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looks like a very Main Street I think
it’s called unter den Linden Street and
just everywhere you walk along here and
as far as the eye can see down the
street there’s just buildings of like
historical nature in one way or another
we’re just like an incredibly impressive
architecture so today is our second day
in Berlin and we’ve been sort of a bit
overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that
there is to do here in Norman City
everything is like so spread out so this
is gonna be like a two-two powder or two
day video we were going to tackle like
all of the main things to do the top
tourist destinations in Berlin
Brandenburg Gate really well recognized
Charlie any Holocaust memorial yeah and
like everything in between because it’s
just there’s just so much going on
ruby’s joining us as oh oh yeah if you
see Ruby she got here really early in
the morning so we’re lucky that we’ve
got the local recommendation from Laura
who we’re staying with so that we can
group together all of the stuff and like
today one day and then tomorrow we’ll do
like the wall or on the next video and
group all of that stuff because like
geolocation it just makes sense but
first we had to catch a bus which was I
think to Euro 80 to get to this
Alexanderplatz area and we keep noticing
this around which is the tallest
building in Berlin apparently it’s 368
meters I think we thought it was gonna
be like a tower you could go up but
apparently it’s actually just part of
it’s like a TV station and like office
buildings and stuff but we are heading
in this direction towards the Cathedral
so it made it to the Berlin Cathedral
this is originally built in the 1400s
apparently which is just like ridiculous
to think how far back that is obviously
it’s been like added to and developed
and sort of improved over time so is the
1900s I think 1905 5 and that it was
like yeah and probably when they added
all the nice little like gold touches on
top just making that out and it’s on an
area called museum island where all the
like well-known museums are located yeah
so like that’s right behind us as a
river and you can take these little
cruises right the way around and check
out all of the different museums and
stuff and that was like a ten minute
walk the architecture get seen around
the city is just blowing us away it’s
just so incredible when we’re just
standing right here now looking and just
in this vicinity alone there’s like five
or six different maps there and then
just literally walk around the corner
and you’ve got a beautiful big park
everybody just hanging out having some
lunch a couple of drinks and I think
there’s someone even having wedding
photos out there
so it probably only walked about five
minutes down looks like a very Main
Street I think it’s called unter den
Linden Street and just everywhere you
walk along here and as far as the eye
can see down the street there’s just
buildings of like historical nature in
one way or another we’re just like an
incredibly impressive architecture right
here this looks like the Parthenon sort
of style like almost Greek think back
behind me there is the German History
Museum and just everywhere you look all
around on the street it’s just I mean
there’s a lot of Tours and everything
but it is um yeah there’s just you could
probably spend hours walking all the way
along here going into all of these
little spots taking photos but we’re
making our way down to States where we
going again Brandenburg Gate which is
definitely one of the most iconic things
to see here we got distracted by this
big amazing square here
it’s just absolutely stunning like
amazing cobblestone streets and
everything as well if you haven’t picked
up yet already we’re absolutely loving
Berlin this place is so awesome
not only is there all this history
everything but it’s just a really cool
culture and scene here we can definitely
see ourselves spending more time but if
we go down the street even further
towards the gate and the other thing
when I try and go to checkpoint charlie
and a couple of other things as well
so it made it to what is probably one of
the most iconic buildings or like
structures in Berlin as a whole so the
Brandenburg Gate which is apparently
used to separate Berlin on the side and
Brandenburg which is backed outside but
there’s been loads of like things
throughout history that have been
occurred here as well so it was built in
that early 1800s one of the most
interesting stories that we heard is
that at the top the statue up there was
actually taken after the frisian army so
from that side of the gate they were
defeated by the french and they took the
statue back to paris with them but then
apparently a few years later i think it
was a then the bruising army went to
france took the statue and brought it
back you can see by the amount of people
that are around us this is definitely
our most condition we’ve seen in one
place here so many people because
there’s just so much to happen here that
there’s no way we could share all of
so this place is known as the memorial
to the murdered Jews of Europe and
basically it consists of like 2711 yeah
sort of all uneven heights and it’s been
arranged apparently desert loads of
different interpretations and they’ve
been arranged are the most common
interpretation as that they’ve been
built to kind of look like a graveyard
and yeah I think we were reading before
that six million Jewish people were
yeah so it’s definitely a little bit of
a somber place to visit but you can it’s
open to interpretation what it actually
means but there really is quite crazy
walking through here it’s that is just
so enormous I mean these are twice twice
my height at the tallest and you know
some of them the other ones out front
are very very small around the edges but
probably covers I’d say it covers the
size of like a football field so it’s
very big in all directions as well you
just sort of keep walking everywhere you
go there’s like really cool shadows and
I mean this is solid rock as well so
yeah you know what more to say about
this place it’s obviously not a very
nice story but it’s incredible to be
here and visiting it so just stop for a
little bit of food and some lunch and
some beer as well this is definitely my
favorite German beer eating yeah that’s
four for four fifty euro I think and
then we’ve got some salami pizza and
some more Kovas this is like a
traditional German sausage if you didn’t
catch us today’s video we went to a much
more local spot compared to where we are
now which is probably a little bit more
touristy and they tried this for the
first time it’s actually really really
nice it’s got curry powder on it as well
so we’ve just arrived at Checkpoint
Charlie looks like there’s a whole new
area sort of built here you can go on
this is Charlie’s Beach and their food
drinks and chill out there’s all sorts
of information along the sides here but
from what we can tell looking over the
street here that is checkpoint charlie
there so we’ll be checking out the
Berlin wall where it walls tomorrow in
the next video but this is an
interesting piece here which is a
section of it which is talking about how
difficult this was it was like third or
fourth rendition of the walls creation
but it became very difficult for people
to climb because of this look that they
put along the top here and in the height
of it and then it also was useful as
well because of the length of this piece
here made there difficult for the like
will they call it here barrier smashing
cars to come in and try and smash the
wall down so I had no idea that it
actually made like multiple versions of
the wall to try and protect its like
integrity to make sure it would stay up
so the spot they’re at now is the last
mile stops which is a checkpoint charlie
which we mentioned before this place was
really significant because it was the
third border crossing between East and
West and it became sort of the most
significant I think was just possibly
the most used anyway and the Charlie
first literally come from alpha Bravo
Charlie just being the third it’s also
been a lot of battles here as well which
we were just reading a little bit about
where like tanks from like the Soviets
and the US where like properly had at
war here basically it’s a little bit of
a tough one though because there is a
lot of people and it’s also extremely
sort of extremely commercialized people
are here paying photos to stand there
with obviously actors in their clothing
sort of smiling with your West flags and
everything as well so fascinating to see
and sort of read about the history
behind it but also yeah sort of a really
somber place that’s now tune into this
of all of the places is definitely the
most touristy but yeah there’s just so
much to read and find out not just about
checkpoint charlie but just about this
whole city it’s it’s insane there’s no
way that we could possibly pull
everything together into just like one
video but we will be doing more tomorrow
winning on see the wall there’s a couple
of other things as well that didn’t fit
because of their like location today so
check back for the next video but as
always thank you so much for watching
and we’ll catch you in the comments