kozintsev, L. Trauberg
Music: L.Shwartz Camera: A. Moskvin
Sound: I.Volk Producer: M.Shostak
Cast: M. Shtrauch, L. Atmanaki,
Y. Zheimo, N. Vysotsky
V. Pudovkin, K. Sorokin
M. Astangov, L. Shebalina
And Michael Zharov as Fritz.
Everyone knows me.
I’m the professor of anthropology,
the famous Nazi racist.
I can tell pure blood when I see it.
I can tell you if
your daddy and uncle
are Arian or not
from the way
their skulls can ring.
I take at random the skulls
of all races from my shelves.
I get plenty of them
from the Gestapo every day.
I’ve learnt a lot
about people as a racist:
Let me have your skull and
I’ll tell you who you are!
The topic of my today lecture is
How to bring up a kid.
Now you can see our young Fritz,
who’s fair-haired,
grey-eyed and white-faced.
Though only a six month old toddler,
he comes from a very ancient family.
All his ancestors are said
to be secret agents.
His 1st ancestor Godfried the Short Nose
was the scout of Barbarossa.
And the last one – his own Dad –
is a first class Gestapo stool.
This fair-haired, lean lady is…
Fritz’s happy Mom.
She’s very good at sewing and patching.
– What are you sewing?
– Petticoats for my Fritz.
Shhh! Listen, my baby Fritz is wailing.
I’m to sing a lullaby to him.
Night has come, the birds are silent.
Bye my baby Fritz!
Listen to my song:
Bye my baby!
Our kitten ate the mouse,
the weasel ate the kitten,
our puppy caught the weasel,
the grey wolf took the puppy away.
And the hunter took his rifle
and shot the wolf dead!
He sold the wolf fur.
You will kill’em all, Fritz!
Bye my baby!
Say: Good day, sir!
Guddei, ser!
Bye my curly-haired baby!
Go, go, go, go!
Bye my baby!
You will earn
a cross of honor in battle.
You will be a tough sergeant,
Go, go, go!
You will earn a cross of honor in battle
and we will find a bride for you.
You will be a tough sergeant,
Go, go, go!
You will rob everyone in the war!
Bye my baby!
As the years are passing by
Fritz’s growing in a wink of an eye.
Happy birthday, young Friedrich,
and many happy returns of the day!
Have the toy tanks, all 20 of them.
Now, boy, say thank you a lot, sir!
Here are the four guns
to shoot the neighbor’s dogs
and the rattle to drive everyone mad.
Now Fritz is old enough
and he’s going to school.
He is doing his grammar:
“ich bin, du bist… ein Nazi”.
Now, we have a lesson in math:
solve the problem, my boy!
Divide the pound of jam
between us two.
I’ll have all the jam myself,
I dunno no division!
What a bright boy!
I want another pound of jam!
Now. take your copy book,
we’ll put an essay down
or a translation, maybe.
I’d better put down a squeal
to the Gestapo about you, Dad!
– Are you turning your Dad in?
– Not only you!
I’m turning Dad and Mom,
also my granddad and neighbors!
We’ll put you on list
and send to the prep school.
You’ll be our undercover agent
among other kids.
Your job is to watch and report.
Now, good luck, my boy!
Here, have some dough…
You gave me just one lousy pfennig!
Isn’t my squeal worth anything more
than a pack of tobacco?
Fritz’s Mom and Dad are happy:
their boy is now a Gestapo agent!
I’ll go on with my lecture.
Our young Arian looking Fritz
just a prep school boy himself
is now the bully of all Nazi bullies.
He’s got a gun and a knife –
the Nazi one
with the motto “Blood and Honor” on it.
– Hey, sergeant!
Bring in the prisoner!
– What is your name?
– Gertrude…
– How old are you?
– I’m seven.
– Who is you family. Where do you live?
– I wanna go home!
Who did you chatter to
on Saturday night?
And who did you call an idiot?
I didn’t chatter to nobody
on Saturday night,
I didn’t call nobody idiot.
Answer my questions
in turn, prisoner!
Why have you got
a red ribbon in your plaits?
I can’t answer your questions, Fritz,
Lots of girls in class have got plaits.
I take it, you are going
to keep silent.
Now, remember, don’t Fritz me.
I’m a lieutenant!
Who taught your dolls that
I am a Jew?
Who sang them a foolish lullaby?
I don’t want no more
of this scary game of yours!
I want to go back to my mom
or I’ll die of fright!
I can hang you!
And your sisters and your mom, too!
Or I can send you to the
concentration camp.
You’re a nasty boy!
You’re a ghastly freak!
You got a bump under your nose
and no teeth!
I can’t let you behave
like that to the Gestapo.
Give me the scissors,
I’ll cut her hair off!
I skip some pages here.
Now Fritz has been in the Gestapo
for six years.
He’s a big man, it’s time for him
to get…hm… married.
Oh! Young Fritz…
And they are Fritz’ brides.
It’s a great honor to give
you some flowers from our garden.
How are my future father- and
mother-in-law going on?
Hello, dear bride groom!
They’re quite well and happy!
At last the moment of the wedding
has come.
Let my father
read you his moral first.
Of all things, we appreciate most
the purity of the Arian blood
in our Prussian cattle,
the most superior cattle of all.
We worship not the genius of
Einstein or Heine,
but our cows and oxen.
For the cows think simply
and give us wholesome meat and milk,
while Einstein and Heine
give nothing but philosophy.
You’ll be given everything
to preserve your bloodline as
pure as it is preserved in our cattle.
– Live like cows.
– Love like cows.
Breed your pure line of offspring,
so that a son was like his father
and mother – a real Arian ox.
The armored armies
are ready to go.
The victorious war is to begin.
Our Fritz rolls in.
– What has a Nazi got his feet for?
– To march along the roads!
What has a Nazi got his head for?
To wear a steel helmet
or a gas mask!
To think nothing!
His fuehrer is thinking for him!
You’ll be a tough sergeant!
Go! Go!
Chest out!
Belly in!
Running on the spot.
Forward march!
If you want to be a good soldier
don’t think at all!
Obey your orders,
be a cowardly murderer!
Fritz abroad.
– Where are we?
– In the Norwegian beer-point.
– What is there in our glasses?
– Riesling!
– Who’s there with a napkin?
– A slave of Germany.
Don’t trust him, he’s a scoundrel,
he mixes the wines.
Wait, let’s listen to the
night summary from Berlin!
Our battalion caught the Russian tanks,
no less than a million!
And our mine kicked off
three battleships and a half!
And we evaporated the Caucasian
mountains with one single gas mask!
I’ll shoot you all for your
anti-fascist laughter!
– What’s this place?
– A restaurant, I’ve forgotten which one
– Fuck the details, what country?
– Denmark, I guess.
Ah, Norway, Denmark – who cares?…
I’m ready to have my drinks on
the house in a good company of friends.
D’you think I’m drunk?
Kill the Danish traitors!
I put it straight as a soldier:
Don’t you utter a word in Danish!
Here! They keep mum!
I take it,
these Danish people are cowards!
Sir, you aren’t in Denmark anymore!
This is Brussels in Belgium.
I don’t give a shit!
Belgium or Denmark,
I don’t give a shit for any country!
I care for my drinks and
for obedient servants.
Now Fritz is in the capital
of sweet France – in Paris.
He’s gawking at statues in the Louvre.
[They’re singing the German song
“Mein Lieber Augustin”]
– They got helluva lotta statues here!
– A hundred or more, I bet.
Our guys’ve been here!
Look, this one’s got no arms!
No dress, and no underwear,
no shoes and no pants.
Let’s shoot it with my gun,
or bash it with a hammer!
Look, Fritz, she’s a Venus,
Milo by name.
That Venus of Milo kid
is a looker, eh?
Fritz has gone to the Russian front
hoping for a ‘blitz’ war.
He promised us to come to Moscow
in a couple of weeks.
Where’s he now?
As for his whereabouts,
I don’t know anything…
Fritz is lost in action.
He was in the SS regiment.
But the regiment is defeated…
and Fritz is lost…
SS.. SS..
I knew.
– I’m cold.
– I got no coat, no boots.
– What an incredible frost!
– What the hell are we doing here?!
The headquarters order is:
“If cold, dance to warm your asses”
The battalion got
a new gramophone to dance to.
Let’s wind it up and
dance a bit together.
Change the disk, Franz,
let’s dance some more.
[Russian war folk song:
It’s a long way to Tula and Kaluga]
#Tula, Tula, Tula – my native city.
Tula, Tula, we’re back!#
#We’ve given a hard time to
the Germans near our Tula.#
#Tula, Tula, Tula – my native city.
Tula, Tula, we’re back!#
See that crack?
Somebody has given us the wrong disk!
We’ll bring it to the officers.
– I’m cold!
– I’m frosted!
– Gimme your mittens!
– Like hell you’ll get them, Fritz!
– Gimme your muff and coat!
– Like hell I will!
And if you don’t, I’ll turn you in
for listening to Russian songs!
– You, scoundrel!
– You, deserter!
You swine!
Here, quit fighting, you, bandits!
Take them both, mates!
The end of the tale:
Fritz is now in his new home.
Come and have a look, Soviet people!
In this cage we keep a German beast.
To put it short
his name is Fritz
of Nazi family.
I’m sorry to ask, but
can you give me a cigarette?
Beasts are not allowed to smoke!
I’m not finished yet.
This beast can talk like a man,
wears man’s clothes,
uses a spoon to eat with
and a cup or a glass to drink from,
but he is still an ape.
A man-eating ape!
He killed for nothing.
he murdered, burnt and carved!
He killed babies in their cradles!
He piloted the bombers
and the submarines,
He robbed he killed and
tortured the captives.
We’ve killed a lot of Fritzes
in our lands.
But we took this one to the zoo.
That man-like beast
will survive and live
to be studied by scientists
as any other viper.
You’ve watched a movie featuring
one of the great mysteries of our time:
How a man can degrade to an ape.
Russian subs and time code: Eazin
English subs: steelhawk©