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what’s going on
vacationers today’s video focuses on
trendy food spots that I found in Berlin
while I visited for four days from
kebabs to chocolates to curry to German
food we tried to find as much as we
could so nin is so hungry right now that
she doesn’t even care he’s just eating
look at this dude we are at the doner
kebab place
the next day – the business
hurry worse
how’s it taste world like saussage
pretty worse time
it’s alright not big kind of hurry so
spicy though is the best day sleep we’re
headed for some coffee because I’m half
awake right now
then we’re gonna explore
all right we’re going to balls that
coffee let’s see how this balls at
coffee tastes like so it picked up some
ball sack coffee
it’s pretty good balzac feeling it
Starbucks among search continues looking
for Cologne and Berlin damn Berlin and
Dresden here
so this is one of the beer halls we
wanted to check out but it’s closed says
it’s open on TripAdvisor
they celebrate Christmas like two days
here so we’re trying to go over to
Burgermeister but it’s closed there’s
another one we could try out might just
go over there it’s two different
locations so since we can’t have
Burgermeister today we’ll probably have
it tomorrow we’re gonna go check out
hello good pie hopefully it’s open
and Jase are at Mustapha stove up right
now you’ve been eating kebabs all
frickin week but this is the only thing
that’s opened during the Christmas
season and Kure 36 is actually right
next to it instead of one of the most
popular curry places
prepare to be in a line
if you guys have sensitive bladders
Berlin is not the city for you you got
to pay 50 cents to a euro is to take a
leak in public places and it’s hard to
find restrooms it sucks especially here
so anyways we’re gonna eat now just just
a little tip but yeah this place is
really good most oppas online is super
long we’ll get it out right behind me
it’s super long right now so look at
this guy’s
it’s super good guys like to put a lot
of different things in it they have a
chilli sauce nepeta Zeki half goat
cheese it’s good we’re trying to go to
this brew house over here and it’s
closed everything seems to be closed on
the 26 so this travel vlog is going to
Isha’s got a blog
we’re here at Fabiano’s you already know
where Germany always gotta get poppy
honest they stay for here in Berlin
Germany we are going to explore a few
more things like the East Side Gallery
hopefully you’ll back to places like
Burgermeister and a few other places
that were closed yesterday like that
brewery we went to does it fail they
celebrate Christmas for two days here so
25th and 26th you know it’s basically a
holiday so understandable but anyways
I’m going to get some souvenirs right
now Jason and in our over at the Berlin
while checking it out
so we’re at Starbucks guys having a chai
tea latte
they spelled my name right here in
Germany it’s got a Starbucks mug got the
Nuremberg Starbucks mug had to get his
too nice of a mug not to have and I’ve
passed by Nuremberg before so it counts
also got cologne because it wasn’t out
yet when I last went to Cologne so now I
have Cologne and Dusseldorf been to
Dusseldorf so we got that to Berlin
I got Berlin too so cool we’re all set
Starbucks mugs my bag is gonna be heavy
Jake’s got me is gonna powder Berliner
donut it’s a jelly filled donut and
they’re popular here look like Tyrone
Biggums after you eat this also who
Tyrone Biggums is comment below
i’ma tell you something about me
jailbroken that you might not know good
yep I feel it ain’t no jelly on the
inside though lunchtime we are headed in
the Burgermeister let’s do this
just ordered a cheeseburger and a beer
and fries about 970 now bad
so we’re at Burgermeister waiting for
our order no line here at the indoor one
it’s only a couple stops away there’s
another Burgermeister close to the east
side gallery but we decided to go to
this one I was watching my friend Maya
by Mimi and hello jello their video they
went to that one and they were in line
for like an hour if you want to wait for
that long
in a beer good looking out for the
recommendation gel or me me
see you guys in 2018
kind of ordered pretty quick got the
normal fries and the cheeseburger
good bread don’t like big holes are at
the no people
decent burger alright so that was
Burgermeister we’re gonna head over to
the east side gallery now we are now at
this food market just walked like 20
minutes from East Side Gallery it’s far
it was like two blocks is the longest
blocks ever not that many people here
right now it’s about 4:00 in the
of course super tired but I have to get
one more glühwein before I left Germany
oh it’s good that’s it from the food
market five was hungry I probably would
have got stuff but who vine works back
out to the cold it’s like a seven minute
walk to the train station or the subway
station and then back to the hostel
apparently a Ritter sport is a very
popular chocolate here in Europe man is
going to get some winding down our trip
here in Berlin we are headed to a beer
hall right now
you’re at pressure right now and about
that dinner
guys Cheers
Prost I got the lager Jesus fill sir
remember a lot of these places
especially these beer halls they only
accept cash only so
here that you have a lot of euros
there’s no credit card for these places
that’s why you go to Starbucks along
take part
so I’m being kind of weak right now
and then got trout Jason got sauerkraut
have some beers I ate up the donors body
in there
well that’s it from Berlin Germany hope
this helps you on your next trip to
Germany what were your favorite places
to eat during your visit in Berlin
please like comment and subscribe and
I’ll see you in the next video