In this Berlin Vlog, I’m going to show you how to spend 48 hours in Berlin Germany for the ultimate Berlin food tour. You will see WHAT TO EAT and WHERE TO EAT in Berlin Germany in 48 hours, starting with where to get the BEST Doner Kebab and Currywurst in Berlin. Then, I’m going to show you THE BEST vegan restaurant in Berlin! For dinner, I’ll take you to my favorite Berlin restaurant for a Turkish mezza experience, followed by drinks and a show at one of the best Berlin Bars for Burlesque! This Berlin vlog is the ultimate Berlin foodie guide, from Berlin’s best restaurants and bars to the best Berlin street food and markets. For City Guides and more: Find me on social @eurotrot #berlin #germany #berlinfoodtour
November 9 1989 history is made the fall
of the Berlin Wall and Germany’s march
towards unification but what does Berlin
look like exactly 30 years later to the
day well hold on tight we’re about to
taste this that’s his Billy this is
how would I describe Berlin in a word
edgy from the food and nightlife to the
culture and architecture this is an
international city that does not sleep
it’s a city with scars and like most
scars they tell a story and this one has
a happy ending because Berlin today is
the epicenter of freedom in Europe a
hotbed of culture art in politics
with the food scene that rivals both
Paris and London at just over 3.7
million residents Berlin is Germany’s
capital and largest city Berlin’s
architectures distinct shaped in large
part by the role it is played in the
20th century from the Kingdom of Prussia
to Nazi Germany each national government
has played a key role in defining what
the city looks like
what sets Berlin apart from any other
European city is its diversity with over
20 different ethnicities helping to
shape the city and in this food tour
you’re going to see it and feel it
behind every dish every story and every
person from a city once divided in half
by a wall Berlin is now unified in
composed of 12 districts each with its
own character and story and my story
begins in a corner of former East Berlin
between the uber trendy neighborhoods of
Prenzlauer Berg and Pankow surrounded by
tired brick buildings and cobblestone
streets I made my way to as Osman David
that is the wizard and culinary genius
behind Kanaan Berlin’s answer to the
best vegan cuisine you’ll find Kanaan is
a Middle Eastern restaurant whose name
refers to an ancient region of the
Middle East also known as the Promised
Land the food is a culinary work of art
as colorful as it is delicious
in Israel in short God Kanaan and its
owners pride themselves on being both
Arab and Israeli focusing on dishes that
bring people together were the two most
important ingredients our love and
hopefully that people will it will
remind people how close they are
how much similarity there is between and
between us from imported Middle Eastern
spices and herbs to handmade falafel no
corners are cut in transporting you to
the flavors and tastes of the Middle
East no herbs and if you’re looking for
hummus that makes you go hmm then you’ve
come to the right place because this
hummus is incredible and it’s a serious
deal in the Middle East
almost it’s a big name it’s like pasta
okay there is every country every city
every family has their own way to make
it I want you to try the coolness just
natural with nothing inside and I want
you to put the whole thing in your mouth
I won’t know his American tell me what
its take you to I taste a very creamy
almost like peanut butter
X Factor pastor exactly when you eat
these foods you understand why people
argue about not exactly for lunch
oz picked out several dishes and now it
was time a Middle Eastern feast in
Berlin now I will admit I never imagined
that vegan cuisine would be both
satisfying and delicious oz and Kanaan
opened my eyes mind and palate to a
whole new world of dishes in flavor when
you come to Berlin you must come to
Kanaan a place where love and memory
bring people together over some of the
best vegan food you will ever have
after a little time out to catch up on
my jet lag it was time to reconnect with
my friend Sandra lebra Scott who just so
happened to be in Berlin you may
remember her from my time on the Amalfi
Coast in Chi lento where I broke my
finger and so here we meet again okay
four months later and this time Sandra
is taking me to the mid-to district the
former heart of East Berlin set back
from the road off a darkened dimly lit
Street you’ll find Clark ins ball house
a former ballroom and now restaurant and
nightclub serving up traditional German
fare along with incredible music and
dancing making my way through the
ballroom I caught up with Sandra who has
arranged for me to meet with some of her
friends and co-workers with such a
diverse table I felt compelled to share
what stood out for me at Cannon and the
political theme that I’m beginning to
pick up on here in Berlin coming
together they were just really talking
about how the food there brings people
together and regardless of social
political and boy did that start the
conversation its power of any four in
any form tonight dinner was all about
the people and the conversation chairs
but it all wasn’t heavy instead of
saving room for dessert I saved room for
and if you’ve got two left feet don’t
sweat it
Larkin’s has weekly dance lessons open
to the public that you can take before
dinner and then after dinner you can
work off that meal under the spinning
lights and disco ball to the sounds of
the DJ mixing it up
from middle-eastern and German – now
Vietnamese I’m heading back to the minta
– the very popular miss Yvonne where I’m
about to learn everything there is about
foot I will show you how to prepare
phone owner and executive chef wong
welcome to me into the kitchen and it
was a crash course of foot
101 so you know vietnam with with alpha
is unthinkable really yes it’s a noodle
soup of is so of vietnamese people to
make authentic fir it’s all about the
broth so the broth starts with the rich
bone marrow payments this is a rice
noodle boy it into the hot water add
rice noodles sliced fillet of beef added
raw the broth will cook it scallions
white onion ginger and oh the broth
topped with Thai basil perfection yes I
love that and with this soup comes a
story dot story we were like both people
and my mom came here first both people
what does that mean
people were running away from on the
boats and hiding on the boats and trying
to get out of Vietnam
yes Wow a war-torn journey from Vietnam
to Berlin and into the height of the
Berlin culinary scene I just found the
best name is like my family name wrong
mm-hmm Monsieur is mr. bong is the first
come from friends right influence dots
vision from mr. Wong is to be a complete
sensory experience to have guests enjoy
all the senses the smell of rich broth
and fresh ingredients the hint of
incense burning in the background the
taste and the touch in your mouth the
sounds of the kitchen and the sight of
the romantic atmosphere an ode to old
outstanding thank you wait okay now from
the beginning it’s time to head west
so I’m on my way to Charlottenburg a
district in the former West Berlin it is
a great place for nightlife and that’s
exactly what I’m off to do I’m headed to
the Monkey Bar at the 25 hours hotel
bikini Berlin the most spectacular
restaurant and bar concept with the most
incredible panoramic view of Berlin
overlooking the famous Berlin Zoo with a
view of the monkeys hence the name
monkey bars monkey bar is awesome
funky bar and we’re sitting like monkeys
yeah we’re sitting like monkeys for a
deeper look at what monkey bar was all
about I met with bar supervisor Toby all
right thank you yes
a vodka basil smash yes please it is
with vodka lemon infused vodka with
lemon juice fresh pressed sugar sir I
love basil monkey bar attracts people of
all ages even on a rainy day like today
and it’s hard not to take in the view
without thinking of Berlin’s history
everyone is welcome right yes welcome
you can read whatever you want it’s
everywhere I’ve been in Berlin that is
exactly the theme that I hear all the
time is everyone is welcome come as you
are there are no prejudices that’s what
we don’t care about differences we care
more about what brings people together
what your comment and that’s that’s the
whole belly lives like this and now I
put monkey bars unique seating concept
to the test
my goal meet some new friends enter
Trish and Naomi so I need to hear about
this hat oh because it caught my eye
I love unicorns okay and this is my
birthday present it was my birthday of
and this is the best I don’t think I do
I think that is the birthday well you
both have made my night tonight Trish
and Naomi we’re gonna wind from the
cutting room
what is the cutting room floor so what
is this expression so let’s let’s make a
bet that this clip makes the video oh
wait let me give you this is my broken
pinky let me give you my nod broken
pinkie promise for some more monkey
business it was time to check out the
bar where bartender Daniel delivered
both an impressive drink and an equally
impressive show the monkey cobbler dark
rum fresh lime juice German red vermouth
berry syrup fresh berries and mint Wow
next my bartending skills got put to the
test with the King Kong monkey bars
interpretation on the old fashioned
starting with a frosted triple
old-fashioned glass cherry liqueur
banila syrup some dashes of cherry
bitter a little chocolate spirit fill it
up with ice stir is this good oh my god
add some fresh shaved chocolate orange
and bourbon-soaked cherries for the
garnish yum so we had the monkey yeah
cobbler and the King Kong and if you’re
hungry this place has great food too
oh god is that good for the perfect
start to the evening stop by monkey bar
at the 25 hours hotel bikini Berlin for
some unforgettable monkeying around
one of the reasons I chose to visit
Berlin in December was for the Christmas
markets and one of my favourite markets
is the Charlottenburg Christmas market
just down the street from Monkey Bar
stand after stand under a canopy of
lights and Christmas trees it was
magical you’ll find just about
everything at this market unique stands
with gifts rides and games for kids or
adults Duncan and food from all over
Europe including one of my favorites
Lang Ghosh from Budapest look at that
and even a little bit of rain doesn’t
stop people from visiting the market
eating my way from stand to stand and
wandering with some hot B wine is a must
is a scallion onion in the wash of Earth
bug in the broth
what stood out for me the most at this
market was the people that I met and
that for me was the magic of Christmas
in action Berlin is a city and people
united by love focused on unity not
division and nowhere was that more
evident than at this market today was
time to do some sightseeing and there
are a ton of famous sites and landmarks
to see in Berlin and since there’s a lot
of ground to cover
I’ll be showing you how to hit these in
the most logical order starting with
cheer garden
Berlin’s version of New York Central
Park we’re in the center of meat and
this is an incredible Park in 1933 it
was going to be the new city centre for
Hitler’s Nazi Germany in 1933 when the
Nazi Party took control of Germany a
complete renovation to Berlin was
planned with tear garden being the
central location in the new city
another one of Berlin’s most visited
sites the victory column made of red
granite was built in 1873 to commemorate
Russia’s victories with the goddess
Victoria sitting atop nicknamed
Golden Lizzy moving east you will come
to the very famous Brandenburg Gate
built in 1788 the gate stands as a
symbol of German history unity and peace
it also serves as the entry point to one
of Berlin’s most recognizable boulevards
unter der linden that connect numerous
sites and landmarks for sightseeing such
as the Reichstag built in 1894 the
Reichstag housed Germany’s Parliament
which it did until 1933 when it was
destroyed by a fire and it wasn’t until
the unification of Germany in 1990 that
the building was refurbished and aptly
so it served as a ceremonial site for
the reunification of Germany from there
we hopped in the car and made our way to
checkpoint charlie
located between Kreuzberg and minta
checkpoint charlie was the name given by
Western Allies to the best-known Berlin
wall crossing point between East and
West Berlin during the Cold War from
1947 to 1991 Soviet and American tanks
faced each other off here during the
Berlin crisis of 1961 the booth was
removed in 1990 and the site today is a
tourist attraction from there I made my
way along the river through museum
Island and the berliner dom to Alexander
Platz to what might be Berlin’s most
iconic landmark the furnished term or
for those of you like me who can’t
pronounce it the big TV tower built in
1969 by the German Democratic Republic
it was supposed to be a symbol of
communist power today it’s a symbol of
unity and peace in Germany
finally we made our way to our last stop
on this iconic sightseeing tour of
Berlin the Berlin Wall from 1961 to 1989
the Berlin Wall was a physical and
political barrier that divided the city
and became a symbol of the Iron Curtain
during this period over 100,000 people
attempted to escape the Eastern Bloc and
while 5,000 were successful an estimated
200 deaths occurred from the failed
attempts with mounting civil unrest from
family separation and poor economic and
living conditions as well as political
pressure from the West the wall was
reopened in November 1989 with
demolition of the wall taking over two
years to complete from 1990 to 1992 in
the spirit of celebrating unity
I’m headed to Osmonds Teuscher in
Prenzlauer Berg in East Berlin for the
best and most authentic Turkish cuisine
and dining experience in all of Berlin
this is going to be epic
Arzu lale I am fascinated by how
beautiful this restaurant is everybody
order something everything that comes in
the middle and you share owners Arzu and
Lolly are cooking up a Turkish storm in
Berlin and this is a place you cannot
miss and we start with the toasts in
Turkish sheriff ax
and I notice you have to look each other
in the eyes right
it’s very gentleman this it is very
German they say if you don’t look in
their eyes while you say post or Sheriff
at you will have seven years bad sex no
it was so interesting to learn how lolly
and our zoo got started and what
inspired them to open a Turkish
restaurant in Berlin it’s really melting
point of all the cuisine from the north
from the south from the middle military
on you find everything like from dishes
from Iran very sweet meat from Greek
yeah so yeah so I rob big food like whom
oh so everything it’s the most amounting
point and that’s why here is also to
heading to the table dinner was classic
Turkish style a Metsa or shared small
plate experience with about 15 of our
zoo and lollies closest friends what a
special meal what an experience all
these beautiful colors and dishes what
is going on here different messes with
cold misses the food was incredible
dish after dish of color and flavor and
the heart and soul of this kitchen are
the mommy’s cooking up the most
delicious Metsa I’ve ever had the
octopus was so tender bubbling in the
clay dish melt in your mouth and don’t
think of starting your Metsa without
some raka a sweetened anise flavored
spirit similar to ooze oh and grease add
a little water to dilute and Roth this
was the best dining experience I’ve had
so far in Berlin sharing food amongst a
table of strangers now friends coming
together over food finding common ground
and creating new memories you obviously
live in East Berlin and the spirit of
freedom and unity in Berlin did not stop
over this fabulous dinner I learned from
Lena Peterson an incredibly talented
artist who paints murals all over the
world just how much Berlin has changed
it’s like a prison so you don’t know you
don’t even know if your partner is
someone from the Stasi listens to you
and recording what you’re saying and
if you do something wrong you could get
in how horrible to live like that right
yeah and you have been in prison for so
long you know what it’s like to be and
not freedom you celebrate the freedom
and that is how it is like now here you
you walk through the streets and you
feel the inspiration you see the freedom
you feel like yeah I want to celebrate
life you know they celebrate them no I I
know what it is to be not in freedom
so I celebrated too many days of
I’ll never give up
after dinner the table decided to follow
our zoo and lolly to their newest
restaurant location on the west side of
Berlin in Charlottenburg under
construction we got an inside look at
the building all of us coming together
to wish these two unbelievable culinary
visionaries the best of luck in their
new home and spirit and soul
Vito stealing
for a truly unique experience I headed
south to Kreuzberg to check out the
burlesque scene in Berlin and if you’re
looking for the best burlesque show and
bar in town then come to princi-pal
Kreuzberg as if being transported back
in time step inside and enter the
Roaring Twenties
crystal chandeliers dripped from the
ceiling red green and amber colored
bottles light up bar and the sound of
jazz invite you to come on in and step
up to the bar
welcome to princi-pal Kreuzberg the
drinks here are serious every glass has
a special drink and every drink has a
special touch all inviting you to relax
and leave your inhibitions on the
for a more intimate look I headed
downstairs to the dressing room to meet
with dancer Arden Delacour who opened my
eyes to the world of Birla’s
you know I’ve never been to a burlesque
show no no oh so for me this is a real
treat I have no idea what to expect
burlesque is a wonderful art form that
from the outside you don’t instantly
gets the best burlesque for us it’s an
incredibly feminist act for a woman to
step onstage no matter what she looks
it’s not about women’s sexuality and we
make it about women’s our own fantasies
now you may be asking how I could
possibly eat any more today but you
cannot visit Berlin without hitting two
of its most iconic Street food
establishments curried 36 and Mustafa’s
good news kebab during the day it’s not
unusual to wait 30 minutes or longer in
line to get this incredibly delicious
food so my secret go late go really late
at night and yes even then you will find
a line at curry 36 get the curry Wurst a
savory chopped pork sausage smothered in
a sauce made of curry powder and ketchup
it’s so good and of course it comes with
fries it’s midnight snack food heaven an
absolute perfection and because it’s
right next door it’s time to try the
infamous doner kebab at Mustafa’s get
Moo’s kebab I got the chicken donor with
vegetable slathering a garlicky sauce
and topped with feta and all kinds of
veggie goodness and believe it or not
it’s all about the veggies what you do
at 1:00 in the morning
in Berlin after brulee shop you come
– whose toughest can moose kebab for D
bass doner kebab in all of Berlin you
told me on your anger told you
the loo and then fire we tried hold on
we build this together
searching for
despite the storm that he is we’re still
on board
Berlin is a city that will surprise you
it will give you so much yet leave you
wanting more this is a city about its
people and they will touch you and when
they do it will give you pause to what
life is really about loving one another
sharing and all that we have in common
focusing on that and not the differences
to keep us apart celebrating life and
freedom one person and one story at a
time there truly is no place like home
and I think I found it
welcome to Berlin