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Hi Aaron, I am clean co-founder and CEO of theory as
co-founders and core team
believer in university we met in a nonprofit organization called SVGA and
We worked together on social innovation projects for seven years and after
Different working experience. We established three a one and half year ago and
What is pretty here is an OD walking through application that allows the travelers?
explore the stairs as you listen, its stories its unique inspiring stories from the best guides and
It’s based on three valuable insights
firstly researching and planning is time-consuming and stressful part of traveling and
Secondly, if you wish to explore it with an experienced guide professional guides
you have to be prepared to make huge payments and
thirdly, if you are willing to travel with a group to reduce the cost, you will eventually realize that
difficulties in finding good guides or restrictions caused by
strict rule schedules reduce joy of travel significantly and
value travel tasty redraws the best route for you and it detects your location by using GPS of your mobile phone and
starts automatically telling the stories telling the unique stories of your current location and
during get through you can be sure that you are on the right direction by checking contests on the application screen or
by following the road on the map screen and
We have the privilege to work with some of the best guys in Turkey and Europe
for example, Marcus Millar is our guide in Berlin and
Bruce Pauline from London
you know travel sector is a very large market and we are interested in guidance for markets as
We have 60 tours in twenties including most visited European European cities such as London
Barcelona Amsterdam Berlin Florence, Milind and
the turkish tea is between evils being hated every month and fear has been downloaded by more than
200,000 people in only one and half year but you know in the ex sector at business
Purchase is more important than download and purchase rate continue to increasing by 50%
Every month and
Financial model last year, we have partnered with each bank and trued side
These companies for example. Each bank is first and largest bank in Turkey and Turkish
I’ll is leading technology GSM company in Turkey and
in essence, they both tours from us on behalf of their customers and
For example in Istanbul Turkey be purchased for 10 euro by in-app purchase method from App Store and Play Store
Bella’s trucks are users and each Bank users can benefit from these tools without making any payments
This b2b sales are very important leverage at our initial phase and then we received our first
investments and with these investments
We are expanding to Europe and we are producing neutrals in Europe with foreign local guys best local guys
and for the future, we have a dream that every person will be able to explore the state of their choice and
listen to its stories from the best guides and this dream of defining to Curie’s next era and
Next naira and next era is tours with VR and AR technology
This vr tours will animate the historic
breathtaking historic scenarios with 3d models
we believe it’s the very meaningful work to reimagine splendid architectural heritage of our historical sites because
places like this are
belong to the people of the world not only a nation and they should be preserved and gifted to next generation as
our legacy and
we are so excited for this idea which combines the latest technology with the me for purpose and
I wanna show you an example for VR tours. This is Ephesus
Biggest angel stay in Turkey our
First virtual will be in Turkey. This video is not belong to us. Actually we are at stage of research and development now
if you hear time and
Mana discovered by lain with pure you may download
violent or with this code free of charge and our gifts is for you and
Enjoy Thailand enjoy this amazing say thank you so much