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Hi guys!! Today I’m gonna talk about my life in Berlin!
No! I’m not in Berlin at the moment, I’m still in Barcelona!
But if you remember, I moved to Berlin almost 2 years ago for 4 months
and I loved this city! I had a big crush on it!
Not from the beginning to be honest
after a few months of living there, I realized that there were lots of things that I loved.
So today I want to talk about the positive and negative aspects of living in Berlin!
I’m going to start with the positive aspects since there are more positive aspects than negative ones.
So the first strong point is that Berlin is quite a big city actually…
but it doesn’t feel like it!
I mean that the streets are really large and nature’s everywhere with lots of trees and parks that…
feel kind of wild and not superficial!
There are lots of places by the docks’ edges where you can have a drink
and there’s this “wild nature” atmosphere
that I really liked… and it makes you feel like
you are elsewhere, all the while being in the city!
The second strong point which for me was THE key point that made me love the city and think I could live
there again very easily is… the people!
Berlin is a city where…
you don’t feel judged, you can be who you are…
there are people from all over the world
who do different types of things as a living: artists, creatives, engineers…
And all these people mix together…
Everybody’s super open! It’s really easy – well, I personally thought it was easy – to meet people!
Being able to go to meetups, there are tons and tons of meetups! And over there it’s normal!
So, for me, the biggest positive aspect was the community… especially when working as a freelancer!
There’s a big freelance community so I made friends very easily.
I even made friends with local people very easily…
I’m thinking about a German girl in particular who invited me everywhere with her friends
and they all made the effort to speak English when I was there.
So I really appreciated it because it doesn’t happen everywhere!
The third thing that I loved in Berlin is creativity!
There are lots of artists…
lots of actors and actresses, people who work in the film production or photo industries, painters…
there are lots of exhibitions everywhere… the Berlin theater is renowned too…
the dance industry!
There’s a huge artistic community and I personally value this aspect a lot in a city
because it makes me feel at home, it inspires me and it makes me want to push my limits
and I always have something to do or see, so it’s really cool!
There are also lots of coworking spaces for artists and creatives so it’s really easy to connect
and find business opportunities
with other creatives and help each other out!
So I thought this was awesome!
The fourth thing that I loved in Berlin is the environment awareness!
I mean everybody recycles.
For starters, you get a fine if you don’t recycle or put something in the wrong trashcan…
so everybody’s careful!
Of course, lots of people ride their bike, there are lots of thrift shops
so second-hand items are the norm.
There are lots and lots of sustainable development projects,
ecology projects, bars and really interesting places where people exchange on those subjects.
When it comes to social entrepreneurship…
environmental entrepreneurship…
it’s the place to be! I know other hubs are great too… cities like Amsterdam or even Paris
have developed a lot towards this
but Berlin is still
a pioneer in Europe in my opinion.
The fifth point that I loved – and I think it won’t be a scoop for you – is…
the nightlife in Berlin!
The parties are crazy! Out of this world! However, you must be ready to go out
at 02:00 AM and go back home at 11:00 AM! I did not go out that much after all
but the few times I did it was just…
crazy! And I loved it! There’s plenty of electronic music and… well maybe you don’t like that but I do!
And so, sometimes even in small shops and cafés there’s amazing music!
It’s really enjoyable! In the clubs and the like, the music is insane of course!
If you rather like parties that are… I don’t know… 80’s parties! Or club and disco parties…
and let’s say more current music and hits
there are fewer options! I think you have to like
electronic music because that’s what’s played in most clubs in Berlin.
Of course, there are also lots of
festivals in Berlin and nearby which are really cool.
You can feel that the vibe…
surrounding these gatherings…is really unique!
The sixth point that made me move to Berlin is the budget!
Berlin is really not that expensive, especially for a capital.
So,it’s the kind of city that’s going to gain much more popularity very soon – and it currently is – but
as for now, it’s still affordable. It’s around 400-450 euros for a room in a shared flat
which is quite big and located in the center of the city.
As for the meal budget…
for 7-8 euros you can have a really generous meal
whereas here the quantities are much smaller!
In general, life is cheap and organic products are affordable.
Compared with other places, I had no issues buying almost everything organic.
The seventh point is that if you don’t speak German, in Berlin you can very easily get away with speaking English.
Maybe too easily because I think it’s great when you move to and settle in a city, to learn
the language there.
But then it allows you to assimilate easily with the locals
and to buy stuff with no issues because you can always
ask someone for help and there will always be somebody who speaks English.
The eighth point for me is that
Berlin is a very safe city!
I never really felt unsafe there.
Just once when I visited an apartment and the people were very odd but nothing happened… it’s just that
I thought these people really really looked drugged out… and they were 3 men… and I was visiting the apartment…
and I just thought…
I just felt uncomfortable…
just because the vibe of the apartment was weird!
Otherwise, there wasn’t one single instance where I went back home
late at night and felt unsafe.
Even for my belongings, I wasn’t really afraid that
they might get stolen so to me this city’s really safe.
So on to the negative aspects now!
The first one is that I don’t think Berlin is a beautiful city…
Especially in comparison with other European capitals.
There’s no beautiful architecture, the streets are not gorgeous…
There are really cute districts to go for a walk… as I said nature is everywhere and there are lots of parks
which are a bit out of the ordinary, which are nice but…
to be honest, if you expect to be blown away
that won’t be the case in Berlin!
And actually, the city has a raw vibe…
with an industrial architecture and I’d even say that there’s an underground feeling that may scare off or…
even repel people a bit.
Especially since there’s a big difference between East Berlin and West Berlin because of history of course…
and so East Berlin still has
a very raw character… with flyers everywhere…
even a bit dirty…
but personally, I think that’s part of the city’s charm!
The second negative point is the weather of course!
The weather is just… really… it’s awful!
Especially during winter, of course, but I lived there from September to December.
I had luck because in September the weather was still beautiful and it was great!
Starting from mid-October, the weather became really bad and then Berlin’s drizzle arrived and…
you know that fine rain which comes from the front on top of that! So an umbrella is useless!
You know those mini drops where you feel like someone’s spitting on you…
all the time! Well, that’s it! This is what the weather’s like in winter!
It’s not always like that but there’s really a lot of rain.
There’s a lot of… well, it’s very grey! The sky’s always grey…
many people flee the country during winter
and go to warmer countries to survive!
Also, it’s nighttime at 04:30 PM!!!
But like deep DEEP dark! So winter is quite hardcore there…
The weather is really really bad!
The third negative point is that Berlin is quite huge actually.
In terms of surface area, I think I read somewhere that it’s 8 times the size of Paris so
it’s really huge!
So, in order to move around it takes
a really long time and in general people tend to stay within their districts…
to go out within their district… but if you want to go see somebody
who’s on the other side of another district then it’ll take at least half an hour up to 45 minutes riding the subway.
However, it’s nice that the subway is rarely full and there’s rarely a lot of people so it’s not oppressive.
But still, it takes time…
I think it could be very nice to use a bike but as I said the weather is bad so during winter it sucks.
The fourth negative point is that – as I said earlier – the city’s becoming more and more popular
and more and more people want to live there so it’s INSANELY difficult to find an apartment!
But really… I think it’s the city where it was the most difficult to find something
and maybe it was because I was only searching an apartment for 4 months and it was impossible
to get something just for 4 months!
I could only find apartments for 1 month at a time so in 4 months I lived in 4 different apartments!
Finding one is really difficult and it’s better to have connections if you can.
It’s the same thing in all the big cities but I thought that Berlin was even worse than Paris!…
worse than New York!!…
worse than Singapore!!!
So plan ahead to find a place to stay!
I think that if you intend to stay long-term and you’re ready to pay a little more
it’ll be easier.
Then, the fifth point – which personally didn’t bother me but I know it can bother some people –
it’s this underground vibe.
For example, it’s really not
trendy to wear a little dress with heels in Berlin!
So if that’s what you like… if you like the urban style…
or dressing fancy then I don’t think Berlin will be your cup of tea except for West Berlin…
maybe… but it’s boring over there!
I would not recommend.
But as I said it’s a positive point for me rather than a negative one.
That’s it! That’s all I had in mind concerning negative aspects.
But I have one advice to give:
if you just want to visit the city then don’t focus on big tourist attractions
such as the Brandenburg Gate or
even the Berlin Wall… of course, it’s great to go and see some historical attractions that are significant
but, to me, Berlin is a city that one must experience on a deeper level.
So try to experience it from within!
Try small cafés… they’re so cool!
Have brunch… it’s copious and cheap!
Stroll around in small markets where you can find lots of vintage stuff and in thrift shops!
This is what I really loved in Berlin and you can even try to meet people!
There are lots of things to do but it’s not really a city
that you can marvel at while going for a walk…
Although there may be some districts that can be cute.
Anyways, this is going to be the subject of another video!
I’ll do a video to share all my good addresses in Berlin, what’s worth seeing, what I advise you to do!
But I hope you liked this video and if you are thinking about living in Berlin,
that it inspired you to do so…or not!
Please share in the comment section if you’ve already lived there,
if you’ve already visited the city and what your positive and negative points are…
it’ll be useful for everybody!
See you very soon in the next video!
Byye !!