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hey guys and welcome back it’s Diwali
clever here and how are y’all doing
well today we’ll be playing world
conqueror fall and before we start on
any of that we would like to collect the
medals that are another achievements you
have about 550 medals you collect 500
medals from scoring bank a on conquest
1943 and another 50 medals for
completing the 1943 conquest with a
three star country we have also
completed a couple of tasks actually and
have gained one vendor mendel and that
vendor medal would be a knight medal so
I have to go and check it out and see
what the medal actually does so a knight
medal increases the infantry leader by
50% and we’ll be seeing which of our
general has a better infantry score
Massey has a XI star in French even
while Lee has a onea two-star so we’ll
be putting another medal on the scene
now Massey has two medals and andesite
you guys can see that mr. timer ticking
down from the military parade in Toronto
and it was actually in ours and it has
been about seven hours already so in a
by now it’s time again collect and
probably wait for the next refresh or if
you can just put it in Hamburg for an
odd 300 industry points and we will be
doing a couple of general missions in
the cities we would do Moscow but it is
to I think quite difficult for us as we
need a good at the lobby so we’ll be
doing possibly Berlin
and for Berlin yeah a lot to use things
so we go ahead and see if our tanks is
actually any up most standard so we can
actually build heavy tanks which are
much better I medium tanks so we’ll go
here and do a couple of it maybe six
will do and we’ll go back to Aberdeen we
can actually place Dan down but it’s
alright s we have a couple of medium
tank so we’ll just place that down – I
noticed acting up our super tanks as
we’ll be placing a single general on it
so how do we do s we actually placed it
on the again now that would be mortal
coil why should you get to place two
generals down this time so we’ll be
placing the bounty on another super tank
and I’ll go to be the artillery base and
the town and another thing with a
general on and just further will be a
ship yet now you have to cut here and we
get to control boomer
so women does not actually have to live
in our mission to the lock
I’ll be placing one of our tanks which
has two infantry inside to get onto the
water as we have to capture that
shipyard and that we have completed the
mission in six tons and have gained 25
medals and the next mission we want to
do would be doweling in London and
actually it is a wonder that we can do
it which is a Big Bend which only costs
us 2500 gold and you can do we are not
doing trading we are still going to
build it so that we can get probably an
achievement for it and they will be
doing the unlocking for the first level
unlock for doubting now so I went on a
hit and actually bought some infantry
and I went to also buy an elite commando
infantry but we are unable to place them
in this mission but luckily we still
have the normal infantry so we’ll go
ahead and please stand still so we’ll be
building them just outside and so we can
actually just learn and not travel all
the way across English Channel so
replacing our general down which is
mercy as he has a matter this time
you can actually play slip down so we
get control darling also and we probably
can do an AV from London as we have 150
coal and 20 resource points but we won’t
be doing it from home
and actually London produces goal and
instead of the other missions this
mission instead actually produces goal
and resources when we capture sticky so
we can actually just bomb them and
ingest returns have completed the
mission and then 25 medals and now we’ll
be doing the mission in Brianna where we
have done long wooden start and again we
can play star not infantry and and there
was something when the the map color
kept changing for this mission as you
guys can see there’s some bug going on
here but it’s alright she won’t affect
all gameplay are we placing our generals
down and so our mission would be to
actually protect the city or no actually
with it would be the general they were
had to protect but we just leave him in
the city and we have to go here and
capture a city with a general in it
and five tons we have completed a
mission against 25 panels and we’re
actually going back to do the Moscow
mission and we have a lot neva Katella
vs my level 26 or our headquarters so we
can go here and build a couple of them
so we have follow catalystz and about
nine normal artillery so we can go and
try out
so in Moscow we can actually build a
Kremlin which are quantized 50,000 we
shall actually costs us 50,000 goal and
he will reduce because of upgrading the
missile technologies by 10% but we won’t
be building them now as you want to find
a bit more conquest to go a bit more
cool so we’ll be placing our catalyst in
the city town and awesome leader normal
attila is just landing in replacing
mercy and evac artillery while we go and
in normal artillery so we have to
protect the general again so we have to
make a defensive form about him this
and we actually managed to do it this
time in seven times witch hunters 50
medals and I’ll be stopping here for
today and do them in a comment section
down below have you guys actually unlock
connect yeah because I find that he’s a
pretty good artillery general with a
sixth artillery and probably fastest
infantry but we can actually upgrade
infantry the air pass and his mobility
and we have two slots for additional
skills or tactics and he doesn’t cost
that much when we reduced him by another
40% so I think he’s pretty well with
what have you guys gotten him do tell me
in the comment section down below and
don’t forget to Like subscribe and share
Esther actually means a lot to me and I
really do appreciate it and as usual
thanks for watching and good bye