When the global pandemic cancelled the Berlin Travel Festival, I had to get a bit creative with what to do with my weekend in Berlin. It wasn’t too difficult to still have a fantastic time thanks to Generator Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, good friends, cool museums like the DDR Museum and Hamburger Bahnhof, and the #StrandedInBerlin event! This final (for now) Foreign Voices Travelers Tour vlog is a special one. ‘Foreign Voice’ EP on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2HYTUq… © Claire Hawkins 2020 #Berlin #BerlinTravelVlog #TravelVlog Each of my travel videos features music made by artists who are either from or based in the city where the video was filmed. The songs in this video are “No Man’s Land” and “Shutdown” by the Berlin-based band Sultan’s Court. https://open.spotify.com/track/7tg6i9Xoi2EQpfG8nGDb8W https://open.spotify.com/track/6XHVakakafZF5xs8nauMzq http://www.clairehawkinsmusic.com http://www.facebook.com/ImClaireHawkins http://www.twitter.com/ImClaireHawkins http://www.instagram.com/ImClaireHawkins
as you can probably imagine I am so
excited because I’m headed back to one
of my favorite favorite cities which is
urlan I was actually originally invited
to attend the Berlin Travel Festival
this weekend which was unfortunately
postponed due to coronavirus so one
thing that was not postponed is my show
at generator Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
tonight my fourth time performing at a
generator hostel and it’s gonna be a
really fun trip here we are in Berlin my
second home or third home I don’t know
it’s just one of my favorite cities in
the world and I love coming back here
even when it’s cold which I have to say
beginning of March it’s not that cold
last time I was here in the beginning of
March it’s one of the coldest places
I’ve ever been
it was – it is a misty Friday morning
here in Berlin and I’m hiding under my
giant hood on my way to go get breakfast
I just have to point out this city is so
quiet and I know I’m in a residential
neighborhood and it is a Friday so
people are probably at work in school
but you don’t get this kind of quiet in
New York
coming through
so I just went to the DDR museum which
was pretty cool I never got there when I
was living here so just you know on my
list of things that I could go see it
has stopped raining kind of for the
moment so that’s a good update I’m
really just wandering around cuz I don’t
have an agenda for the day I will say
though this part of the city is you know
the central touristy area and it’s still
very quiet and I’m curious if a lot of
people that were maybe gonna come this
week to Berlin are now not here because
of the coronavirus I don’t know I’m
still here
I just walked about 40 minutes for no
reason other than the fact that I could
and it had stopped raining so my feet
are pretty tired so I have some work to
get done
I’m gonna find a cafe and sit down and
have coffee number two of the day
down down
all right it is a bit dreary but dry
Saturday morning here in Berlin it’s
probably the afternoon by now I didn’t
exactly wake up early last night I went
with my friend Lucy to this event it was
a networking event for travel industry
people from all over the world it was
called hashtag stranded in Berlin it was
the backup for the Berlin Travel
Festival which was unfortunately
cancelled due to coronavirus and of
course everybody was like do we shake
hands maybe not a great idea but there
were a lot of cool people there and we
talked to people from all over the world
at all different sides of the travel
industry it was really cool but now I’m
out exploring again because I was
supposed to be at the Travel Festival
today so I’m just learning more of
I just spent a little while exploring
hamburger bahnhof which is this
Contemporary Art Museum here it’s built
into an old I think 19th century train
station and they had this one exhibit
that was all sound so everywhere that
you stood in the room you heard
different noises and sounds it was very
Berlin really cool I would tell you to
come check it out but it’s only here
until the 8th of March which is before I
will get this video posted so
we have a very rare occurrence of a blue
sky in Berlin and we’re celebrating that
by getting pad thai
we are back here at Lucy’s place in
Berlin we’re super exhausted from
walking so far today I think we did like
20,000 steps or something which is kind
of how each day here in Berlin has been
this weekend because I had a lot of free
time when the Berlin travel festival was
cancelled so I’m glad that I was able to
make the most of it
this was a really really fun weekend I
just love this city so much so being
back it’s always always fun even when
there was no plan if you have it please
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