One of my favourite cuisines is Indian and like any other cuisine that comes from a big country with divers cultural customes, languages and regional characterics, Indian food is vastly different from one state to the other. I went to Swadesh, a newly opened Indian restaurant in Berlin and they serve North and South Indian food – a perfect opportunity to give you a basic idea about what the difference can look like. From what I learned while travelling through India, North Indian food is more based on different dishes cooked in gravy like sauces. Butter chicken, lamb curry or lentil stew, all were absolutely delicious! All the spices, herbs, veggies and meat are cooked down to a smooth creamy texture, that goes perfectly with rice. For South Indian food we ate tons of crispy dosa, vada, uttapam with coconut chutney and sambar. It’s often served for breakfast, but we had it also throughout the entire day. Hope I could give you a basic idea what to order, when you are going for Indian food the next time! Thank you for watching this food video and I hope you enjoyed it too! Music by LiQWYD Free download: ► Follow me on Instagram for daily updates ► Support my work on Patreon ❤