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yes welcome back ladies and gentlemen
tankers are fishing Avesta to the
channel but enough dark or burly what
you gonna do what are you going to
choose think of your mind the decision
is yours
and listen the decision is well very
clear which of the two premium is two
things do you want to guess I should
have say that the question is very clear
but the decision maybe not so much
because on the face of in these tanks
are pretty much the same neuron exactly
the same this is a nice – you have the
machine reported aback Coppola on the
top left of the of the turret
122-millimeter going 175 penetration
base 400 alpha and that’s what the is to
1945 or ice to Berlin also gets so yes
in that regard it is it’s kind of liking
comparing apples and apples I mean if it
if it if it looks like it okay the
quacks like a duck then it’s a duck if
it looks like an apple and it shines
like an apple in it when it cracks when
you bite on it like an apple then it’s
probably an apple we’re not comparing a
premium Tiger to an ayah so there will
be comparing apples and oranges with
comparing apples and apples here or
oranges see oranges it could be another
thing but they’re basically pretty much
the same thing but I wouldn’t be making
this video there were some really small
key differences because the is too rough
na SP is nice to the eyes 290 45 mi is
nice too but there are some differences
in the armor profile mostly when you’re
taking a look at both of these tanks
you’re good to look at for example of
the gun DPM penetration alpha rate of
fire is all that is the same the
parameter has a d 25 t G gun the 1945
the burning version gets a t25 T exactly
the same they both fight AP AP is the
penetration values are the same
217 on AP shell 175 only AP I already
mentioned that
that’s exactly the same weapon handling
that and he changes that no no no buts
Mont whatsoever
long ain’t I’m bad dispersion you really
have to let this gun aim and there you
can do fun at alpha shops you have six
degrees of gun depression and 25 one gun
elevation so it’s not a kv-1s slash gave
you honest Thunder thing you wear the
premium saying the new premium tank is
significantly better in what certain
regard that’s not the case at all
but yes is that all the visits there
Martin you said there were key
differences but there were some very
solid differences yes a little
differences because for example the
reverse speed on the brothers two
kilometers war per hour its little thing
I admit but it’s two kilometers more
that the profit reverses better than the
1945 slash Berlin tank on the other end
however the the brother has slightly
better power-to-weight ratio but has
less effective horsepower per ton which
is funky because it’s exactly the same
tank and the is to 1945 is slightly
better terrain resistance but it
traverses all less quick the car is all
the same again and also if you’re
looking at at the repair course it is it
is pretty much the same you need to
repair a bit more you need to pay a bit
more for you for your repair bill when
you’re driving the profit and a bit less
when you drive with 1945 which is
strange because the 1945 is obviously
and all the tank and usually all the
tanks from cry war maintenance but this
is a tank game that’s not taken into
account but yeah it is it is it’s it is
strange to see these little key
differences but the main thing in terms
of key differences is the armor it’s not
s have the the gun found at alpha push
shot for 61 good rolled up by carita on
a VK 3001 P but it’s things like this
the RS 290 45 is very trough up
key differences are in the frontal armor
because the Prada has 20 millimeters
more in terms of frontal armor on the
hill the truth is pretty much the same
it is it seems to be rounded a bit
differently and I can’t really put a
finger on it because if you see them
driving around you should Coppola shoot
achieves and you shoot a lower plate but
you can see that the front plate of the
Prophet ah that’s basically a lower
plate and actually we’re looking for
shootings at all the time the VK because
that was a one-shot tank albeit the AMEX
37 is
that is maybe a bit of a more dangerous
opponent with the auto load and this is
kind of a I would say a cheat rolling I
would have shot a PE but yeah shooting a
scene getting shot in the turn and then
ramming is also a viable tactic
obviously and Carrizo is constantly this
Tiger wasn’t they it was a tiger stock
triangle a1 but any clears it and he’s
going to do four thousand three in the
damage two thousand seven hundred and
fifty five bucks as you can see then
it’s really really healthy eighth game
and it shows what the Pravda can do it
shows what a 1945 can do we’re gonna
take a quick look at the and the AMA Pro
for an armored inspector and that will
open to a next game to show you in terms
of the AMA problem actually sad they
have a slightly different profile but
you can see this is the this is me
shooting the brother from the
perspective of the is 290 45 you can see
down there in at the bottom of the
screen and this is the Pravda shooting
the eyes to 1945 and it’s in my opinion
a bit strange because you can see it’s
the same frontal hull design but
different do you get what I’m saying I
mean all the bits sticking out that’s
just kind of fought against is you lose
stuff don’t read your whites white shows
up like that but this is the front of
the 1945 and this is the front of the
prata 1945 blood line you can see that
the it is it is just a little bit
different but this frontal hull has as
you can see effectively 198
and if you’re gonna shoot the 1945 it
suit 227 if we’re going to shoot it with
no we have to do it in a different way
of to just look straight front 188 and
here we have 198 why is that well I’m
going to show you I’m going to show you
this plate is 122 millimeters thick as
you can see that’s the the Supra you can
see that’s that that’s the proper then
we’re going to go back to the
penetration values I’m going to swap it
around and this is a 1945 and then we’re
good to go back to the x-ray and then
show you and in this plate is 120 which
is strange because apparently this is I
don’t know this says 120 in game it says
another maybe even a bit of a bit of a
perk but then again when we have exactly
the same angle shooting it says I got 20
mils more of effective armor I’m
confused now think to two wargaming that
is a bit of a typo in the in-game
information because to me it would be
quite strange to have them exactly the
same hole maybe on delivers exactly the
same hole and have different types of of
armor value on these holes it would be
really strange then again wargaming have
those three things about stats on tanks
not being able to change certain stats
because they were hysterical so yeah and
if done the same thing with the kv-1s
and the thunder so yeah let’s let’s take
a look at the nice to Berlin bang 945
in-game I didn’t buy the first y from
the n38 and he finds himself in a year
in the top do you match as was said
kitty nope he finds himself in to talk
to you match at Castilla and please take
note of the of the tense fray on this
team you can see this thing the
camouflage rating is just bad
maybe yeah immediate a guy in a bush
with a camouflage net fitted you will
get out spotted by auto tanks
like really quick especially if you buy
this tank all the profits as a new play
and you don’t have all the camouflage
skills you Soviet tanks they hit hard
but if they’re really easily spotted if
you can sit in a position like this
hello hi have 4:38 through the side it
beats me why this guy decided to push
forward into that little spot he knew
the is-2 was here and he’s brought some
friends and now you’re sitting behind
the building and you’ve got to get
hammered because there’s really no way
that he can escape just wait for it
patience there we go three two one boom
at 4:30 through the side but this is
just the beginning you can see that the
there’s one tank down on both sides just
gonna be in a bit of a showdown here a
Mexican standoff nobody decides to go
towards base B or C or even flank and
that’s in a way good because I’ve
covered this in the Pravda video I’ve
cover this in a browser video this tank
does not really have brilliant armor and
I’ll cover that in the Thunder as well
because the thunder the I super in the
process they are pretty much similar
tanks if not completely the same low DPM
good penetration values bit more on the
thinner than unless one but that’s just
a little bit set
yeah if you can if you give it time to
reload then this tank you can punish it
really hard you can also see that the
team assists on melting rats of three
tanks cause one versus three please take
note of that
ARL for 339 who is providing the team
with some very valuable encouraging
words and and and words of wisdom they
were whispered in my ear and the first
yo decides to go but now which is a good
do not kill the one shot VK 28 or want
to take another game just go over the
big damage on the victory then T’s 3485
clears the VK yes Remington the victory
is getting chased by a panther as well
but this is a Russian tank line this is
a Russian tank with a big gun with draw
for Thomas of you can now shoot Thanks
t-34 85 in bounds of shot although back
off your turret no problem whatsoever
you can see think the girl was sticking
in the back end of the townsmen
come on it’s a panther the brilliant
penetration and it just bounced on the
back cover of a Russian tank nuff said
that’s that the first you is thing is
handling this situation admirably he
kept that victory blocked in that as you
can see he is not gonna load a chi Kali
is the Panther and taking out a Russian
tank like this in in close quarters
that’s a that’s a stupid thing to do
this was is to prove that gameplay gave
you won a thunder gameplay kv-1 has
regular eyes to gameplay in a nutshell
if you have these tank in close quarters
where you can’t really out circle them
then the DPM is so what’s irrelevant
because it has a big gun and for health
damage and he’s still given the time to
reload and his team the two remaining
medium tanks on his team they are
well they aren’t that keen to push
because as gave you one as that and
there’s a kb3 who has a broken engine
who had broken tracks who is using in
friendliness and has now dropped there’s
a lot of dead crew members there’s a
kv-2 down there and the kv-1s so the
first neil it’s being very very cautious
and so is the cheery on his team and it
is that you’re 85 on this team because
they all set behind the bridge and open
ground to cover and open ground to cross
and they couldn’t really push because if
you push on a kv-2
i mean the case you two can just sit now
waiting it out I let its good stay pre
ain’t only on the bridge and we’re easy
it’s gonna be a no left of a letter
there is hello hello I use two nerves
yes our LV 30 now we know how you feel
Mike we know how you feel we are pretty
pretty sure that the contribution that
you made to the outcome of this battle
will be really valuable we are most
certain about that so this little smiley
face yes yes well-deserved really
5k for the first you in it is to Berlin
now we only have to look at what bombers
again because we watch the eyes to
Berlin we watch the Pravda all we need
to figure out out which bundle is
abysmal well it’s a bit hard to compare
because you can’t buy the is two in a
single bundle like you can do with the
Pravda as you can see but this move will
cost you twenty one euro zone $0.99 and
you will get just a tank and a garage
slot and for that amount of money you
could buy this bundle 8500 gold 24 euros
99 so a bit less let’s say it’s about
seven thousand five and go something
like that and what I’m gonna look at the
office here nine thousand go for the
three great victors bundle which gets
you the Berlin
Tang the eyes to Berlin and it has it
fully unlocked so and then regard both
of the tanks are pretty much the same if
be identical and yeah if you want to get
just one tank you would have to get the
Pravda now but it’s a bit more expensive
this bundle may be the better one all in
all but if you really have to choose
between just Pravda or Berlin I would
get this burner because you can’t really
go wrong with the chroma Berlin the isue
Berlin and the t-34 85 early enough
cover all these things before all the
channels so do search for them do such a
name at Martha daughter behind because
there’s a lot of these tanks available
reviews of these tanks available on my
channel and this is for today ladies and
gentlemen tankers off digiverse but
catch a war on the next video Cheers and
a happy tanking