all right confession time how do I say
good morning to my full day of eating
out here in Berlin and I got a hurry up
because before I go to my breakfast
place I want to go to the gym and I just
went through my youtube comments and
someone asked to go to a lot of
different gyms that’s right today I will
go to another gym do you not have to
have some sort of monthly fee to go to
the gyms in Germany or is there like a
Davis I do pay monthly for this chain it
is a change as many gyms in Berlin in
entire Germany
it’s called McFate and I often go to the
gym closest to something what I will do
next like now closest to the breakfast
place but you already know first quarter
of 2019 I will change my gym to fit one
which will open up right next here which
I showed you in this vlog up here there
it is my future gym called
who are you first quarter 2019 baby and
I think it’s the same in the United
States and everywhere like was LA
fitness gyms that you can go to each gym
it’s a chain and you just pay a monthly
fee and you can pick the gym wherever
you want anyways yes let’s go
destroyed and we arrived at our
breakfast place it’s called half a casa
and they’re known to serve the best
porridge in town there are four chains
and I’m at the closest want to wear lift
also the most jd1 here in the Central
Station and the cool thing is I have
these two cards from scope you mind one
is already stand pull if I buy one and
then I get one porch for free which I
bring back home to scoff you mind and I
use the other car to get one more stamp
to get a future free porridge let’s go
hello P – example for here we go we got
the it’s not even on here but it’s
banana blueberry strawberry oats and
homemade applesauce and amazing acai and
this one is for scoff you minds she got
the berry dark chocolate one who
so it was a really good porridge better
than mine and I make really good
porridge so death is a lot could easily
if eaten too but I meet friends for
lunch and about two and a half hours and
I want to be hungry and now I quickly go
to McDonough’s for a couple of
cheeseburgers – just kidding gosh I’m so
goodbye JD train station and I’ve heard
that that is another good being
restaurant called beets and Groot so I
might check it out in a future full day
of eating out and as I recently started
my story a future food of eating out I
don’t want to do alone just by myself
sitting there with no friends but with
you guys so if you live in Berlin speak
English then let me know down below or
send me a DM on Instagram and we make a
full day of eating out together with
some followers that shall be fun you
want a porridge
you wanna porridge yeah mmm did you
already have breakfast yeah but it’s
time for a second breakfast or you want
to eat it later
yeah what because it’s warm it’s just
yeah give you a spoon you want a wooden
spoon or a normal spoon for a small
spoon or this one there are so many
spoons you want to prove it
all arrived at our lunch restaurant
called mana which i think is a really
dope name which reminds me of the good
old world walker of times when I was a
Truitt and relied on my mana for my
healing spells for their hard good times
and I’m wearing the V shirt from our
being savage merge which looks
absolutely fabulous we just found out
that today is all-you-can-eat and it’s
all vegan baby so let’s go first dish is
just all the porridge variations on top
of lots of fruits from sweet to savory
all the good dishes combined the same
over here in the MU next dish is another
savory dish and they have some artichoke
which I rarely eat so I’m gonna enjoy
perfect brats I said avocado yes
and what is your review of mana
all-you-can-eat yeah but a bit oily and
but yeah that’s the thing so of all
really good food as I said a bit oily
and high in fat but I don’t mind I had a
so many delicious flavors and now I’m
super satisfied and now we go for a
quick match you know what time it is and
because these two don’t own bikes but
the great thing about willingness that
you can just rent a bike in the first 30
minutes or so are for free or just cost
a hero and that’s what they’re doing now
so how is the bike awesome yeah you said
for the first 30 minutes it’s for free
if you have this membership and if you
don’t and it costs one euro right you
know how to ride a bicycle
nice and can you can you do that
that’s what
so my friends left and I’ve laid against
this random Tron guy he was really drunk
but he played so good he beated me 3 2 1
he made this crazy ball they were like
spinning and even though he was the
trunk respect yes to what I just came
home to Jewish daily duty hello hello
you want some belly rubs oh those belly
oh all right
confession time how do I say this it’s
not an entire food of eating out because
I eat a snack at home because tomorrow
we’re going croushore shopping and I
still have these fruits this is melon
Kiwi fizz arles and plums I just feel
like fruits I know I’m an addict and
that’s why I’m doing a full day of
eating only fruits soon stay tuned but I
enjoy the snack now and later I go for
dinner with a friend that will be fun
and I think we go again for table tennis
I know I’m an addict I even Blair with
strong people would you like to play
table tennis with me
and for dinner it is burrito time
are you excited sit like that let’s go
we both took the vegan lovers what is in
there I don’t know
soy meat avocado beans really good beans
rice veggies and it’s whole grain baby
dolorous these burritos are so huge so
you definitely get the best bang for
your buck and I didn’t take it twice and
I ordered two burritos but then a few
just to soft one it’s perfect oops
I’d do it again I know I’m some sort of
addict but it’s just so much fun being
savaged a butane set available at MSR
and there you have it guys a full day of
eating out here in Berlin I could
literally do thousands of them because
we have so many vegan restaurants here
in Berlin I don’t even know when I’m so
eager to explore them together with you
so let me know how you like this if you
want to see more of them I’m so glad to
do them often because they’re super fun
it was just so much fun today going out
spending some time with limb cruising
through the city playing table tennis
meeting my friends having a reason more
to meet them and showing you the places
so let me know down below if you want to
see more quick review I really like the
porridge at the beginning it is
definitely a create breakfast place
dimana I can only tell the Buffett that
was great a bit oily but super tasty I
don’t know how the menu is but I looked
at I looked at the menu it looks great
but I never ordered from them but I
think it’s great too so a nice place and
for dinner do Louis you can’t go wrong
that they have two vegan burritos you
can pick whole creme and it’s quite
healthy also a bit oil but quite healthy
and so delicious and filling one burrito
and you’re good to go and the cheapest
one just costs five heroes and you get a
complete quick delicious healthy meal
and how great is that right so that’s my
review thanks for watching on to your
next time peace