Traveling to Berlin? These are the Worst Tourist Traps and Scams that you need to avoid on your next Berlin trip. Find out what to do & where to go instead to avoid the crowds, not get ripped off and get a more local & authentic Berlin experience. All better alternatives in one video 😉 Panoramapoint* Free app for the Bus 100 (audio guide) Bikini Mall Airfield Johannistal Blub #Belin #WhatToDo #RadicalLiving * The links marked with an asterisk (*) are so-called affiliate links. If you click on such an affiliate link and buy via this link, I will receive a commission from the online shop or provider concerned. The price does not change for you.
When coming to Berlin, don’t fall for the tourist traps, please.
There’s so many other great things to do here.
I’m going to show you which ones to avoid and why
and some better alternatives to check out.
The biggest tourist trap of all is here at the Alexanderplatz.
No it’s not the world clock
I don’t even get why people come here
It’s a clock, it shows the time
No, the biggest tourist trap of all is
the famous TV tower
You can see it from almost anywhere
and from the top, you can see to everywhere.
Standing at 368 m, it is the tallest building in all Berlin.
Though it’s also one of the busiest.
Every year, millions of people queue up to go to the top,
to get a 360° view over the city
and with entry ticket prices of 23€, it is not a cheap bargain.
You know how many Kebabs i can buy from that money?
7, i can buy seven Kebabs
Fortunately there is another viewpoint in the city
that only costs a fraction of that.
The Panoramapoint at Potsdamer Platz is probably the best alternative.
It has the fastest elevator in Europe,
is much less crowded
and the views are just as great.

There’s also a cafe at the top
where you can enjoy the views and have a cake.
And there’s an exhibition about the Potsdamer Platz
which has a pretty interesting history.
Entrance tickets cost less than 50% than at the TV tower.
If you decide to come and don’t want to wait in line,
make sure to get a ticket in advance,
i’ll put a link for that in the description below.
If that’s still a stretch for you
you can also get a free view over the city right here
at the Humboldthain Park
You can find the Flak Tower
which used to be a major aircraft defense tower.
Inside there’s actually a bunker
there was space for up to 10.000 people
you can also go inside, but only with guided tours.
Anyway, you can walk just right on top from the park here and enjoy the view.
If you’re in the area it’s definitely worth to check out
Our second tourist traps right
the Simon Dach Str.
for a long time it has been the number one tourist street in Berlin
there are dozens of bars and restaurants aligned
It is still a great spot for pub crawl
but prices for food and drinks have been getting quite expensive
you probably won’t find a beer for under 4€ here
If you can find a spot at all
4€? That’s basically for free!
Yeah, but this is Berlin, don’t support this crap.
A better alternative would be
the Weserstrasse in Neukölln
there’s also a lot of bars and restaurants aligned next to each other
and in the last few years it has become a little bit more touristy
but it’s still far less crowded than the Simon-Dach-Str.
and the drinks are much cheaper.
If it is bars that you’re looking for
Neukölln in general is the best district to start with.
It has at this point in time the coolest bar scene in Berlin
The hop on hop off buses are pretty convenient
and let you discover the most famous sights of the city,
But in Berlin you don’t really need them.
Save yourself the 25€ per person
eat some more Kebabs
and take the public bus line 100.
It’s also a double decker bus that passes most of the sights here in the center as well.
It comes every 5 minutes and costs only 2,90€.
If you worry about not having an audio guide for all the buildings you see,
don’t worry,
There is a free app called City Pirates
that has a complete audio guide for this very bus route.
It’s pretty cool, check it out if you take this route.
Take the front seat and enjoy the ride.
Tourist trap number 4 is the famous KaDeWe
Europe’s biggest department store.
Things here are extremely overpriced
and the mall doesn’t really offer a proper Berlin shopping experience.
It’s better to go to one of the countless small designer shops,
the city has so many of them
where you can find unique stuff you will never find in a mall.
The districts with the highest amount of such shops are
Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Schöneberg.
But if you really want to visit a mall
the one that represents the Berlin way of living the most
is the Bikini Mall near the zoo.
You can find here high quality fashion, as well as modern design,
but none of the big chains.
and in the middle there’s wooden pop up boxes
where shops and startups temporarily present their products
Our next tourist trap is a bit outside of the city.
The old abandoned spy tower at Teufelsberg.
During the cold war 1500 spies were working there.
In the last few years it has become a major tourist hot spot,
but today you can’t even enter for free anymore.
The owners charge 5€ for the entry
and 5€ extra if you want take pictures.
plus, it’s not even allowed anymore to go to the top of the towers.
A better place would be the abandoned Johannisthal airfield.
which is the second oldest airfiled in the world,
opening in 1909
Or check out the abandoend Blub
which used to be a massive bathing and leisure center.
Both are easily accessible without having to climb a fence or something.
But if you’re afraid of rats, don’t come here.
The next tourist trap is not really a trap, but more a scam
It’s right here in my hand.
A part of the Berlin wall.
Except it isn’t.
I put it in there,
It’s a stone i found on the street.

If you follow all of my mentioned tips here,
it will save you up to 60€ or more.
You owe me a Kebab now.
Berlin is such a huge city, with countless of things still to discover.
Don’t just go to the places everyone is going.
That’s boring.
If you want to know more about what’s going on in Berlin,
check out some of my other videos.
I’ve got plenty of them.
Until next time. Happy travelling.