Are you ready for a party in Berlin? The Berlin nightlife is unique and the Berlin nightlife cannot be compared with other European cities. If you go party in Berlin you will experience a great electronic music scene, cool people and spectacular cocktails. Book a flight to Berlin with SAS and get ready for the Berlin nightlife! This video, presented by SAS, takes you to Germany’s capital Berlin. Berlin is known for its crazy Berlin nightlife, where the electronic music scene and open-minded Germans attracts many people from around the world. If you party in Berlin you will experience many different clubs and bars all playing the best music and serving the best drinks – and hey, maybe you will try a cocktail with a rose just like Henrik Tildefjärd. Are you and your friends ready for a party in Berlin? Then a book a flight with SAS to beautiful and exiting Berlin! Book your flight to Berlin and explore the Berlin nightlife: In this video we meet the swede Henrik Tildefjärd. Henrik Tildefjärd, who is an agent in Berlin, has worked with some of the biggest celebrities in the world and therefore he knows the Berlin nightlife very well. Henrik Tildefjärd knows exactly where to party in Berlin, which makes him the best to guide us through the Berlin nightlife. Before you go party in Berlin it is very important to eat first, and Henrik Tildefjärd recommends the restaurant W-Derimbiss located on Kastanienallee 49 in Berlin. After a nice meal at W-Derimbiss it is time to start exploring the Berlin nightlife! Did you like this videos about the Berlin nightlife? Then you will also like this video about the nightlife in Gothenburg presented by Yoko DJs: WHERE TO PARTY IN BERLIN? Are going to party in Berlin? But are you in doubt about where to party in Berlin? Don’t worry, Henrik Tildefjärd will introduce you to the best parties in Berlin. If you like tasty and delicious cocktails, then visit the bar “Croco Bleu” in Berlin. “Croco Bleu” is a very different, but typical Berlin bar, because of its unique atmosphere and special cocktails. If you wish to explore the unique Berlin nightlife, then visit “Croco Bleu” on Prenzlauer Allee 242 in Berlin. After having a drink at “Croco Bleu” it is time for a real party in Berlin. And the best party in Berlin, is according to Henrik Tildefjärd, at the nightclub Schwuz, where Berlins most famous drag queen, Gloria Viagra, makes the party go wild! Go explore the Berlin nightlife and get a lifetime experience! ABOUT THE BERLIN NIGHTLIFE Henrik Tildefjärd describes the Berlin nightlife as very spontaneous and unpredictable. And if you wish to explore the identical Berlin nightlife then go with the flow, network with locals and try to get invited to things. …Did you know there is a saying about the Berlin nightlife? The saying about the Berlin nightlife goes like this: “If you’re too weak for Berlin, Berlin has won”… Follow SAS at our social media platforms and get the latest information about Scandinavia’s leading airline: ————————– Like us on Facebook: Tweet us over at: See great pictures on Instagram: And don’t forget to plus us on at: ————————– Are you going to party in Berlin? Then you will find this playlist on our YouTube-channel useful. In the playlist you can learn about how to pack your suitcase for Berlin and how to make wireless speakers with glasses. Find the playlist here: SAS wish you a pleasant trip to Berlin, and remember that Berlin offers many other things than just the crazy Berlin nightlife. If you travel to Berlin, don’t miss the 10 best tourist attractions: 1. Reichtag 2. Brandenburg Gate 3. Berlin Television Tower 4. Gendarmenmarkt 5. Berlin Cathedral 6. Kurfürstendamm 7. Charlottenburg Palace 8. Museum Island 9. The Berlin Wall Memorial and Documentation Centre 10. Potsdamer Platz – after you have seen the attractions, you can get ready for a party in Berlin!
I often say that the world
comes to me, I don’t need to travel.
I have very exciting clients.
You want me to name one? Madonna.
We’re heading to some fun locations,
very different ones.
This is typical for Berlin.
You have to find the places – Croco Bleu.
I have never eaten a rose and had
a cocktail before. This is wonderful.
Could we have some music, please?
Things often happen
spontaneously in Berlin.
You just go with the flow with your
network and get invited to things.
We kept it up all day and night.
You can’t miss Berlin’s queer world.
We’re going to meet a friend of mine.
She is one of Berlin’s most famous
drag queens – Gloria Viagra.
There’s a saying:
“If you’re too weak for Berlin,
Berlin has won.”