SUBSCRIBE here: Berlin, Germany is an exciting city with loads of things to do. Begin your sightseeing tour with a stop at Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor), once a symbol of the divide between East Berlin and West Berlin. Stay tuned for more snapshots of beautiful Berlin. Germany is Europe travel at its best! If you’re digging this vid, please: Help a sista out and SUBSCRIBE here ( SHARE with all the good people you know who might enjoy or be curious. *********************** If you like this video, please THUMBS UP, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE! SUBSCRIBE HERE : More Places to Find Me : YOUTUBE : BLOG : INSTAGRAM : FACEBOOK :… TWITTER : For business inquiries, email me at:
well hello everyone it’s me and I am
greeting you from lovely berlin where i
am at for the next few days visiting
family look what’s behind me it’s the
brandenburg gate or the bread and burger
tour those of you who know me know that
my husband Liebling is from this
beautiful city so we always make it a
point to come back and visit family but
what I think is particularly important
to do even when you know a city well
like myself I’ve been to Berlin probably
about a good 15 times I think it’s
really important to come and sightsee
and and do all the touristy things lord
knows I have been to the Brandenburg
Gate multiple times many times but it’s
still always nice to kind of come out
and get swept up in the rapture of
sightseeing so I’m here on this
beautiful sunny day it’s a little bit
crisp but nothing compared to yesterday
when it was raining and like gray and
like super super cold and I am enjoying
the views of the Brandenburg Gate which
has quite a bit of significance in
German history so I’m gonna come to you
with some more tidbits about the city
behind me is the hotel adlon which is
most known for V or his most famous for
being a hotel that the late great
Michael Jackson dangled his a child or
his baby off of a balcony and yeah I
will show you more from this lovely city
which is very important in Germany and
also in Europe I’m onika this is Berlin
Germany and see you later juice of Vitas