Destination Berlin #11 This mission has been requested a few times so here it is 3star no generals hope this helps you out. Follow me on Twitter: Game Link Google Play: Game Link:
no what is it very witty this is boom
another row and down it’s something I
haven’t done for a while and that is a
campaign mission this one has been
requested more than a couple times and
that is a lie mission number eleven
destination berlin obviously doing it
with no general so you can see my
strategy i got going on because i
remember struggling at this when I was
first loan in the game and coming up
through the levels got my southern army
there that’s gonna read my main push my
my northern army here is basically gonna
hold back a little bit that Zhukov and
Konev damaged Arian that cities by some
of those other troops will help out a
little bit but not too much I’m trying
to keep as much health on my troops as I
can now when I came up through this I
don’t I don’t remember how many generals
I had I I know I at least had man Stein
which even with him I still remember
struggling except you know the thing
about having ham is you tend to play
more recklessly like you know you play
strategically like trying to surround
somebody or avoid the gun in place but
you just you just run in gun because you
think you’re invincible now I will say
this obviously my tech level is most
likely gonna be a lot higher than then
you guys who are struggling with this
right now
but I’m hoping it evens out because I’m
assuming you guys at least have a couple
semi decent generals
now what I do down here is I pretty much
hang out right south of this mountain
here and wait for Kleiss to come off a
prog once he does I wreck him and by
that time usually Eisenhower will head
to Munich yeah he came off
well head to Munich to take out Roush
wits and we’ll help him out a little bit
while taking Prague
that’s the plan that’s how that’s how it
usually works I don’t know sometimes you
know how this game works sometimes
people do totally different things it
doesn’t it doesn’t always work the way
it did the time you tried before now the
only things I build I’ll build a couple
fast moving infantry units I’ll build
one one kb5 and then the rest is just
rocket artillery and you’ll see you’ll
see where you probably already know
where I’m gonna spam the rocket
artillery I use him to take out what is
north of us the K at the kv-5 I just put
down sometimes the Allies handle it real
well and other times the Germans just
recomm you kind of never know how it’s
gonna be
we’ll start heading that way I need I
need at least one quick moving infantry
unit to go north with the kv-5 to
capture shit for me see Eisenhower’s
helping us out what a guy what a guy and
then you know just start early with
rocket artillery and start hammering
Manstein okay we should be able to get
prod this turn no problem and now pretty
much is the beginning of the rocket
artillery spam maybe damn it almost oh
we did get him with the secondary fire
nice I didn’t think we were gonna have
enough taken out
see sometimes those generals don’t even
make it to Berlin they get wasted like
before they ever make it so we’re having
a pretty decent game right now my
British allies will take out the rune
stead I’ll be set all right now I got a
Munich I should be able to pump out a
rocket artillery each round no problem
yeah it looks like I’m gonna be left to
deal with R interested
Neen hamburg’s open i’m sure the Germans
would take that in between rounds trying
to go for the three-star if I can get a
three-star on it with no generals and
higher tech level than you guys you
should be able to get at least a
one-star and past the stage with you
know lower tech and a few decent
generals I would think
I’m sure Rouge dude’s gonna kill that
guy though I’m probably not gonna be
able to hold that
mari why are they making artillery from
that far back they got a city like right
south of berlin why not make troops from
there oh there goes our kv6 nope we made
it nice screwed up the rooms dead Wow
I’m not gonna be able to put down any
rocket artillery
most told rune stead off we don’t have
to do it very long because man signs
almost down in fact if we can hold off
in between rounds right now yeah we got
oh damn they took Hamburg took it right
back back up off my hamburger instead
damn man Stein wrecked the units I had
there didn’t he all right well we’re
gonna have to survive a one more round
what are you what are they doing why are
you not bringing those artillery pieces
north you dumbasses got it
I need an airfield boom in 1903 start
that biatch anyways bros I hope this
helps you out for those of you that kept
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