Join us on a video tour of Schöneberg, the oldest queer neighbourhood in Berlin. We learn about famous past residents including the gay author Christopher Isherwood and Marlene Dietrich. We learn about LGBTQI culture in Berlin, check out the Metropol building, and celebrate Berlin’s diversity. __________________________________________________________ For more details, go to our website Contact us : Sales team: Jonathan +49 176 23 22 69 47 Liza +49 157 877 83 092 Follow us on social media:
hello Jonathan Van Dam here your Berlin
real estate expert today we are in China
barrack and we’re doing a tool with
Berta she will show us the whole
neighborhood which is the oldest queer
neighborhood of Berlin I hope you will
enjoy it as much as I do
I’m better my company’s called Walk This
Way and every last Saturday of the month
I do this tour today we’re going to walk
through the neighborhood shoe in a bag
so here we are at the house of
Christopher Isherwood it was a gay
awesome reason why he came to Berlin it
was because of the boys because I knew
that a lot of gay people hang around so
he actually lived a one quest bag and
then moved to Shona back to to live out
his dreams which he couldn’t earn
so now we standing in front of Metropole
even though that’s Korea although
everyone in Berlin causes the Metropole
I call it the Studio 54 of Berlin and it
was built in 1905 and what was used as
as a concert hall at the beginning but
this wasn’t very successful so they
changed it into a cinema every Friday
you can imagine a premiere here and
there was one girl always running from
school up to the street sometimes
getting red car neighs if she could
afford it and handing it to her favorite
actress Henny Putin during that time and
little did she know that she Saturday 13
years later also had her premieres here
it was milena d’etre
milena did which was born in Chernobyl
and she also went to school down the
street and always made an effort to go
and visit the premieres here was very
interval B’s
Thank You Vera having guys and I soon on
one of the tours by